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Progressive training plans from the world's leading personal trainers

Fast-track to a healthier, happier you with LiveUP – the budget-friendly way to work with the world-leading personal trainers from Ultimate Performance. LiveUP is designed to help you transform your body whether you can access a gym or not.

Monthly Payment: £65

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What to expect from LiveUP coaching

Why choose LiveUP?

LiveUP Coaching is a product of our experience delivering world-class results with thousands of clients at 22 private gyms in 9 countries across 4 continents.

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Monthly training plans

Make every moment you spend in the gym as efficient and effective as possible with a new training plan every month geared towards your goals. This includes:

  • A breakdown of your training schedules
  • Clear instructions on each training exercise
  • Tips and tricks to maximise your training
  • Answers to any FAQs you may have
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Take your results to the next level

You now have access to UP Transform our results focused app.

Designed to support your LiveUP plan, you will have the tools to make sure your diet and training stays on track so you can achieve incredible body transformation results.

UP Transform

The ultimate diet accountability app.

  • Log your daily food intake and track your macros
  • Upload your weekly pictures to monitor your progress
  • Use our in-app tool to stitch together your before and after check-in photos
  • Track measurable progress with your diet, sleep, steps and body weight

Learn more about UP Transform here. 

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A workout plan for every setting

Whether you prefer the positive atmosphere at the gym or you’d rather train in the comfort of your own space, we have a workout plan that suits your preference, allowing you to:

  • Train safely and effectively in a gym; or
  • Train at home using our bodyweight workout plans
  • Be adaptable with how and where you train
  • Follow a training schedule laid out by experts
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Nutrition guidance

Good nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand when it comes to achieving your fitness goals and maintaining your results, that’s why your LiveUP membership will also include:

  • A breakdown of protein, carbs and fats, and water intake
  • Bespoke LiveUP recipes tailored to your nutrition plan
  • A portion control guide
  • Recommendations on supplements
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Exclusive LiveUP community

You will be invited to join our private Facebook group staffed by Ultimate Performance personal trainers, where you will have the chance to:

  • Ask questions and seek advice
  • Share your own training tips
  • Interact with the LiveUP community
  • Engage in weekly check-ins with an Ultimate Performance trainer

Ready to take your fitness to the next level?

We can help you get the results you want.

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How LiveUP Coaching Works

Ready to ditch all your excuses and start working towards your dream body? Here’s what’s going to happen when you sign up to LiveUP:

1 – To begin, you will gain access to the first training plan in your program, the exercise video library, and the exclusive Facebook group

2 – The training plans, coupled with the video library, are specially designed so that you can train independently at home or in your preferred gym

3 – Once you’ve been accepted to the private Facebook group, you can start sharing your LiveUP experience with the community

4 – Check in with your LiveUP trainers once a week to receive feedback on your progress and tips to meet your goal

5 – You will receive a new training plan each month. It’s completely up to you whether you want to move on to a new plan or stay with your current plan

6 – All that’s left to do is for you to put in the hard work and watch the Ultimate Performance magic unfold!


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What’s the difference between LiveUP and OPT?

Our online personal training (OPT) program is a bespoke app-based workout and diet plan tailored to your goals. You will have unlimited, around-the-clock access to your trainer, who is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Plus, your trainer provides weekly check-ins to track your progress.

LiveUP is a web based coaching plan where you will receive a new workout program every four weeks. You are also sent a nutrition plan when you begin which you can adjust based on your progress as you move through the programs. You now have free access to UP Transform.

The plan is based on interaction with an online community support forum running 24/7. Members can share support, recipes, hints, tips, tricks and success stories with those who are following the same program.

LiveUP does not give you access to a personal trainer and any changes to the plan must be self-implemented based on instructions laid out in your program.

Can I train online with LiveUP and then move to in-gym with a trainer?

Yes, we have a number of clients who opt to progress to in-gym personal training.

Can I sign up for a date in the future?

LiveUP gives clients the opportunity to begin their subscription starting from a date of their choice.

This can be done by selecting the ‘at a future date’ option upon signing up.

How often should I train?

Our clients typically train three to four times per week, for sessions lasting approximately one hour.

Why can’t I see the check-in and check-out tabs on my LiveUP dashboard?

The check-in and check-out tab will be available to view 24-48 hours before the check-in at midday on Monday.

Can my LiveUP membership be paused?

Your LiveUP subscription can be paused prior to your next payment cycle. During the pause period you will lose access to the LiveUP dashboard.

Can I get a refund?

LiveUP is a non-refundable program.

I’ve forgotten my password

If you need to reset your password, click on the link below.

Is there a LiveUP mobile app?

LiveUP is currently a web-based platform, optimised for your mobile device. In addition of your LiveUP plan, you now have free access to UP Transform, the app used by our clients in all our gyms worldwide.

Am I committed to a monthly payment for a certain period?

Our program can be followed on a month-by-month basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

If my subscription starts as soon as I sign up, will this be the same date the payment is taken out of my bank each month?

Yes. Payment will come out of your bank account on this date each month.

How long does each workout take?

Your LiveUP training sessions are designed to take around 60 minutes.

How often will I need to train?

We recommend training three to four times per week. To support your training sessions, additional cardio can be included in your plan for maximum results.

I work unsociable hours. Can I still access the LiveUP workouts at a time that works for me?

You can watch our recorded workouts on your LiveUP dashboard, on demand, whenever suits your schedule.

If you’re unsure about your exercise form on any of the movements in your program, you can submit a video on the LiveUP Facebook forum for one of our expert U.P. training team to review.

I struggle with a bad back, would I still be able to follow this program?

Yes, however it is important you understand your own limitations before starting the plan. Our LiveUP program does not offer personalised advice to help you train around injuries.

Always consult your doctor before starting any program if you are concerned about aggravating existing injuries.

I left LiveUP at phase X, can I resubscribe and pick up where I left off?

Yes. If you leave the program, you can sign up again at any time and continue your training from the correct phase.

Does LiveUP design your diet specifically or do I have to make my own?

LiveUP gives you the option to select your macros and portion sizes. Based on this information, we then provide you with lists of proteins, carbs and fats to create your own meal plans with.

You will find 50 recipes on your LiveUP dashboard, plus meal examples to help you hit your goals.

How often are the check-ins?

There is an automated check-in once per week, where you get the chance to ask questions specific to your current progress.  You’ll receive personalised feedback from our trainers as part of a group email delivered directly to your inbox.

What is the level of customisation in this program?

LiveUP does not offer personalised training and nutrition plans. However, the plan does give you access to advice based on your questions and weekly check-ins.

By signing up, you can become part of our exclusive LiveUP community, discover key nutrition-based tips and follow live training sessions.

Will the program work around intermittent fasting?

We do not recommend intermittent fasting as an optimal way to improve long-term body composition for most individuals. If you do wish to integrate it into your plan, please be aware it may affect your results and the LiveUP team’s ability to offer advice based on the plan.

Will I have a consultation to discuss the goals I would like to achieve?

There is no consultation process prior to starting your plan. Our program is designed to help you lose body fat, and ensure you can build muscle and strength effectively.