After 15 years and over £4,500 spent on gym memberships, Anthony felt like he should have more to show for all his hard work.

The 31-year-old management consultant had always been in decent shape but had never quite reached that next level with his physique.

As he headed into his thirties, he found he was struggling to maintain the body and fitness levels he enjoyed back in his university days.

So for the past three years, he really focussed hard on his training to get abs, but all his efforts ended in disappointment.

That’s when he turned to the experts at Ultimate Performance and signed up for the LiveUP online coaching programme.

Now Anthony has achieved far superior results in a matter of weeks than he has in all those years training on his own.

  Anthony Liveup Ultimate Performance Transformation | Ultimate Performance

“I lost 15lbs (7kg) in weight in 11 weeks during lockdown doing bodyweight-only exercises.

“Since then, I’ve completed eight weeks of the gym plan and have started putting on muscle mass while staying lean. My strength improved every week in the gym.

“The biggest benefits are improved digestion, a better attitude to training, obviously the physical results, and also the change in attitude to keep myself accountable and on a sustainable approach.

“Also, how I manage my diet, not counting calories but using food groups and portions has been a revelation and something I will definitely use long term.”

Before LiveUP, Anthony had felt like he was hitting a brick wall with his training. He wasn’t in bad shape, but he knew he could be great.

He just couldn’t seem to crack it on his own.

“I’ve always been in decent shape, or at least never considered myself out of shape. I’ve been going to the gym since I was 16, but since university, I’ve struggled to maintain the body and level of fitness I had back then when I was also doing a lot of boxing training.

“For the last few years, I’ve had resolutions to get back to a certain weight and get my body fat down to a level where I can really see my abs properly again.

“Last year was going to be the third year in a row where it looked like I wasn’t going to achieve this aim, so I was a little frustrated.

“I thought that really, when considering the amount of time I spend in the gym and the amount of money I’ve spent in 15 years’ worth of gym membership, I should be in brilliant shape – otherwise what am I doing in there?”

  Anthony Training | Ultimate Performance

Anthony started looking at what he was doing in the gym and whether he wasn’t training the right way for the results he wanted to achieve.

A little research led him to discover Ultimate Performance.

Impressed with what he read, he invested in a couple of the U.P. personal training books to change things up with his routine.

“I started following the advice in the books and immediately noticed a difference, but then when lockdown started, and my gym membership froze, I decided to use the money I was saving on the gym to try LiveUP.

“I thought that I could try it for a few months and if the results are as good as the advertising then fantastic, otherwise it’s a small drop compared to how much I’ve spent on gym membership over the years.”

His goal when starting out on LiveUP was simple – he wanted to beat the shape he was in at university, put on some muscle, and get to that magical 10% body fat level to see his abs.

Needless to say, Anthony quickly ticked off all three of those goals.

What was really effective for Anthony in achieving his results was switching up his training.

For years, he had followed the classic bodybuilding body part split – with chest days and back days.

But the LiveUP approach focuses on intelligently-programmed and progressive full-body superset workouts to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

  Anthony Training 2 | Ultimate Performance

What Anthony found was these simple but powerful tweaks to his training regime elicited incredible results.

“To be honest, I thought I knew what I was doing, but whatever that was it clearly wasn’t giving me the results I wanted.

“I used to go to the gym to lift weights four days per week following chest/back/shoulders/legs days.

“I’d stick with the same workout for months and months and in reality didn’t really see any change so would feel like I had to be doing this just to keep the body that I did have.

“Since starting on LiveUP, the key changes to my training have been to actually go to the gym less and focus more on training with the right intensity when I am in there and making sure I give myself the right recovery time.

“I’m more active on a day-to-day basis, getting 12,500 steps per day and thankfully, no need to do any dedicated cardio.

“Also, full-body workouts are not something I did before. My programme changes every month which keeps it interesting. I make sure I improve my performance in every session and that I leave the gym knowing that I couldn’t have worked harder.”

All these years, he had been 90% of the way there with his diet. But that final 10% can make all the difference.

Anthony knew all the healthy habits were there. But what he needed was someone to bring it all together and then give him accountability to execute his diet plan consistently.

“Again, I thought I was a healthy eater, and compared to a lot of my friends; I guess I was.

“But looking back now I was eating far too much protein (two shakes a day), and I was constantly bloated with bad gas.

“I was quite consistent throughout the week, I’ve been meal-prepping my lunch and dinner during the week for a couple of years now, but would be snacking in between on a lot of protein bars, cereal bars, nuts.

“Being honest, I’d also go off the rails at the weekend more often than I should, eating whole large pizzas, a massive soup with a three-cheese bloomer loaf and curry – sometimes all in the same weekend.”

  Anthony M Liveup Second | Ultimate Performance

Anthony’s results after 11 weeks with solely bodyweight training during lockdown.

What changed with LiveUP was not forensically counting calories or weighing food, but a sensible approach of portion sizes and the right macronutrients.

“I learned how to build a truly balanced diet that is sustainable. Not having to count calories and using food groups and portions makes it a lot easier to stay on track and easier to stay on plan when I’m not able to prepare my own food or want to go out to eat in restaurants.

“Also, learning how to change diet effectively to combine with training and get maximum results for minimum effort.

“I know one friend who got good results on his own during the lockdown, but he basically starved himself and was cycling constantly for cardio to get those results. Being able to get the results I’ve got with a comparatively high food intake has been great.”

Anthony has discovered that with the right programme in place and picking up the core knowledge on nutrition has given him results he didn’t know were possible.

For him, investing in LiveUP has been a tremendous value for money after years of paying out thousands of pounds on gym memberships.

“For the five months between photos on LiveUP, I spent £325. So, yes, I’m spending more per month now, but the results, knowledge and guidance have made it completely worth it.

“The value for money I’ve seen, especially with the weekly check-ins to guide any changes I make, has meant that I’m continuing with it because I know I can get even better results the longer I stay on while (hopefully) having access to a gym for the duration.”

He urged people to try it for themselves.

“Give it a go, especially LiveUP as it is the much more affordable option. Look at it in the context of how much you’ve spent on a gym membership in the past and not gotten the results that warrant the time and money you’ve put in.

“Try it for three months to see what results you can get and if you get value – then make a decision to either carry on or go on alone using what you learn.”


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