Ramie wanted to feel more confident about his body – but nothing ever seemed to work to give him the changes he wanted.   
He had shed a little bit of weight, but when it came to losing his love handles and building some muscle, nothing was moving the needle.   
Software engineer Ramie had gotten to the point where he felt he might just be a ‘non-responder’ to exercise.   
But seeing the track record of results at Ultimate Performance convinced him to give it one last try and sign up to the LiveUP Online Coaching program.   
Already 30-year-old Ramie has lost weight, trimmed down his waistline and build some visible muscle – even with the challenge of lockdowns and gym closures.   

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“I have lost a total of around 8kg (18lbs), while also gaining a little extra muscle despite on-and-off lockdowns and limited gym equipment.   
“I have recently been able to see my abs and my waist size has dropped significantly.”  

Before he started LiveUP, Ramie had always felt frustrated with his lack of progress in the gym.

Boosting his body confidence was a big motivator – but all his unrewarded hard work in the gym just felt like wasted effort.

“I’ve never really felt confident about my shape. I hold a lot of fat around my love handles and in summer didn’t really like taking off my top at the beach.   
“I wanted to lose the fat, get visible abs and build muscle.  
“I had been working out before but had not seen great results. I had started to think, perhaps I am a non-responder to training and this wasn’t really for me.”  

It wasn’t for lack of trying, but all his previous weight loss attempts had hit the buffers.

“I had previously lost some weight, by calorie counting (around 4kg [9lbs] in total).   
“After that, I was going to the gym and focusing on strength and hypertrophy training.   
“I wasn’t tracking food so much at that point, but training hard. I had done two body scans three months apart and there was no change in muscle mass or body fat, in fact, my results were slightly in the opposite direction.   
“This made me realise, while I considered I was training hard at the gym, I wasn’t doing enough and something needed to change otherwise I’d just be wasting time and energy.” 

“In one last attempt, I searched online for some form of coaching, and the results from U.P. looked impressive and the price was reasonable.   
“I thought, I will do the program and follow it as strictly as possible for at least three months and see where that takes me.”  

Starting LiveUP has proven to be a great investment and has helped Ramie smashed past his previous plateau and see week-on-week progress.

From Day 1, having a set training plan and simple dietary guidelines to follow gave him exactly what he needed to get results – structure and accountability.

“Put simply, the LiveUP program removed any guesswork from the process in terms of nutrition, training and supplementation.   
“Besides this, the weekly check-in photos meant I had a clear visual representation of my progress, which gave me motivation and also identified when adjustments needed to be made.   
“I really find the check-in chats useful too, as they keep me accountable and it gives just enough support in making necessary adjustments.  
“LiveUP gave a structure to my diet, but one that was simple enough to follow without having to weigh everything and track all of my calories.”  

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Want a budget-friendly way to work with the world-leading personal trainers from Ultimate Performance? LiveUP is your answer.


Before, Ramie’s day would be very sedentary sitting at a computer all day and then relaxing on the sofa in the evening.

He didn’t realise how much this lifestyle was holding back his progress.

“I was attending the gym three times a week, but besides that was very inactive.   
“My job is to sit at a desk all day, and to relax in the evening I would sit on the sofa.   
“I didn’t really feel that it was affecting me negatively until I started the LiveUP program and realised what I was supposed to feel like.   
“The negative impacts of my lifestyle were that I couldn’t get to sleep at night, had poor sleep quality and struggled to get up in the morning. I was also dependent on my morning caffeine hit as a result.”  

But going through the LiveUP process has helped him build healthier habits into his routine and lay the foundations for lifelong wellbeing.

Now he understands the simple but powerful fundamentals about diet and training to be able to affect the changes he wants with his body.

“I’ve learned lot’s of things on this program, but the most important is: be consistent with the diet, it is a long game and little exceptions add up and make a big difference in the transformation.  
“Make the smallest changes necessary to continue to see progress. Train with purpose, it’s not just about completing the reps or throwing a heavy weight about. Train with good form, slow down the negatives and make sure you really feel the muscle working.”  

Armed with this knowledge and self-belief, a progressive training plan and with a supportive community behind him, Ramie is confident he can keep progressing.

“The biggest thing I have got from this is knowing that it is possible for me to make significant improvements to my physique.   
“I feel much more confident about myself now, and the results have made me more motivated than ever to continue on my journey. I sleep better, and have more energy during the day.”  

Ramie has come a long way in his time on the LiveUP program – and he has no intention of stopping yet.

But for anyone who is in the position he was when he first started – frustrated with a lack of progress and unable to lose weight or build muscle – Ramie has this advice:

“I have seen people from different starting points get very good results as a result of doing this program. If you feel apprehensive, but want to do it, I would say commit to three months. If you are compliant, follow the diet, training and get in your steps you will surprise yourself. There is plenty of support available through check-ins and the Facebook group.”  



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  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
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