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5 St Paul's Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ

Welcome to Ultimate Performance – the home of the world’s leading personal trainers in Liverpool. Our private personal training gym in Liverpool City Centre has brought world-class body transformation results to clients across Merseyside, including Southport, Formby, Ormskirk, West Kirkby, Heswall, Chester, and beyond. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, or total body transformation for health and wellness, our expert team are the best personal trainers to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.

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Why our personal training is different

Our results-driven approach is radically different to any other personal trainers in Liverpool

Maximum results, minimum time

We live and die by our results. No personal training business on the planet can demonstrate the depth and consistency of results with thousands of clients that we can. 

Promises are easy to make, but for anyone who is prepared to work hard and follow our guidance to the letter, then these life-changing transformation results can be yours.  

Here are just some of the incredible results achieved by our clients here at Ultimate Performance Liverpool. 

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It couldn't be easier to start your own personal training program with us.

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World-class gym facilities

Our state-of-the-art private personal training facility is designed to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.

World-class, private-access gym access

Personal consultations by-appointment only

Body fat analysis

Full diet and lifestyle audit

State-of-the-art strength training area

Atlantis and Watson strength training equipment

10m strongman track

Modified strongman equipment, including farmer’s walk, sled, and prowler

Metabolic conditioning training equipment

Supplements shop

Shake bar

Showers and changing rooms

Transformation results wall

Air conditioning for your comfort

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Ready to start your own transformation?

See how you can achieve life-changing results in partnership with us at our Ultimate Performance Liverpool gym.

Where to find us?

Our Ultimate Performance gym in Liverpool sets the benchmark for elite, results-driven training across Merseyside and beyond.

We are based on the ground floor of the No. 5 St Paul’s building, located in St Paul’s Square within walking distance of the Liverpool ONE shopping centre. Close to both Liverpool Lime Street and Moorfield train stations, the gym is within 60 minutes’ travel by rail from Formby, Southport, Ormskirk, Crosby, West Kirkby, Heswall, and Chester. Clients travelling by car will find car parks nearby in Pall Mall, Prussia Street, and Smithfield Street.


5 St Paul's Square,
Liverpool, L3 9SJ,
United Kingdom

Contact Number

+44 151 659 1115

Session timings
  • Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 20:00
  • Saturday - 06:00 - 14:00

* Flexibility of the timings of sessions can be arranged.

Nearby Parking
  • St Paul's Square Car Park - 0.1 miles
  • NCP Liverpool Pall Mall - 0.1 miles

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Personal training in Liverpool

Liverpool might be the city of the Beatles, the river Mersey, and the Merseybeat sound, but it’s becoming increasingly known for rocketing rates of obesity. 

Levels of obesity are rising rapidly in the city compared with healthier trends in cities like London, notes a Public Health England report. 

Now, around 64% of over 18s in Liverpool are considered to be overweight or obese, according to National Health Service figures – higher than the national average. 

Liverpool’s struggle with weight management persists despite the known scientific links between obesity and a host of deadly illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which continue to claim the lives of scores of Liverpudlians each year. Personal training in Liverpool can be the most effective way to help people lose weight.  

Ultimate Performance Liverpool helps personal training clients to build healthy habits into their lifestyle around diet, training, and daily exercise.  

You can see the importance of this in the health data too – around 38% of London residents exercise regular, which is in stark contrast to just 24% in Liverpool getting enough exercise, according to Sport England stats. Areas of the city where rates of exercise and activity are higher, include Mossley Hill and Allerton – and this is reflected in much lower rates of obesity around 58%. 

Life expectancy for Liverpudlians is not too far removed from the national average, with men and women expected to reach the ages of 77 and 81, on average. 

What is more concerning is ‘health span’ – the proportion of years lived in good health – is lower with only 72% for men and 74% for women.  

The divide in health span across the city is glaring. Men in Woolton and Childwall can expect to live 79% of their years in good health, while men in Kirkdale only live 65% of their lives in good health.

