Rebecca had been through an incredibly tough time in her life and she had neglected herself.

When she came out of the other side, she knew she needed to invest time and care into her own health and wellbeing.

It proved to be a turning point and she resolved to turn things around and start on the path to feeling strong, happy and healthy again.

After starting a transformation journey with LiveUP, 34-year-old Rebecca has already felt a dramatic change both inside and out – and she is only just getting started.

“It’s genuinely taught me I’m more capable than I realised. It’s taught me that taking responsibility for my choices will get me exactly where I want to go.

“Elliott’s ability to simplify the process has been really refreshing and his support incredible. I genuinely feel like I have a new way of life now.”

“I feel like me, I couldn’t have asked for more from a programme.”


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Before LiveUP, Rebecca led a very “delusional” lifestyle. She tried to convince herself that her health was fine, but deep down she knew it wasn’t.

Starting training online with LiveUP was her chance for a fresh start.

“I was keen to establish a genuine habit for myself, with me being the primary motivation.”

“I wanted to achieve a sense of control, some structure and an opportunity to prioritise myself in and amongst the chaos of family life!”

Rebecca’s drive to take back control of her health aligned perfectly with LiveUP’s approach to physical training as well as it’s philosophy of self-improvement through fitness.

“I had trained in the past with incredible trainers and had great results but always put the emphasis on it being accountable to the trainers rather than myself.

“LiveUP gave me a different mindset. It was a truly supportive environment to arm me with the tools to get the most out of myself.

“Not only are the training and nutrition plans simple and easy to follow, they just show how uncomplicated it needs to be!

“Elliott offers a totally no-BS approach and it’s consistent with everything else I’ve ever seen at U.P., but the LiveUP plan teaches you to really adopt that mindset.”

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Rebecca, who works in the fashion industry, started following a vegan lifestyle back in 2017 after years of being a keen meat eater.

But just like with any diet, her eating habits weren’t always optimal – she would skip breakfast often and would grab convenience foods like sandwiches and crisps for lunch, and takeaways on the weekends.

“My diet was neglected – it was decided upon based on convenience and how full I would feel rather than if it would benefit my body! You can eat crap as a vegan and a carnivore!

“Since joining LiveUP, I actually enjoy thinking about nourishing and fueling my body – I have gone past the point of feeling like I’m missing out on crap food! I know I can still have it if I choose to, but when I associate how rubbish it makes me feel physically, it’s easier to stay away from it.”

Rebecca’s eating plan on LiveUP slotted in well with her plant-based lifestyle. But now there was a real focus on eating for optimal performance and energy which has been a game-changer.

“When I started LiveUP I was so ready mentally it didn’t feel like a huge sacrifice at all.

“In fact, even within the first couple of days I got significantly better! I sacked off the coffee and Diet Coke immediately and haven’t had one in the last 10 weeks, which is incredible for me and I feel sooooo much better for it!

“My water intake skyrocketed and I was drinking 2-3 litres a day in the beginning. My meals became colorful and well thought out and the variety in my diet really improved. I have been eating four meals per day so haven’t experienced that bad feeling most people associate with a diet.”

Learning about the way smart supplementation can improve her health, her recovery and her performance in the gym has been a big part of her impressive progress too.

“I have taken magnesium for recovery and I would say this is probably my can’t-live-without supplement – I sleep better, I relax much better in the evenings and I recover from workouts really well too.

“I started taking Estro Support and I’m experiencing great results from that – I no longer dread my cycle or feel the emotional build-up like I once would have.

“Digestive enzymes I take also and although it’s a more difficult one to ‘notice’ I haven’t experienced severe bloating after meals or general gut discomfort!

“The vegan protein powder – this stuff is epic! Tastes delicious and post-workout it hits the spot!”

Rebecca was quick to dispel the misconception that you can’t get great results while following a vegan diet on LiveUP.

She had this advice for anyone else following a plant-based lifestyle looking to get in better shape:

“I would firstly say you can absolutely do it! Spend some time researching varied protein sources! Once I had mastered the best protein sources the rest was easy!

“Do the right thing consistently and you will get the results!”


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Rebecca is loving the results she has achieved so far and the dramatic change in her lifestyle and mindset it has fostered.

Her energy levels have drastically improved. She’s feeling more enthusiastic about all aspects of her life. Her mental state is exactly where she needed it to be. She’s prioritising herself and her loved ones more, and she’s just feeling good about life in general.

The fat loss has given Rebecca a huge confidence boost, as she no longer feels the needs to hide under oversized t-shirts at the gym. Instead, she’s fully embracing her new body.

“I’m doing this for myself and mentally I feel like I could take on anything!

“Emotionally I feel actually so stable! It sounds strange but as someone who was particularly hormonal around my periods or could be a little bit of a hot head I’ve found myself feeling really stable!

“My lifestyle in general just feels more positive, I have an exciting outlook on things, I don’t fear social events, I’m excited for new adventures with my husband and have really discovered a genuine confidence I haven’t felt in a long time.”


Many people can feel apprehensive about starting a training programme – but Rebecca’s advice is just to jump in head first.

“There is never a right time, there is never the perfect time. Stop waiting for that moment you think will descend on you to make a start and just do it!”

Now that Rebecca is back feeling her best, she can hardly wait for what the future holds and she’s determined to live her life to the fullest while maintaining her impressive progress.

“I’m not done with LiveUP yet… I’m here for the long haul!”

“The results came quickly and I can’t wait to see what the next 12 weeks or months bring!”

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