Having made a life-changing transformation at U.P. London, James restored his career confidence to feel full of life all over again.

Like many of our clients, James was a high-level executive working long and irregular hours. And just like everyone who’s undergone a U.P. programme, James has experienced renewed levels of vigour since completing his body transformation with us.

After years of working long and irregular hours, James found himself at a challenging point in his career where his health and fitness had fallen by the wayside. Hence why he decided to sign up to U.P. in order to help him better control his mood and manage stress.

James took the decision to embark on a 12-week transformation journey with U.P. and the results he gained were more than just physical, he discovered a whole new level of benefits that helped accelerate his career to a level beyond his imagination.

“The biggest benefit for me was not just the physical, but the psychological effect… I basically got my mojo back! I feel so confident in myself, to a level that I don’t think I have had before,” James described, adding that the impact the experience has had on his self-belief and mental state has been “simply unbelievable”.

James | Transformation

James’ experiences are supported by a 2010 analysis of 113 studies, and 7,724 participants, which found that exercise training of any type improves self esteem. There was even a slightly more pronounced increase stemming exclusively from strength training as opposed to aerobic exercise.

These days James’ confidence is sky high, he feels good about himself all-round, and he even attributes the success in landing his dream job to his new-found motivation, “I have recently managed to land my dream job, one I didn’t think I was capable of before, and would not have gone for.”

James’ experiences should come as no surprise. A 2007 study showed that regular participation in resistance training creates a feeling of “‘taking control’ of [one’s] life, maintaining one’s independence, and preventing future health problems”, even in a sample of 65-72 year olds.

James | Transformation


Waking up early in the morning seven days a week had James working himself into a frenzy. As his health deteriorated, he started to comfort eat and feel less and less confident socially as each arduous day went by.

Before long, James reached a point in his personal and professional life where his self-confidence had depleted and he was struggling to pick himself up. In the end, he found himself left feeling as though he was stuck in a rut. He didn’t think he would ever be able to rise above it – but he couldn’t have been more wrong!

James witnessed his life take a U-turn when he decided to shift his focus on himself and his fitness, and took up physical training.

“My trainer understood my needs and concerns perfectly and tailored a training regime and food plan to fit my lifestyle and the goals I wanted to achieve,” commented James, adding “I no longer feel inadequate, socially or professionally, and believe that I can achieve anything I want as long as I put my mind to it and set myself targets.”

For that, James is grateful for having his trainer’s guidance, stating “throughout the whole process, my trainer was on hand to support, encourage, and instil belief in me, which I didn’t have. So I can’t thank him enough. We achieved exactly what he said we would.”

James reiterates, “I have learnt that you can achieve whatever goals you set yourself, as long as you have the right people supporting you, the right guidance, and most importantly, belief in yourself.”

James | Transformation

Focusing on his physical training has been the best decision James could’ve made at this stage in his career.

Though he came to U.P. with the goal to achieve a physical transformation, it is the improvement in James’s mental wellbeing and career confidence that have turned out to be the biggest rewards he never expected – and that’s the part of all U.P. transformations that outsiders don’t often see.

“My whole life has changed and I am a better person for it, inside and out,” said James whilst reflecting on his transformation at U.P. “I never set myself boundaries and always believe I can overachieve, which is something that has given me the drive to succeed in work and in life in general, something which I had lost over time. Simply put, they are the very best coaches money can buy, and the results prove it.”

“This is the place to change your life!”

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Actor Kevin McHale’s body transformation training helped him to forge his best ever body in just 12 weeks at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles.


Kevin, who starred as Artie Abrams in comedy-drama Glee, had always trained with personal trainers, but had never achieved the results he really wanted.

However, long-term digestive problems had completely killed off his motivation for working out, and bad diet habits had left him with a ‘skinny fat’ body.

Kevin was turning 30 and wanted to make big changes to his body, but never felt confident or comfortable training in the gym.

Starting a transformation at U.P. Los Angeles changed all that.

Within a matter of weeks, Kevin had lost 7lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of lean muscle to make a truly incredible transformation.

Not only that, but Kevin has learned the skills to train efficiently and effectively in the gym himself to maintain his physique.

Here Kevin explains the training program he followed to get his new body and why it was so effective. He also talks about why working with the world’s leading personal training business was so different than anything else he has experienced.



What goals did you have before starting your transformation with U.P.?


Right from the very beginning, Eddie was like ‘tell me your goals’. Send me some pictures of physiques that you would like to look like. I had no idea.

I sent these pictures almost laughing and thinking ‘I will never look like that!’ Now, 12 weeks later, I look at my pictures and think ‘Alright! That’s like sort of the same thing!’ They are realistic goals!


Kevin explains how the atmosphere and environment at U.P. all feed into the life-changing results.


What did your training routine look like?


The first thing I learned is that they completely gear your workouts to you. So, every single person’s routine is different.

For me, we started by doing about four to five weeks of a two-day rotation, all full-body workouts. While only a few of the exercises were new to me, the attention to detail and technique was completely new.

Eddie was also getting me used to pushing myself to the point of failure, conditioning me to be comfortable with that, knowing that I could push myself harder than I thought I could and when I couldn’t, he would be there to quite literally take the weight from me.


I realized over those first few weeks that the little changes and corrections during every single rep were what was really making the difference.


The precision in the training, plus the nutritional guidance, made it all feel very scientific and they all clearly knew what they were talking about.

So it made it all very exciting because I knew if I did what they said, I’d somehow end up like a ‘before and after’ picture!



How quickly did you start noticing results and how did it feel?


I started noticing results very quickly. Immediately.

Once I got past the first few weeks, I’d dropped about 3% body fat, it might have been even more than that!


When you can see numbers and tangible things like that you think ‘oh my god this is working!’


It’s rewarding, and it serves the purpose of thinking ‘I need to be doing this.’

I would say that week 3 was the first big marker for me and made me think ‘they know what they are doing.’

I still couldn’t imagine myself how I would be after 12 weeks. I was already happy with this after three weeks, so keep going!




What overall results have you achieved?


I started at 16% body fat and I’m now below 8%. I lost 7lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle. They may not sound that drastic, but for someone as small as me, for me looking in the mirror it’s pretty drastic.


My whole body composition is completely different. The shape of my body is 100% different.


I feel like a completely different person.




What was it like first walking into the gym?


When you walk into the gym, it can be daunting. But when you know that you can fully trust the person who is training you, and you know that you’re doing to maximise your results in that hour that you’re with them, then you can shut your brain off and just do whatever they say to the best of your ability.

When I know that someone actually knows what they’re doing, and I don’t, then that weight is lifted off my shoulders.


How did you used to feel going into a gym and how has that changed since training with U.P?


I hated going into gyms. I’d walk into a gym and think ‘I don’t really know what I’m doing, what exercises complement each other, or what I should be eating after or before the workout’.

When you don’t have any clear direction or guidance, I would do exercises but never know if they were working, or if I was doing them exactly correctly.

It’s a different experience when you have someone there to push you as hard as you can go.


But I feel better knowing I’m doing the right things and doing the things that are going to be best for my body.


It’s actually been good that I’ve been away and had to go to the gym on my own during this thing. I see now that this will be sustainable afterwards.

That was a big reassurance that I’m learning these skills that I’m going to hold on to for a lifetime.

