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UP Transform FAQs

Why is meal planning important?

No matter what your fitness and health goals are, getting your diet right is essential. But, even with the ‘perfect’ diet in place, it’s difficult to achieve long-term success without effective meal planning. Poor planning often leads to poor results.

Having a structured meal plan laid out that hits your daily calorie and macronutrient targets is the key to success. The app not only sets your personalised nutrition targets, but also creates a new, seven-day meal plan each week, based on your favourite foods and recipes.

With accountability tools and a smart check-in system, it’s never been easier to stay on track with your diet. We have done all the thinking for you. All you need to do is stick to the plan and enjoy your meals, which will drive you towards your goals.

Can I add my own meal plan ideas to the app?

Yes, you can create your own favourite meals in your food diary and save them for convenience. You can also log any meals that you create manually, or scan ingredients and items in your recipes via the barcode scanner.

There are more than one million verified food items you can search in our database. If you can’t find the item you’re trying to scan, you can add it manually too. The app even lets you take and upload photos of your meals to add to your food diary.

But if you are looking for fresh meal inspiration, there are hundreds of delicious and healthy recipe ideas on the app, which have been created by our team of elite personal trainers and professional chefs. You can choose your favourite meals and create a seven-day meal plan quickly and easily. The app will then automatically generate a shopping list of all the items you need for the week.

How are the nutrition values calculated?

Accuracy matters when it comes to your diet and nutrition. Nobody understands this more than Ultimate Performance.

Unlike many basic calorie-tracking apps, the foods and ingredients in UP Transform come from the world’s largest database of verified foods.

There are over one million food items that can be searched in the app, which are verified for their accuracy.

You can also add your own foods and ingredients, which are independently verified by our expert in-house team.

My calories and macros do not match perfectly. Why is that?

There are a few reasons why this might happen:

Macros and calories are either rounded up or down to the nearest gram. Those entries are then added up to make your daily totals, so there will be some margin for error.

Rounding errors on the nutrition label. Nutrition labels are rounded to the nearest 5 calories (less than or equal to 50 calories per serving) or 10 calories (>50 calories per serving).

Fibre. Some foods may contain insoluble fibre, which may be omitted from total carbohydrates to calculate total calories. However, that fibre will still show in the total carbohydrates.

Alcohol. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. It is not counted as a macro but is added into calories.

What type of diets does the UP Transform app cater for?

UP Transform provides a framework that will work with most types of diets once your calorie and macronutrient targets are set by the app. You can create your meals, add recipes, track your progress, and hit your targets to achieve the results you want.

However, our seven-day meal planner tool also gives you inspiration with hundreds of delicious and varied recipes, including ideas for pescatarian and vegetarian diets. Vegan and plant-based recipes are coming soon!

I have food allergies. Can I still use the UP Transform app?

When you are creating your meal plan, you can tell the app the foods you dislike, as well as any allergies you have. UP Transform will then generate your weekly meal plan based on the preferences you set.

It provides recipes that cater for anyone with a range of common allergies, including gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, lupin, peanuts, sulphites, soy, sesame and more.

Do you use imperial or metric measurements?

You can use either imperial or metric measurements. You simply need to select which measurement you would like to use from within the Preferences function. You can also select to use pounds, kilograms or stones to track your body weight.

How do I change my measurement units in the app?

Go to your Profile screen and tap on Preferences. You will be able to change your System Preferences between Imperial (oz) and Metric (g/ml), and your Weight Preferences between kilograms, pounds, or stones.

What happens if I miss a meal?

Don’t worry too much if you miss a meal. You can always make up for it with your meals later in the day to ensure you hit your nutrition targets. It should not make a difference to your overall results, so long as your average calories across the week are equal and on target.

However, it is worth remembering that the more consistent you can be with your meal plans and nutrition targets, the better your results will be. Stick to regular mealtimes, space your meals out every 3-4 hours where possible, and ensure you prepare your meals for the day ahead of time. This will help you to better adhere to your plan and hit your nutrition targets.

Our U.P. Essentials section in the app gives you a range of in-depth articles on meal planning, meal prep, diet adherence, calorie targets and more, which will set you up for success.

I currently use other apps to track my weight, steps or sleep. Is there a way I can sync the data with UP Transform?

Yes. The UP Transform can sync with both Apple Healthkit and Google Fit. So long as the app you use is synced to either Apple Healthkit or Google Fit, and you have given permission to do so, UP Transform will be able to fill in your data automatically for weight, steps, water intake and sleep.

How do I connect UP Transform to Google Fit?


Go to Profile > Account > Connect Google Fit

Select your Google account

Select what access you would like UP Transform to have:

  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Steps

How do I connect UP Transform to the Health App?


Go to Daily and look for the Weight cell. Tap on the Authorise Healthkit button.

If you do not see the Authorise Healthkit button, open the Health app instead and tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner. Tap on the Apps button in the Privacy section and go to UP Transform.

Select what access you would like UP Transform to have:

  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Water Intake
  • Steps

How do I add my measurements in the app as an Online Personal Training client?

Go to your Progress tab and into the Summary screen. From there, you should see the ‘Add’ button, where you can add your girths and blood pressure measurements.


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