For women in the city, the story is the same. Female residents in Mossley Hill can expect to live 68% of their lives in robust health, whereas that figure is only 67% in Anfield.  

Outside the city, but within the broader Merseyside region, it’s a different picture. Several towns and areas stand out for their healthier lifestyles, notably Formby, Heswall, and West Kirby. 

Located in Sefton borough, Formby has some of the lowest rates of obesity at just 55% – which can be attributed to the area’s relative affluence, higher rates of exercise, and outdoor spaces such as its beaches and National Trust woodland.  

Across the River Mersey on the Wirral Peninsula, Heswall and West Kirkby are bastions of better health. Amenities like the Wirral Way walking trail, marine lake and beach, and wellness programs supported by Wirral Council make it easier or residents to stay active and healthy.  

Perhaps because of these factors and the relative affluence of these areas, rates of obesity among adults in Heswall are just 54%, and even lower in West Kirkby at just 52% 

Personal training is one of the best ways to improve health, increase health span, and increase longevity for men and women. Why? Because taking as customised approach to workouts and nutrition, and having a professional trainer to keep you accountable and motivated, ensure better progress and longer-term health outcomes than training alone.  


How much does a personal trainer cost in Liverpool

The cost of a one-to-one personal training package at our St Paul’s Square gym in Liverpool varies depending on the time of day you would like to train, session frequency, and your total package length.   

As a result, each training package is designed bespoke for each client. However, we reward loyalty by offering a discount on large packages.  

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

If you want to invest in your lifelong health and fitness, getting a personal trainer is invaluable.  

Just as you would hire a lawyer or architect, a personal training professional is there as a trusted advisor for your health and fitness, giving you the expertise and guidance needed to get results.  

Ultimate Performance offers the best-in-class of personal training anywhere in the world.  

Working with our world-class team will help you train safely and effectively, master the principles of nutrition, keep you accountable to your goals, and learn the tools and skills needed to maintain lifelong health that may take years to learn on your own.   

How do I find the right personal trainer in Liverpool?

Finding the right personal trainer in Liverpool isn’t easy. There are no universal standards that mark out a good personal trainer from a bad one in the fitness industry, generally.   

So, you should look for a personal trainer with a strong track record of results with the kinds of clients that are similar to you or match your goals.   

The right personal trainer will focus on your goals and build a program that fits your lifestyle, abilities, needs and aims – not the other way around.   

The best personal trainers work with you in partnership. They are not just there to be a friend, count reps, or push their own goals onto you.   

Ultimately, the right personal trainer for you is someone who helps you set relevant and achievable goals and gives you the accountability and structure to accomplish them.   

What makes Ultimate Performance Liverpool different?

Ultimate Performance is radically different to any gym or personal trainers you have experienced before.   

We are not just the best gym in Liverpool – we are the best personal trainers on the planet.   

What we have created is a proven model that gives clients a framework to achieve the results they want – no matter what their starting point, ability or goal.   

We have a proven track record working with over 20,000 body transformation clients across the globe since 2018 alone.   

Our model is built on science and driven by data to give clients measurable outcomes on metrics across the board, from body fat and BMI to improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.   

Our training methods have been refined over the past decade to be the most efficient and effective way of getting in shape possible.   

Our Liverpool gym is different to anything else in the city. We do not offer memberships.  

As a private, personal training-only gym, our model is built on working with clients for a set period and delivering the maximum results possible in that time.   

Our trainers are selected from the most gifted and driven candidates from across the globe, with only 1 in every 100 applicants making the cut for a personal training career with us.   

Your dedicated trainer is with you as a trusted advisor and professional partner around the clock – not just for your hour in the gym.   

Your trainer manages every aspect of your transformation journey, training and nutrition while keeping you motivated and accountable to your goal.   

Our results-driven model runs contrary to 99.9% of the personal training industry. Our trainers’ successes and career progression are measured and incentivised solely on the quality of results they produce. And on the value and return on investment they demonstrably give to their clients.   


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