Walking into a gym now is a completely different thing. I feel good and confident going to the gym now.



What was the atmosphere like in the gym at U.P.?


The gym at U.P. is great. You know that everyone is doing what you’re doing. Everyone is here, and you see the same people, and everyone is committed to changing their lives and I think that’s super encouraging.

All the trainers are encouraging everyone all the time. That’s super nice to see. Everyone is super-focused.


I thought it was going to be super-intimidating because the results U.P. get look like that, but it’s not.


It’s focused because you’re doing the correct things and they’re going to tell you to do the correct things, but at the same time, it’s fun.

I’ve never had fun in a gym before. Everyone’s yelling at you but encouraging you in a fun way where it actually now feels like I’m walking into a friend group.

It makes those days when you don’t feel like training but you get five minutes in and you’re like ‘this is actually fun! I’m fine. I’m happy to be here!’



What has the relationship with your trainer Eddie been like and how much has he supported you?


Poor Eddie! He’s been great.

I had to unexpectedly go back home to Texas for two weeks in the middle of this and he would check in with me every day.

He would be like ‘how’s the food? How’s the training?’ It’s staying on you, but not in a militant or annoying way at all. He’s just ensuring the progress we have made is not going to be lost when I’m away.

He has been super adaptable. I tell him when I slip up. It’s that level of trust where there’s no point in hiding anything.

I had a stomach bug in that time, but they deal with it. They’re not going to push you beyond your means.

Eddie can seem like an intimidating person at first, because he’s big and muscular, but he’s not really ‘Evil Eddie’. He’s a big old softie.

But he knows what he’s doing. He is the man! You know you’re in the best hands around and everything is going to be fine.


Kevin talks about how Ultimate Performance’s ‘maximum results, minimum time’ mantra will be a game-changer in Los Angeles. 


As a newcomer to the LA fitness scene, what impact do you think U.P. will have?


I think LA is oversaturated with gyms. So, the only way to cut through that is to be different.

I think U.P. is completely different. The difference is that U.P. is much more focused and precise.

Those tangible results will cut through for people In LA. Because in LA, people care about fitness and exercise, but there’s a lot of nonsense and fake stuff where they’re selling you a lot of fitness things.

But it’s just making you feel good, which is nice, but not giving you the results which you had the intention of getting.

You come here, and you get all of that.

I work in the entertainment business, and I already tell people if they need to train for a film or TV project they should come here, because it works and it’s so much more expedited because it’s so precise.


I keep telling people it’s more like working with scientists here because the diet and training are so precise per person.


Whereas you can go to other gyms, but you’re not going to get nutrition, you’re not going to get dedicated or specific movements and exercises tailored to you that are going to shift every two weeks.

That doesn’t happen anywhere else.




Glee Star Kevin McHale built an incredible body in 12 weeks at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles.


Kevin, who played wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams in Emmy-winning comedy Glee, is almost unrecognisable from his on-screen alias after losing 7lbs of fat and adding 5lbs of lean muscle.

But his astonishing transformation wouldn’t have been possible without mastering his diet and nutrition at U.P.

Before his transformation, Kevin’s health was at rock bottom – he was plagued by gut and digestive issues that doctors couldn’t diagnose, and his diet consisted of junk food and takeaway meals.

He was left with a ‘skinny fat’ body and was stuck in a cycle of feeling bad and eating junk.

Starting a body transformation was the big lifestyle change Kevin had been looking for.

Not only did he build the best body of his life, but he also learned the fundamentals of nutrition, mastered meal prep and discovered the foods that worked for his body.

After 12 weeks, Kevin has overcome his gut issues and got back to feeling fit, healthy and energized, as well as building up knowledge for life on how to stay in shape.

Here Kevin explains what changed with his diet, how it helped his health conditions, and the key lessons he learned that helped him achieve his new body.




What motivated you to start your transformation?


Simply put, I had become “skinny fat.” I had been working through an intestinal and digestive issue that was eluding diagnosis and that really took a toll on me.


I was constantly in pain. I had tried so many different elimination diets – nothing was working.


It got to the point where I was already feeling miserable because the intestinal issues and plus the self-added guilt of not getting myself to the gym or eating as healthily as possible, it was a recipe for disaster.

I had known enough was enough for a while, but luckily my friend Scott Mills texted me out of the blue about U.P. coming to LA and I jumped at the chance to work with them.


Kevin talks about overcoming his long-term gut issues and gaining back control of his diet and health. 


What was your diet like before you came?


I ate out almost every single meal, I was never going grocery shopping or making my own food.

I felt bad and I did all these weird elimination diets to figure out what was going on with my stomach which is stressful and taxing.

Either I wouldn’t have energy, or it would make me feel even worse. So, that made me not want to go to the gym to workout.

In the back of my mind, I knew I should be going to work out because my body was getting worse.


I could see my body changing and I had lost all the muscle I had ever gained.


The shape of my body was completely different and it was odd. Looking in the mirror was like looking at someone else.

I think that, and the impending doom of turning 30, made me think ‘okay, I have to stop this!’




Did your stomach issue make things worse?


It’s hard, especially when you have a bunch of doctors who can’t work out what’s wrong with your stomach. So it’s really discouraging. What’s the point of going to work out if I’m just going to feel bad?

It was a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety and it doesn’t help with anything. You get less sleep, therefore your diet is going to be worse. And my diet was already worse to start with.


What changed when you came to U.P.?


I don’t think there’s been one gigantic thing that’s changed since I came to U.P. It has honestly been a big change in a lot of ways.


Obviously, the easiest one to see is that I have a much better body. The best body I’ve had ever!


I had to wait 30 years, but I did it in the end!

I came here with digestion problems, but that’s been sorted out. I think a big part of that was due to diet.

When you’re eating the right things, you can see what affects you.




Have you had to cut out all carbs or ‘starve yourself’ on your diet?


The first couple of weeks were the hardest because I was someone who was not eating healthily and my body was in shock. I wasn’t hungry and I couldn’t eat the amount of food I was supposed to eat.

Then once you train, your body needs it.

Then once I got used to it and I trained, I would get hungry and then the training would amp up and the diet would change.

It wasn’t just one diet the whole time. I loved it because it felt like this science experiment where I could see how all the food I ate would affect my body.

I could see how it would affect me mentally. It really shifted things in terms of how I look at food.


Kevin talks about the life-changing effects changing his diet and training had on his health, fitness, and physique.


What was your diet and meal plan like?


I was most excited and most scared for the diet. I was hoping I could do it, but I don’t have the best eating habits in the world (burritos and cookies).

I was intimidated by the prospect of having to completely relearn everything I knew about food, and learn to make elaborate meals, etc. Needless to say, it was a lot of worrying for nothing.

My daily diet goals were set by Eddie and broken down into macros for carbohydrates, fat and protein. All of that sounds like it could be intimidating, but it’s really not because you just use an app and it does all the work for you!

I became obsessed with logging my food. After I’d log my food in the app, I’d also put into a spreadsheet where Eddie could track it and I’d also be rating my energy, sleep, digestion, etc.
each day as well.


Knowing if I had a proper night’s sleep would directly correlate with how I was training and eating, obviously, but when you track it for three months you can see trends and patterns – I loved it.


