Hitesh says he was stuck in a vicious circle of losing weight and then getting fat again.

Now approaching 30, he wanted to stop this depressing cycle and find a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Reading confusing ‘junk’ on the Internet about diet and DIY training was getting him nowhere – now he just wanted professional advice he could trust that would get him results.

As the best in the fitness business, Ultimate Performance was the solution he had been looking for.

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U.P. guided Hitesh to the goal that had always evaded him – helping him get fit, lose 12kg and carve an incredible physique.

“The results are crazy. The photos speak for themselves. My body fat, when I started, was 30%, now five months later it’s 9%.

“I could hardly do 5-6 pushups at the start; now I can do at least 50 in one go.

“And in my entire life, I could never do a pull-up – like not even one. Now I can do 15-20 in one go.”

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For as long as he could remember, Hitesh wanted to get a six-pack, but he didn’t know how.

“I have always wanted a six-pack. Everyone wants it, but the ability to get one was missing.

“I am not a sportsman, but when I look at athletes, I see the discipline they have and how they manage their performance and pressure, and I really appreciate that about them.

“I wanted to incorporate something like that into my life as well.”

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Hitesh had tried everything to get there on his own. But when he felt like he had exhausted every avenue, he knew he needed the guidance of real experts.

“I have tried a couple of different things. I have done CrossFit and kickboxing, etc., but eventually, I would get injured, and then I would stop and get fat again.

“It’s a vicious cycle; I kept going round and round in circles. I thought I need professional help, not just in my workout but with my diet as well. I wanted to be sure I didn’t get injured in the process. That’s why I decided to join U.P.”

As a business owner, Hitesh did a lot of client engagement and entertainment, which usually led to parties several times a week.

Weekends also involved alcohol and junk food; leading him to gain weight and become more lethargic.

“2-3 times a week I would be entertaining outside, and the lifestyle was junk, and then I read information online, which was also junk. Intermittent fasting, slow-carb, low carb, keto – you name it, and I have tried it.

“But eventually, work comes in between, and if I don’t see results for a couple of weeks, I stop doing it. It wasn’t very focused, and I didn’t know what was the right path to follow for my body and lifestyle.”

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Having a personalised nutrition plan designed around his lifestyle and his goals by his U.P. trainer made a huge difference.

It took out all the guesswork and meant Hitesh could just follow it and start getting the results he craved.

“U.P. changed that! I had a strict diet to follow. It was a bit difficult at the start, but after a month, I was okay with it and could follow the diet well. If someone ate a burger in front of me, I wasn’t really sad about it.

“Lifestyle-wise, I was more disciplined and focused. And the way that followed into the other parts of my life like work was great.”

  Hitesh Ultimate Performance Personal Training Singapore | Ultimate Performance

Hitesh achieved a lot in a short period of time. His physical result speaks for itself, but he took so much more from the process.

“I actually started cooking, which I wanted to do all my life, but with U.P., there was no option, so I did it.

“When I go grocery shopping, I can make out what I should be eating, and I know what my body accepts now. The education will stay with me forever.

“There is so much junk on the Internet, and now when I read it, I can understand its nonsense.

“I can understand what workouts I should follow and how to do it.”

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When the coronavirus lockdown came into force, Hitesh feared all his hard-earned progress would be lost.

But U.P. helped Hitesh keep progressing, getting leaner and building healthy habits.

“Even during the lockdown, I was really scared that I would lose whatever progress I had made because I didn’t have any equipment and didn’t know how online workout would work.

“But U.P.’s lockdown programme was excellent. I had one pair of dumbbells and a TRX and with just that I made progress. I didn’t have a six-pack before the lockdown, and I came out of it with one!

“I would totally recommend U.P. I have seen the results myself. I have tried other things, and it never worked out. But this did!”



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