As the founder of Wild Things Performing Arts, Nancy never felt like she had time to prioritise her health with a hectic life as an actor, a businesswoman, and a mum-of-two.

It felt like she was on a hamster wheel with work and life – never quite getting to the end of her ‘to do’ list.

Things got worse five years ago when she was hit by a car while out cycling. Physically, she was unharmed aside from some bruises, but it left her struggling with PTSD and anxiety which led to bad eating habits and poor sleep.

Mindfulness really helped, and it showed Nancy it was time to focus on herself and work on her physical fitness.

After following Ultimate Performance for a year on social media, she decided to finally take the plunge.

Now she’s lighter, leaner, healthier and happier than ever after making an incredible transformation training online with LiveUP.


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“I’m going to be 44 this year. I don’t suppose I thought that in my 40s, I would get in the best shape of my life, but today I’m probably in better shape than when I was in my 20s, and hope to get better and better as time goes on.

“I still look in the mirror and expect to see the old me, and there’s somebody different looking back. And so yeah, really, I do feel really proud, and also surprised.”

Nancy, who has two children as well as working as an actor and running a drama school, has an extremely busy schedule, which kept her from committing to a structured programme like U.P.


Nancy after her LiveUP transformation


She did keep herself active and always tried to get in her daily run, but it wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

“So I’ve always been fairly healthy-ish. But you think you’re healthy – you can go running for miles and miles and then eat rubbish and not sleep well and go out drink alcohol and yeah, the hamster wheel thing probably sums it up.

“You just feel like you’re waking up and getting through each day, and you’re just trying to get to the end of it. There’s never enough time to do everything, and there’s always too much to do, and you think there’s no time to look after yourself or change diets and that kind of thing.

“Especially when you run your own business, you’ve got endless to-do lists, and there’s a tendency to overwork anyway. So I really was kind of overdoing it and not looking after myself at all.”


Nancy after her LiveUP transformation


Nancy wanted to trim down, get fit and feel better. Once she got up and running with her online training, the changes started coming and this fed into her motivation to stick to it.

It wasn’t always easy – especially with a business and a family to run – but LiveUP trainer Elliott’s no-nonsense mentoring style and the online community of like-minded ladies got her through the toughest parts.

“I did one-on-one online training to start with, and I learned a lot more about nutrition, just health in general, and mental health – it’s a completely holistic approach. That really gave me a proper kickstart. And then going on from there to LiveUP was the perfect step–up.”

“The LiveUP forum is amazing. I think that’s what has made me stick with it and will probably make me continue with LiveUP for a long time. I think it’s that sense of a group of women all lifting each other up.

“I feel a lot more positive in my outlook in life. I think because of weight training and pushing yourself as well, you realise that if there’s something in your life that you don’t think you can overcome, you can do it. Just push yourself through it, and it’ll be fine.”


Nancy after her LiveUP transformation


Nancy has learned so much about training – and training effectively. But most importantly, she has learned to love training.

“It made me look at it as a whole thing rather than thinking, right, I’ll go to the gym and try and work off this piece of cake that I’ve eaten. It was more about, how do I want to change everything in my life for the better?”

“Technique is at the centre of everything. With LiveUP, you get videos of each of the exercises that you’re about to do, so you get the chance to look at those beforehand and go to the gym knowing exactly what it is that you’re doing.

“It’s all about getting in there, making the most of that hour and really, really pushing yourself, rather than just nipping in the gym and just wasting time.”


Nancy after her LiveUP transformation


From sleep to mood to energy, Nancy saw a massive improvement in all parts of her life. With U.P., she finally found a sustainable way to prioritise herself and was able to take care of her needs without any guilt.

“I still do suffer with anxiety on occasion, but it is on occasion now. And I can usually pinpoint what it’s related to and where it’s coming from. It’s quite often work related, which I’m sure it is with anybody.

“But it has massively improved my anxiety because how could it not really if I’m looking after every area of my life? Because I think when you are feeling anxious or down or you struggle from things like panic attacks, you can go the other way, you can look after yourself, that can be the first place you go. And I think this knowledge and knowing that looking after yourself will have a positive effect on everything. It just pushes you to do that, first and foremost, I think.

“U.P. reminded me just how strong I actually am.”

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