All that being said, my diet was: vegetables and a lean protein. That was pretty much it. That simple. Meal-prepping on Sundays for the week was a revelation – I never needed to worry about if I had something at home to eat that was healthy.

As training moved along we introduced rice post-workout, and then towards the end I moved to an all-fish diet.

All of these changes were slow and manageable and Eddie would talk through all of it whether in the gym or through text. He had to put up with me.




What were the biggest challenges you faced outside of the gym and how did you face them?


I would say the biggest challenges are always going to be the food choices. I’m someone who eats out a lot, who travels a lot, and it’s going to be hard to make your own food or meal prep.

It’s something you have to carve out a little extra time to do.

Once you learn to do it, you realise it’s not a big deal and it’s not hard to do.




What have you enjoyed most about transformation process?


It has just been the knowledge that I didn’t even realise I was picking up.

When people would ask me about it, what I was doing and how I was eating, I would think ‘oh! I do know what I’m talking about!’

That feels crazy. Because I didn’t know anything at the beginning of the process.

When my friends were talking about how many calories they were eating, I’m like ‘well, how’s that actually breaking down into macronutrients?’

I feel like a walking infomercial for U.P. all the time.


You guys subconsciously empower everyone who comes in through the door because we’re learning how to do these things.


You know you’re going to be able to carry this on if you stop coming here after 12 weeks.




Lorenzo has gone from ‘skinny fat’ to lean and muscular in just 12 weeks.


Before he started with U.P., he had been in bad shape and he needed to make big changes.

He was eating badly, living off takeaways and convenience foods, and his lifestyle swung between long hours working then partying and eating out.

He had tried so many different diets and training programs, but couldn’t get the results he wanted.

U.P. was different. It provided the challenge to push himself to the limit and the structure and expertise he needed around diet and training to get the body he had always wanted.

The results were impressive. He halved his body fat and put lean muscle on his previously ‘skinny fat’ frame over his 12-week program.

“I went from 15% body fat to 8% body fat.  I saw muscles I had never seen before, and my energy was through the roof!”

What’s more, he developed a knowledge of nutrition to stay in shape, learned to cook his own healthy meals, and saved so much money on eating out and partying, it covered the cost of his transformation.

Lorenzo explains why his transformation was so successful and the key things they helped him make big changes to his lifestyle.




What were your motivations for starting a transformation?


I was motivated by the challenge. I was expecting U.P.’s unique three-month program to be a mega challenge both mentally and physically. And a challenge it was!


How were you feeling both physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?


“Skinny fat” is a suitable term for my physical situation at the time I signed up. I was eating pretty badly, and hadn’t been exercising much.  

Mentally, I was craving an escape from work. I was motivated to start the year strong.


Twelve weeks is all it took for Lorenzo to make this incredible transformation and educate himself on how to stay lean for life


What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation?


In the past five years, I could count the times I cooked for myself on my fingers. So I resorted to eating out or ordering in food, usually twice a day. What I ordered was not typically regarded as ‘healthy’.


For the six months leading up to U.P., my lifestyle was pretty extreme. It was either sitting down and working on my laptop from morning until night, or travelling and partying.


How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation?


I started cooking, and I ended up enjoying it! Because of this, my diet improved tremendously.

Education played a massive part. For the first time, I had a solid understanding of macronutrients, supplements, foods, and how my body responded to them.

Overall, I became more conscious about my body in a positive way.

Not to mention the amount of money I saved from not eating out and less partying easily covered the costs of my U.P. program!




What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?


Early on, I noticed my sleep quality drastically improve. For the first time, I wasn’t feeling afternoon energy dips. I became a lot more productive with work-related activities because of this. My head felt clear and my confidence was up.


How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?


Training was great! After every training session, I left feeling like I reached a new level.

On the physical side, my trainer Daan made sure to push me to points where I would struggle to get to if I was training on my own. He would also explain how and why I was doing each exercise.

They were extremely flexible with training times. If I was travelling I would get a custom workout plan based around the gym equipment that was available at the hotel.


Lorenzo finally got the lean and muscular body he had always struggled to achieve on his own.


What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?


  1. Food.

They say “bodies are made in the kitchen”. This was the first time I experienced it for myself. Having structure around what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat was the most important part of my transformation.

  1. Being held accountable.

It’s easy to make excuses when you follow diets or workouts that you see online, since there are also so many questions left unanswered. U.P. gave me a personalised plan — I just needed to follow the steps. Every week I was measured so there was no room for excuses. I was held accountable every week.


How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?


U.P. gave me a large education around nutrition and exercise that will allow me to continue to build a healthy lifestyle that works for me.




Would you recommend U.P.?


Yes. I’ve tried many diets and many workout plans. They were either not sustainable or didn’t give me the results I wanted. U.P. gives you a fully personalised diet, and a personalised workout routine that continues to be customised as your body reacts to the plan.

The combined plan not only caters for your goals, but it caters for your lifestyle, not to mention that you’re assigned an expert trainer to answer your diet and workout questions seven days a week.

I would highly recommend U.P. to anyone who is tired of not getting the results they want. I know I would have never been able to get these results on my own.






Ghazi built his ultimate body aged 41 after losing 10kg in just 16 weeks.


He had always been healthy and exercised regularly, but the London lifestyle of eating out had caught up with him.

Ghazi, who is 41, had tried CrossFit and various personal trainers, but nothing was working to get him back on track.

He wanted to shed his unwanted body fat and was ready for a big lifestyle change.

When he started at Ultimate Performance Kensington, he barely believed that the ‘before and after’ results were even possible.

But 16 weeks later, with 10kg of body fat lost, Ghazi is in awe of the new body he has built.

“I look and feel the best I’ve ever been and I did it in 16 weeks! I never thought that was even possible!

“I am extremely happy about the way I look!”




Ghazi’s motivation was simple – he didn’t want to feel out of shape any longer.

His weight had crept up since coming to London two years ago and he was desperate to turn things around.

“I was tired of not looking and feeling fit. That needed to change. I had a body fat of 24% – that was the worst I’ve ever been.

“I’ve always been healthy, but since I moved to London my fitness has declined a lot. I’ve tried many gyms and PTs but nothing seemed to work with me and I didn’t see much result.”

Ghazi’s diet had been holding him back from getting the physique he always wanted. Calories and portion sizes never came into the equation before.

But a structured diet plan was created for him by his trainer Reid and he learned some simple but powerful rules on nutrition that kickstarted his transformation.


“The first two weeks were tough. But I started seeing results and my body changing in the third week.”


Ghazi found U.P.’s scientific approach to nutrition and food tracking a revelation; he followed the diet plan and the body fat melted away week after week.




“The food monitoring is amazing, especially for someone who has never monitored their food.

“The fat loss – I still ask myself this now – how did I do it? The whole process is like magic!”

He had never experienced anything like the level of support and guidance with other personal trainers than he did during his 16 weeks at U.P.

“I’ve lived in Los Angeles, the Middle East, and London; and I’ve trained with amazing trainers from all over. But the whole program at U.P., I’ve never seen it before.


“What makes U.P. special is the attention to detail – in training, on your diet and in your whole lifestyle.


“The attention to detail in every rep and making sure you are consistent makes a huge difference with getting results and preventing injury.

“I’ve trained with hundreds of trainers in the past and I’ve never had that before.”

