Katherine lost an incredible 61 lbs and found a new lease of life after years of battling with depression by training at Ultimate Performance.

After years of suffering from depression, Katherine decided to do something for herself, her main motivation coming to Ultimate Performance was to lose weight.

Little did she know that training would become her therapy and every week she would leave with increased confidence, better moods and feeling happier in herself.

In just 9 months, Katherine lost an incredible 61 lbs and built up mental resilience that has given her the confidence to do things she never imagined she would.

Transforming and changing her lifestyle has given Katherine more than just a new figure. It has given her the confidence to realize that she can positively change her life both inside and outside the gym.

“Overall the thing that has made the biggest difference is the realisation now that I can change something about myself quite significantly in a way that I never thought I’d be able to do, I’ve got that power and that capability within me so if I can do that, I can do anything.”

  Katherine M 36 Week Female Fat Loss | Ultimate Performance

Not making health a priority

After suffering from depression for the majority of her life, Katherine was left with little enthusiasm for anything, so whilst she wanted to lose weight, she just couldn’t drag herself to the gym. She had every excuse in the book — ‘forgotten gym kit’, ‘too tired’, ‘it’s raining’.

Katherine had never made her health a priority because she always assumed that her mental health would deteriorate before her physical health would.

This gave Katherine a reckless attitude to her fitness and nutrition — if she wanted something, she would have it. If there was an option for extra bacon or cheese then she would add it on to her meal.

“My view was this makes me feel good now and I didn’t consider the future, I thought if I want something now, I’ll have it now, there’s no reason not to.”

Training with U.P. gave Katherine a different view and made her see the importance of being fit and healthy for both physical and mental reasons.

“I can have a future and it’s up to me to make it the way I want it to be — and I want it to be healthy and confident in myself and happy with the way that I look. The only person who can do that is me.”

Katherine M 36 week female fat loss - back view



Battling depression

Katherine also started to realize how training and looking after her physical health could have such a positive impact on her mental health.

“I realized that I need to care for myself going forward and that your mood is related to how you feel in yourself, physically. You need to take care of yourself physically to take care of your brain.”

Training is helping Katherine manage her depression. It has given her something she can use to make herself feel better that she is responsible for.

Not only does she leave every session with increased confidence and in a better mood, but she can look back on her time at U.P. on bad days and feel a sense of pride because of what she has achieved.

“For me, training is something that I can always come back to. It’s up to me and this is time that I’ve allocated to look after myself.

“Whatever happens in my love life or my work, I can say, ‘I did that,’ ‘you can achieve something,’ and it’s a glimmer of hope in the dark times. If something does happen, I can come back to that and it isn’t dependent on someone else. It’s about me and what I’ve done, and nobody can take that away from me. Going forward, I’ll be able to use that.”

Body Confidence

Katherine didn’t realize or want to acknowledge how much being overweight was affecting her confidence.

Looking back, she says she followed the rhetoric of blaming the media for making people feel bad about their bodies to cover up how unhappy she was with her own. Now she’s lost weight, Katherine is brimming with confidence and loving not having to worry about what she’s wearing.

“When you have lost weight and you can get into more clothes and don’t have to constantly think, ‘will I look okay in this?’ Now I definitely do feel a lot better than I did before in my appearance.”

A new lease of life

Now Katherine sleeps better, has more energy and no longer feels tired after a day on her feet. All the unexplained aches and pains have gone and it’s allowing her to say ‘yes’ to more things in her life. Before losing weight, if a friend asked Katherine to do something active, such as a walk or a hike, she would always decline.

She feared that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone and would tire herself out. But now, Katherine jumps at the opportunity and is okay with pushing herself outside of her comfort zone.

Katherine feeling confident in a dress after her UP transformation

“I have been much more open to trying new things too. I have surprised myself by how well I have done at some things I didn’t think I would be able to do, especially if they were active or outdoor hobbies, but now I am willing to try different things as I am not so scared that I will fail or humiliate myself.”

Training with weights is something Katherine has also found really rewarding.

“The increased strength is great. It’s very satisfying to be able to see the definition in your muscles, be able to feel something firm, rather than squishy or be able to lift and carry stuff you would have struggled with. It makes you feel great.”

Transforming and changing her lifestyle has given Katherine more than just a new figure. For her, it was more than just losing weight.

It’s helped her mentally and given her increased fitness levels which have allowed Katherine to physically do things she couldn’t before.

Most of all, it’s made her realize that she has the ability to positively change her life in the gym and beyond.



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