Ghazi has been blown away by what he has been able to achieve in the results-driven environment of U.P.




“I didn’t think it was possible for me to get into this kind of shape in this period of time.

“I saw pictures before, but being outside of the U.P. family it seemed too good to be true. I’m very happy. It’s amazing. I can’t describe it.”

Ghazi says that the secret to his transformation is just to follow the program with 100% focus and dedication and the results will come.


“With hard work and commitment you can achieve your goals! I feel and look great! And this is just the beginning!”


Ghazi had three pieces of advice for anyone at the start of their transformation journey with U.P., as he was just 16 weeks ago.

“Firstly, you have to be committed to diet. It can be hard to cut down carbs, and it was hard for me at the beginning, but if you want to see results, you have to put in the effort.

“The second thing is to listen to your trainer. He has been through it with other clients. If he tells you something, you have to follow it.

“The third thing is, just stick with it and you will see results. Maybe not in the first week, it might take longer, but you will see them.”







Eight weeks is all it took for Nic to forge his impressive new physique.


Proving training is all about quality over quantity, Nic made his transformation at Ultimate Performance Manchester in just 16 sessions.

Just two months before, he was out of shape, unmotivated and said that going to the gym always felt like a chore.

He had no control over his diet, was enjoying too much chocolate and alcohol, and wanted to get rid of his ‘doughy’ midriff and ‘skinny fat’ body.

Seeing his dad’s transformation at U.P. gave 30-year-old Nic all the motivation he needed to start his own transformation journey.

Now eight weeks later and Nic, who is a director at a Manchester power firm, is a different man.

He is in the best shape of his life, he feels more motivated than ever in the gym, more productive in the office, and understands the diet and training that works for his body to maintain his results.

“I made huge improvements in both fat loss and adding a decent amount of muscle, alongside my trainer Richard.

“At the beginning, I was sceptical about the physical change we planned to make (we set a target to reach a single-digit body fat percentage) however, after the first few sessions I knew the results would be drastic. These guys know how to achieve results!”

Nic explains the key things that changes he made to his diet and lifestyle that helped him make such a rapid transformation, and the biggest benefits he has enjoyed since starting at U.P.




What were your motivations to start a transformation programme at U.P.?


I had been a member of a gym for a number of years, but due to sporadic periods of motivation and poor training knowledge I never made any significant improvements.


It was just a monthly cost that felt like a chore, and when I did put the effort in any progress was quickly reversed due to poor habits.


My dad actually started with U.P. before me and after seeing his enthusiasm and change in physique, I knew I had to give it a try.


How were you feeling both physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?


I certainly wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I had become ‘doughy’ around the waist and had low energy levels, particularly during the afternoon at work, when maintaining concentration was a regular issue.


What was your health and lifestyle like before you started?


Prior to starting training with U.P., my social life was healthy and work life was extremely busy. Weekends were often spent attempting to ‘rejuvenate’ ready for the week ahead with little physical activity and lots of alcohol.

When I did push myself to attend the gym, the mentality was often ‘how quickly can I get out of here?’.


What was your diet like before you started your transformation with U.P.?


Before joining U.P., my diet wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. I love to cook but lacked the knowledge and discipline to really put together a nutrition plan that would deliver results and found myself eating the wrong amount of the wrong things at the wrong time.

This, coupled with several heavy nights out a week, resulted in a ‘skinny fat’ body composition.




What kinds of things were you eating every day and how did this affect you?


I always skipped breakfast which resulted in significant overeating later in the day – mainly sugary snacks such as cereal and crisps.


Portion control was non-existent and the level of protein I thought I was consuming was massively underestimated.


White carbs, such as potatoes and pasta, made up a significant part of my diet, and were almost always eaten first. This, coupled with my love of chocolate and alcohol, was a recipe for disaster.


How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with U.P.?


When my trainer Richard and I initially reviewed the nutrition plan, it was instantly clear that the volume of food I had been consuming at meal times was far too much. Just by implementing better portion control I made a significant step forward.


We looked into the type of proteins, carbs and fats that were being recommended and I was pleased to see that it was not at all restrictive and actually fit well with the types of food and cuisines I enjoy.


I began logging my food intake using MyFitnessPal which really helped keep me on track. Even when I did give in to the cravings and had a chocolate bar or drink or two after work, I made sure I didn’t lie to myself and added it to the daily log.

Seeing the calories in a chocolate bar or bottle of lager keeps the motivation levels up. Richard always had sight of my food log and was quick to let me know when I slipped up anywhere also!


What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?


I genuinely believe the change in approach and gaining a far better understanding of food and diet was the single biggest change that helped achieve the results we did.


When I started to eat more unprocessed whole foods, in portion sizes that were not excessive, I was more alert and didn’t feel like I was hungry again 30 minutes after a meal.


I felt energetic throughout the day and was fired up for every session at U.P.

I was getting to bed earlier and I was far less lethargic in the mornings, I noticed I also had clearer skin within a few weeks.


What results did you achieve following your transformation?


I made substantial improvements on all lifts and continue to do so. By understanding form and technique you are able to safely push yourself. The U.P. Manchester gym is designed around the training programs that have been proven to deliver results.

By using compound lifts, such as deadlifts and squats, supersetted with other effective exercises, results come quickly but not easily! Hard work is a must.





What were the biggest benefits you experienced from doing this transformation?


Confidence and greater energy. By feeling more positive about yourself, you are far more able to lead a positive lifestyle.

I now have the knowledge to make the correct decisions on food choices, and how intensely to exercise, meaning I won’t fall back into the bad habits I previously had.


What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?


As already mentioned, getting the knowledge to redress my approach to food and diet was key, but I also really looked forward to the two weekly training sessions with Richard. He taught me the correct exercise form and how certain exercises complement each other to build a productive program.


The sessions were not easy at all. I was pushed to my limit every time I stepped into U.P., but I made progress we could track each week.


The improvements in performance, and the visible changes in body composition were all the motivation I needed to stay on track.


How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?


I genuinely have a far more positive outlook on life in general and feel that my experience at U.P. helped change the way I approach most things now. I feel more productive at work and have the desire and energy to do something active every day. Even at weekends!


What’s the best tip or piece of advice you’d give someone lifting weights for the first time?


Weight training contributes to a healthy and long life for both men and women. I would always recommend seeking out the proper technique and advice on exercises that will help achieve the goals you’ve set.


Whether it’s fat loss or muscle building, lifting weights should be the starting point.


Richard assessed my ability on the first session and ensured that we carried out each move with close to perfect technique with the correct weight. He was fully aware of how I was performing in each session and knew when to increase the weight further.


Would you recommend U.P. and why?


Without hesitation, I would recommend U.P. to every level of gym goer – from newbie to advanced lifter. The attention to detail at U.P. is unrivalled. You are coached in an environment that is designed to allow you to succeed.






Jennifer achieved her goal of feeling 10 years younger, getting washboard abs and looking great in a bikini in just 11 weeks.


Before coming to Ultimate Performance Mayfair, she had been HIIT training and following celebrity diet books, but saw little change in her body for over a year.

She didn’t want to feel ‘podgy’ anymore and wanted to feel good in clothes and be happy with the person she saw in the mirror.

Jennifer was not ready to slip into dowdy middle age – she didn’t want to feel podgy anymore, she wanted to feel happy with what she saw in the mirror and look agelessly beautiful.

Fast forward 11 weeks and that’s exactly what she has achieved at U.P. – a stunning new body simply from lifting weights and eating well.

“I have lost 17lbs in weight and just over 10% body fat. I am now maintaining 120lbs and 14% body fat after my transformation.

“I dropped from a (tight) size 10 to a size six-eight. I now have a more healthy and balanced approach to food.”

Jennifer explains how she achieved her new body, took control of her diet and saw big benefits from changing her training from cardio to weight lifting that have helped her improve her asthma and overcome anxiety too.


Jennifer - 11 week fat loss results




What were your motivations for starting a transformation journey with U.P.?

My motivations for starting this transformation with U.P. were mainly driven by vanity.  I wanted to feel beautiful.

I had been on holiday for Christmas with some friends and didn’t feel entirely confident or fantastic in my bikini or clothes.

I had been working very hard on diet and exercise for 12 to 18 months prior to joining U.P., but my results had plateaued and I was starting to feel down on myself and was losing motivation – accepting that this was the best I was ever going to get and the washboard abs were out of my reach.

I was fed up of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I faced, not having the confidence to wear clothes I wanted to wear – feeling attractive on day-to-day basis was very much a roll of the dice.

There is so much information out there, that I didn’t know where to start, and going it alone with no real understanding of nutrition or proper accountability often meant that I gave up after a week.

I wanted to learn how to train properly and effectively and how to properly nourish my body.


I’d seen the results that U.P. had with other clients and thought ‘why not me?’ So, I took the plunge and invested in ‘me’.


Jennifer - six pack abs


How were you feeling physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?

Before starting with U.P., I felt mentally and physically exhausted.

The lack of progress with training was getting me down, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and I was starting to fall out of love with the process.

My asthma had been getting progressively worse and I frequently had attacks of anxiety which caused me to feel quite down and often made exercise difficult.

Heading in to my mid-30s, I didn’t want to become doughy or dowdy, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, ageing well so that I could confidently wear clothes I enjoy and feel good in them.





What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with U.P.?

My diet prior to U.P. was, I thought, balanced and healthy, with weekends a ‘free for all’ when pizzas and chocolate buttons were the norm. I worked out five days a week, why couldn’t I have the odd ‘cheat’ meal at weekends?


In 2016, I did the Body Coach plan, which admittedly did help me shift a few pounds. But looking back at the food I was eating, knowing what I know now, it really wasn’t the best for sustained fat loss – there was no portion size, no calories anywhere and a lot of fat.  


If I was busy, I’d grab a sandwich at my desk for lunch or a tiny Pret salad.  A few glasses of wine after work and a snatched pitta and some hummus when I got home.

I trained a lot. I did HIIT training five or six days a week at 6 am for an hour at a time.

I was constantly tired which led to binge eating, and whenever I felt like I was making progress, I’d get hit with illness every 4-5 weeks and have to take a week off.  It was a classic tale of ‘two steps forward three steps back’.


Jennifer looking great in her clothes after her UP transformation


How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with U.P.?

The diet was the biggest challenge for me, particularly the first two-week ‘bootcamp’. Quitting carbs and sugar cold turkey and making time to meal prep was hard, but the almost-instant improvement in my body over those first two weeks kept me going.

I am not gifted in the kitchen so there was a lot of repetition, but every two weeks I’d mix it up and introduce a new recipe and started to feel more confident with my available food choices so my recipes did become more interesting and easier to prepare as time went on. By the end, I was looking forward to broccoli!


What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?

The lifestyle changes introduced to me had a huge impact on my health.

For example, I went back to my old HIIT class. Before U.P., I used to struggle through at beginner level with breaks and the constant use of an inhaler.

Six weeks into U.P. (and having no cardio for the whole six weeks) I was expecting the HIIT to kill me (I’d also forgotten my inhaler!), but I was on the treadmill suddenly smashing out intermediate level, finishing exhausted but without the wheezing and coughing fits that usually followed sprint intervals.

I had much more energy and could concentrate for longer periods of time at work without distraction.

In the gym, I was getting stronger and starting to see my muscles come through. Seeing my body change week on week (even if sometimes I didn’t feel like it) kept me focused.

I was also sleeping better. Prior to U.P., I was surviving on four or five hours a night. I am now getting in a solid seven hours, restful, sleep a night and feel so much the better for it, waking up feeling energised and rested.




Jennifer - side body transformation results


What have been the biggest benefits of doing a transformation?

The improvements in my confidence and self-belief. If I can do this in just 11 weeks, what else can I do? I am no longer reliant on an inhaler to get me through cardio; my lungs are completely self-sufficient.

I sleep better, and the biggest benefit for me has been no more anxiety attacks or self-doubt.  I’ve come to love my body for what it can do, not what it can’t.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

The most important thing which helped me during my transformation was remembering why I started in the first place.  When I felt myself getting tired or having cravings, I wrote down the reasons why I started.

Why? To age well.

Why? To look good naked.

Why? To feel good in a bikini.

Why? To feel confident.


Jennifer - back body transformation results


I learned that I am very disciplined and have a lot of self-control.  I used to think this made me boring, but I now see those qualities as a strength. The results with U.P. will be my reminder of what I can achieve when I put my mind to something.  It does make me feel very proud to know what I am capable of.

I learnt how my body worked, what made me feel sad and why, what made me hold water and why, what caused me to bloat and why.

I learnt that I could eat carbohydrates, and when to eat them to get the best results.

I learnt that everything I put in my mouth would influence how I felt and this has made me feel very conscious and mindful over my choices.

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When Jake was told his health was in danger by doctors, he knew he had to make big changes to his lifestyle.


Jake was told that his cholesterol was very high and that fatty liver disease was beginning to set in.

The 39-year-old father was warned he faced a lifetime on medication if he didn’t change his ways.

This was the big wake-up call Jake needed to take back control of his health, his diet and his body.

Just 12 weeks later and Jake is in the best shape of his life after losing 30lbs and reversing the fatty liver disease.

“My health is transformed. I dropped from a body fat percentage of around 30 down to 10%. My cholesterol is back to normal and, according to the doctor, I’ve reversed the fatty liver disease.

“My energy is through the roof and I now jump out of bed in a morning. I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life.”



It was a trip to the doctors after feeling unwell which started him on this journey back to optimum health.

Blood test results showed he had developed fatty liver disease, a condition which can put you at greater risk of cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.


“The doctor sent me to the nutritionist and told that if in three months things don’t improve, I’d be on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life.


“It was a wake-up call and I’d been looking at U.P. on Facebook and wondered ‘what if?’”

When he came to U.P to start his transformation his aim was simple – lose some weight and get his health.

“My goals were modest, to lose 10-12 lbs and get the cholesterol under control. But in 12 weeks, I lost 30 lbs and cholesterol is no longer a problem!”


Hard work and dedication for 12 short weeks helped Jake sculpt his impressive physique.


Before he started, Jake felt tired all the time, sluggish and generally unwell. A big part of this was his poor diet in recent months due to a stressful life.

“I was eating way too much sugar, drinking too many coffees and eating takeaways and fatty foods.”

This quickly changed the moment he started working one-to-one with his personal trainer at U.P.

“Right away my trainer emphasised that nutrition was 80% of the battle. The eating plan was a very simple program with lean meats, loads of vegetables and nuts.”

The effect this had on Jake was incredible. His body changed before his eyes week-to-week until he had lost nearly three times his goal weight and lost two-thirds of his body fat.




The results were so much more than I could have imagined. I had modest goals when I started and blew them out of the water in the first four weeks.


“I started to believe the pictures on the U.P. results wall and I can honestly say I’ve achieved something similar. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m starting the next phase now.”


The education Jake received on diet and nutrition really helped change his lifestyle and reclaim his health.

“I believe that even though the gym workouts were intense, I needed to change my eating and that’s what’s made the difference.”



“It took real grit and discipline, not to mention planning meals and cooking every day, but it was worth it.


“The U.P. experience has literally changed my health and my life. I am now at the healthiest I’ve ever been and the knowledge especially around nutrition will help me stay healthy.”


Jake says the knowledge, support and guidance of his trainer really made the difference in building his incredible new body and saving his health from the clutches of chronic disease.

“They genuinely are there to help you succeed and guide and support you every step of the way.

“But they can’t do the heavy lifting for you. That’s up to you. But if you put in the work and eat the right foods and completely sell out to your goals and the journey, then results are 100% predictable.”




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Davinia wanted to get in amazing shape for her 40th birthday, but she was afraid weight training might make her big and bulky.


Her goal was to slim down and get a figure like model and TV star Kourtney Kardashian.

Despite her initial concerns about the training and diet, mother-of-two Davinia has never looked back.

She is now in better shape than ever, looking and feeling great, having achieved the ideal figure she wanted. 

I am frankly blown away by the results that we have achieved since I started the transformation.  

“My strength, form and endurance have all developed enormously, and I have dropped a dress size!

“Physically, I look strong and lean, not bulky and muscly which I feared, and my bum and thighs have reduced thereby achieving my original goal.

“I’ve obviously dropped weight and body fat, but for me this was less about the numbers and more about how I feel and look in my clothes and that can’t be measured by a number.”

“I also have more energy and feel very positive that this is just the start.”


Davinia achieved the lean, toned and strong look she wanted ready for her 40th birthday.


It’s amazing that this transformation only took 10 weeks.

Before, Davinia trained predominantly cardio – never the style of weight training that is behind U.P. world-class transformation results.

But Davinia was motivated to get in shape for her milestone birthday and gain a better understanding of the nutrition that her body needed.


“Aside from a desire to learn more from a nutrition and training perspective, I also have my 40th birthday to look forward to in a few months and from a purely vain standpoint I wanted to get in great shape for that (thinking Kourtney Kardashian legs and bum!).”


Davinia said joined U.P. initially felt like a step into the unknown but she took the plunge with her husband who had signed up for his own bespoke transformation program.





“I didn’t really know what to expect. My husband was keen to do U.P. and I joined him a little bit on the spur of the moment.

“I figured if he was going on this sort of journey, I should get on board and make my own self-improvements.  

“Whilst excited, I was also very nervous about starting the programme as I thought the diet and exercise regime would be pretty hardcore, and I didn’t know if I had it in me to step up to the challenge.

“I was also worried about letting people down; my husband, trainer and most of all myself having invested the time, money and effort into it.” 

Davinia, who had her second child four years ago, lived a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so she had a good starting point.

Eating healthily during the week, including a day of fasting on 500 calories was her routine.

But at the weekends, Davinia relaxed with food and alcohol which had been holding her back from getting in shape.


Turning 40 in the best shape of her life was Davinia’s goal.


Davinia started seeing results from the outset, as she made some simple but significant changes to her lifestyle.

One of the key changes that made the biggest difference was finally understanding ‘macronutrients’ – the makeup of the food she was eating.

“The biggest and most dramatic change for me was the introduction to ‘macros’ and their importance in our diet. I had no idea that the make-up of calories had such a significant impact.  

“To say it was a revelation is an understatement. Until I started analysing the composition of different foods, I really had no idea what foods I should be eating and in what proportions.

“I now have a firm grasp of how much I should be eating in terms of portion size, calories and macro breakdown (carbs, fat, protein) depending on whether it’s a training or non-training day.  




“This information will be invaluable when trying to maintain my current form and will help me to make the right choices both at home and when eating out.”

The changes Davinia made and the hard work and dedication she put in alongside her trainer Brendan helped her achieve her impressive results.

While the changes to her physique were pleasing, Davinia says the new-found energy and motivation to improve and progress has been equally transformative.


“Having recently recovered from Mycoplasma, I now have more energy than I can ever recall having previously.  


“I know that this is a combination of the new diet (reduced alcohol intake!) and training and I am feeling stronger week on week.”




Davinia, who trained just a couple of hours a week in her lunch break from work, said the environment at U.P. was motivating and inspiring.

“I really enjoyed the training – especially the relationship I developed with my trainer Brendan who knew just how to push me to the max.  

“Whilst tough and challenging, the small successes along the way gave me the motivation to keep striving. I also enjoyed the camaraderie and support on the training floor from the other trainers – you feel like part of a team and thrive on the encouragement often given during the sessions.”  

Davinia came into her transformation fearing that weight training might make her big and bulky.

But she says it’s been the complete opposite – weight training has helped her get leaner, stronger and sculpt the body she always aspired to have.


Davinia had the constant support of her U.P. trainer Brendan to achieve her stunning new figure. 


“I now understand that weight training is key to developing strength and muscle and achieving the toned look that most women strive for. This is even more important as I head into my 40’s.


“As for my own learning, I had very little idea what weight training exercises I should be doing pre-U.P. and never found them to be a very effective use of my time so I would default to cardio.  

“I now feel confident to hit the gym on my own with all that Brendan has taught me throughout the programme and I’m sure that I can continue to build on what we have achieved so far.



Who said you can’t build muscle and get lean on a vegan diet?


Nathaniel is proof of what you can really achieve with a plant-based diet after making an impressive 12-week transformation at Ultimate Performance.

The 39-year-old says he had been in the worst shape of his life before starting at U.P. following a serious candida gut bacteria imbalance which left him suffering from aching joints, anxiety, fatigue, and muscle loss.

But now Nathaniel, who switched from a pescatarian, to fully plant-based diet last New Year, has built an incredible new physique.

Optimising his vegan diet and following a bespoke personal training plan at U.P. has helped him get stronger, fitter and leaner than ever in the year he turns 40.

“I think the figures speak for themselves my body fat is down from 17% to just below 10% and that’s only the start of how far I intend to take things now.

“Weight loss is only around 2-3kg, but actual body composition is much better and lean mass is up even though the weight on the scales is down.

“I was really in a bad place with training and motivation in the first half of this year, and the guys at U.P. have totally restored my confidence in training and that I’ve got a few good years of training left in me yet, even at the ripe age of 39 turning 40 this year.”

Nathaniel explains how he was able to lose fat and build this muscular physique while following a plant-based diet below.



What was your health and lifestyle like before you came to U.P.?


Overall fitness and training had taken a back seat with the business being so busy the last 18 months plus mentally I wasn’t in the right place with things at all; in fact, I was probably in the worst shape I’d ever been in in the first six months of 2017.

I’ve always played sport at a high level and trained since being a teenager with weight training playing a big part in my routine from the age of 18.

With being incredibly active, I needed to be strong but agile, and being tall, hitting the gym was pivotal to maintaining the right balance of overall fitness.


What was your diet like before U.P.?


I made the transition from being pescatarian at the end of December 2016 to being fully plant-based in January 2017.

The main reason behind this was that I had spent three weeks in Thailand over Christmas and New Year and decided that was the route I wanted to take in the New Year.

In addition to that, on returning from Thailand I suffered from quite a bad gut bacteria imbalance, which had started to cause some real issues like aching joints, muscle fatigue and anxiety. I was not in a great place mentally and had some dark days which is something I’ve never experienced before. 

However, through an anti-fungal and parasitic protocol, I started to improve, but it did take nearly six months.



The condition also caused pretty significant muscle loss and a massive drop in strength, which was really difficult to come to terms with.

It was at this point that I decided to contact Ultimate Performance as I needed a serious kick start and being accountable to the guys at U.P. would provide exactly that.

I had gotten in touch 12 months earlier not long after the Manchester gym had opened, but it wasn’t the right time for me to take the leap into a program.

My diet was clean before I started with U.P. in September, but my protein intake was lower than what I had previously used to build muscle. I had become a bit lazy with my meals and stopped monitoring my calorie and macronutrient intake, so it was more of a finger-in-the-air approach.

Even though I was eating more than enough calories, I was too highly geared on carbs for the condition I was in.

My strength had dropped massively with the gut issues in the gym, and my body composition was nowhere near where it had been.

However, my trainer talked me through some strategies and goals and we set some nutrition baselines. 

For me to continue losing body fat and drop below 10% I need roughly 2000 calories. This is pretty low for me, but I’m still able to maintain a great level of strength and have dropped no lean muscle which is hard for me to get my head around. The magic formula seems to be working!



What happened with your gut bacteria imbalance?


Test results showed some high amounts of some nasty bacteria plus a higher than expected presence of different types of candida.

I think I’d had underlying issues for some time as I hadn’t felt right for ages but for whatever reason when I came back from a holiday in Thailand in the Jan of 2017 something just really kicked off.

I could have picked up a parasite or bacteria while away but I’m not sure it may have just been dormant for a while and then something tipped the balance.

I started suffering from chronic fatigue, incredibly sore joints and a big drop in body weight, muscle and strength. 

I’ve never experienced anything like it before and whatever was affecting me physically was also having an impact mentally. I started to suffer from anxiety, self-doubt, a whole host of things – it was really bizarre.

I started to read everything I could about gut health and the gut biome and it’s incredible how having any sort of dysbiosis can throw the whole chi of the body out.

After more research and speaking to several gut condition experts, I started on an anti-fungal protocol to attempt to rebalance the imbalance followed by a course of high strength probiotics to then replace the good guys back in the gut.

Going through this process was not easy. It took time, plus there’s a lot of conflicting information out there and not a lot of people experienced in gut biome. It was really difficult to know what approach to take.

I also underwent a course of colonics to attempt to flush from the other end, and this did help too. That took me up to August, so over six months to start to feel half normal again, it was then that I started to think about getting back into shape.

I had kept training but I was just turning up without purpose and that needed to change.



What motivated you to start your transformation?


The only way forward from the condition I was in was to hit training hard and have that contact and constant feedback loop that U.P. offer.

I can’t say I had a specific goal in mind other than to get back in shape. I’d always fixated on weight rather than body composition so coming away from that mindset was the biggest challenge.

We established that I should start by aiming for below 10% body fat, then reassess and look to reverse the diet back up to 3,000 calories-plus.

After some deliberation, it looks like we could potentially be aiming to undergo prep for a shoot around March time.


What changed when you started at U.P.?


I went back to counting calories, being completely strict again with meal prep and ensuring that I was back in the gym five times minimum per week. Focus and determination switched back on and so did the fire for training.


How quickly did you start to see results?


I saw results very quickly and probably within the first 2-4 weeks of starting. This really gave me a boost and fired my drive and motivation back up from rock bottom.




What changes did you make to your diet as part of your transformation? 


The main change was that of the macro split. I changed from being too high on the carbs and too low on protein intake plus I hadn’t really taken any supplements for over six months.

I ate a lot of rice and oats which I don’t think agreed with me too well and left me bloated a lot of the time. I’ve pretty much cut both out at the moment and will eat more starchy carbs now when I need to.

These small changes made an impact on my training almost straight away.


How did changing your nutrition impact your performance and energy levels?


It’s made all the difference even though recently I’ve only been on 2,000 calories a day. It’s been challenging but I’ve gained muscle mass and dropped body fat which I still can’t believe!

Energy levels have really gone through the roof now in the new year with some tweaks on the supplements, but I always attempt to get my nutrients from whole foods and top up with supplementation.



What would you say to people who believe vegans can’t build muscle and get ‘shredded’?


It’s bullsh*t! If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything, but you have to be prepared. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to get the results.

I work anywhere from 12 to 14 hour days and travel all over the UK but still find the time to meal prep, prepare supplements and pack a gym bag every single day.

If you want the results this is the way it has to be; you also need to make sure you have an understanding girlfriend, family and friends!


What advice would you give to other people following a plant-based diet who want to get in shape?


You have to plan your macros ahead of time like a military operation. Have a few staple meals that you can prep easily and make you have some good supplements in the arsenal in case you’re ever caught short. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with what’s available or to hand nearby.

A lot of places have vegan options now whether it be a coffee shop or restaurant so just be aware of where you are going.



What training or fitness had you done in the past? How did this compare to U.P.? 


I have trained weights since the age of 18 and have been a bulky 105kg at my heaviest in my mid-20s, but that wasn’t any real shape of sorts, just pure mass.

Up until university, I played a lot of sport to a reasonably high level, but from the age of 25 weights took over as I became increasingly busier with work commitments.

The training at UP has been a lot more focused for me and some of the volume training, exercises and superset combinations are not something I’ve done for a long time, but we do everything with purpose and with a goal in mind.


How has your transformation changed your life outside the gym – at work, at home, in general life?


People have noticed that I’m back in the groove and a lot of guys at the gym have commented on my condition which is great as it’s been a while since I felt like I’m in good shape.


Are you proud of what you accomplished with your last New Year’s resolution and what’s this year’s aim?


I am proud of breaking through what was a dark time last year and getting back in great shape was an amazing feeling as there were times before I started with U.P. that I thought I would never get back to where I wanted to be.

The short-term goals now are to train for a photoshoot in March with the guys at U.P.

Next on the list is to start a blog for other entrepreneurs who are struggling with fitness and maybe looking at adopting a plant-based lifestyle as it so difficult to find the right information.

I’ve got some really exciting things going on with my business EcoSurv this year too so its pedal to the metal and no looking back now.



What are the biggest things you’ve learned about going plant-based and getting in shape?


I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. I’ve got an absolute ton more information to learn, and I’m only just really at the start of this plant-based journey.

The difficulty is getting the right macro split and doing that while in a (calorie) deficit.

To get the protein, you need to eat quite calorie-dense food such and beans, legumes and pulses along with nuts, tofu and tempeh all of which carry quite big numbers.

So long as you know your macros and keep on top then your good to go.

Going forward now, I’m pretty confident that over the next eight weeks I’ve got the right knowledge and have learned enough over the last 12 months to really knock it out of the park and get some really impressive results.

Exciting times ahead.



Travelling the world as a flight attendant had caused Nikola to gain weight.


The airline cabin crew member had a busy schedule working irregular hours, often on long flights, and it meant her diet and exercise regime suffered.

Nikola really struggled with her sweet tooth, and controlling her diet with a globe-trotting career wasn’t always easy.

The weight gain and poor diet had left her feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated, and she wanted to turn things around to get back in shape.

Eight weeks is all it took to sculpt the body she’d always wanted with the help and support of her trainer at Ultimate Performance.

Now Nikola has shed the weight and is back in stunning shape, while balancing her busy working lifestyle flying around the world.

“I lost over 22lbs and toned my body in a way I have always dreamed of.

I’ve started loving exercise again. I improved my condition, got back to my long distance running, and I gained muscles.

Overall, I feel super happy, energized and motivated to work on my body more.”





Before starting with UP, Nikola wanted to lose weight but she didn’t know where to start. She struggled with the motivation to make the changes that she needed herself.

“Overall, I didn’t feel great.

The job of a cabin crew member can be challenging in terms of healthy lifestyle.”


“My lifestyle was a mess. I tried to stick to my exercise routine, however, I felt constantly tired and got lazy to exercise on a regular basis.


“I wanted to lose the weight that I put on during a year working as cabin crew, however, I didn’t know how to motivate myself and start going.”

The main thing Nikola struggled with was her diet. She’d always tried to eat healthily and stay active. But being cabin crew and flying to exotic locations around the world made following a diet regime tough.




“I always tried to stick to a healthy diet. Nevertheless when I started working as a flight attendant, my diet radically changed.

I started consuming more food with lots of sugar and fat; my weakness is sweets.

Most of the time I was eating out in restaurants and wanted to try all the local food from new destinations where I was travelling to. So I ended up eating way too much.”


“I completely lost it and started to feel tired, unfit and demotivated to follow my exercise routine and diet.”


Nikola wanted to find somewhere that was more than just a gym; more than a place just to go and exercise.

She wanted somewhere that would push her to achieve her goals, support her to make the changes she needed, and give her an education on training and diet that would keep her in great shape for life.

Nikola found that, and more, when she joined Ultimate Performance.

Her trainer created a diet for her that was right for her body, but also worked around her flight schedule.



She learned how to prepare meals, plan her diet around travelling, and what to eat when she was away from home on a layover in a foreign country.

She would pack a protein shake or meal replacement for long-haul flights so she didn’t have to rely on packaged aeroplane meals.

Nikola was even able to send her trainer menus from restaurants she was eating at to find the right meal for her body transformation goals.


“I definitively have a healthier diet now. I am trying to cut out sugars and I am planning ahead with my food when travelling.


“I always prepare my own food on the plane and try not to eat unnecessary snacks.”

A big factor in her impressive eight-week transformation was learning to build in daily activity, like walking or jogging, into her lifestyle while flying abroad.

“There are always training shoes packed into my suitcase to keep active on layovers, as I would rather walk everywhere instead of taking a car.

When I wasn’t able to train at UP, I made sure I completed some form of training in my hotel.

The training itself wasn’t always easy, but it was always fun.

Sometimes I felt very tired, mainly after flying. But I had my amazing trainer to motivate me and push me to my limits.”



The result of her eight-week transformation with Ultimate Performance speaks for itself – she has gone from feeling overweight and sluggish, to being lean, athletic and motivated.

“I feel strong, energised, and less tired. I am also very happy about how I improved my running.”


“I am definitely more confident about my body and I love it!”


The one thing that surprised Nikola about her transformation was how straightforward it was with the help and support of her trainer Jaie.

“At the beginning of the program, I was worried if I would be able to get results with the job I do, because following a balanced diet was something I couldn’t imagine.

But in the end, it wasn’t that hard. Whenever I was in doubt, I could easily reach my trainer and get a quick answer or support. You feel they care about your results.

It wasn’t always easy, but dedication and results is what keeps you going and want more.

I achieved my goals and even beyond. Without UP, I wouldn’t have made it.”

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Fifty-four years old and in phenomenal shape!


Yves has built the ultimate body with hard work, dedication and consistency.

The busy City worker first came to Ultimate Performance carrying excess body fat, with a poor diet and with the modest goal of getting healthier for his two children.

Completing an initial 6-week transformation and losing 10kg showed him that change was possible.

Fast forward 18 months and Yves has made more progress than he had ever dreamed of.

The father-of-two has gone from strength to strength in the gym and built a mind-blowing physique as he approaches his 55th birthday.

How has he progressed since his first transformation at U.P.?





What constants in his training and nutrition have taken his body to the next level?

How has he kept on building and improving his physique?

Yves explains all here….


What was your goal with your transformation at U.P.?


The main goal for the current transformation was to put on as much lean muscle as possible and then to lose body fat in preparation for the next transformation.




What results did you achieve?


Based on my previous transformation pictures, my overall muscle mass has increased and my body fat percentage is down again following the bulk.


What were the most powerful lessons you learned about training?


The most powerful lessons I have learned about training are to focus to ensure I am engaging the correct muscle and using the correct movement to train that muscle.

Then also to push beyond my perceived limits up until I lose form.

But it is a constant learning process, I learn something new at every training session.


What were the most powerful lessons you learned on diet and nutrition?


I have learned what I need to do to put on weight or to give me the extra energy required for certain training phases and what I need to do to lose body fat. Plus I learned the effect of alcohol on the body.





How has your lifestyle changed after your U.P. transformation?


Not only do I feel better in myself, I am more confident as I get comments from friends and colleagues about the way I look.

I watch what I eat, as I know what I need to put into my body in order to get the maximum out.


How has what you learned at U.P. helped keep you in shape?


I believe correct form and correct nutrition are paramount to succeeding in achieving my goals.

I have trained for years before U.P. just routinely lifting weights and eating what I thought was a healthy diet.

My weights halved when I started with my trainer Matt at U.P. as he showed me how to lift properly and how my diet fuels growth or loss.




What are the key things that have helped you maintain your physique and stay in shape?


My adherence to the skills I have learned makes it easy to maintain my physique; I know how to train and what to eat.

But the finer tweaks and varied weight training sets given to me by my trainer Matt keep me in the best shape I can be.


What is your training and diet like now?


My training now is harder than ever. I have new goals that I could not have dreamed of a few years ago.

To achieve these goals I have to focus on instruction, form and diet more than ever before.





What fitness goals are you now aiming for?


I have just under a year to achieve a physique fit for competition.


What does it feel like being in control of your diet and knowing how to train properly to stay in great shape?


It feels great knowing how to train properly. People start to watch you in the gym and ask you for advice.

The diet can be difficult at times with work social events and being out with friends, but you learn what you can do and what you shouldn’t… the decision is then yours.




What would you say to anyone who thinks results you get at U.P. are not sustainable?


I don’t understand that – if you can get the results once, what have you changed since then that does not allow you to continue to achieve results.

I do believe it is harder to achieve quite the same results training alone, as a coach pushes you to get those extra reps.

But you have learned correct form, and nutrition, so continue doing more of the same.