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A culture of excellence with no equal

‘Results, not promises’ is a maxim deeply ingrained in our DNA at Ultimate Performance.

Founded on values of integrity, accountability and unwavering excellence, our singular focus is delivering a life-changing experience, world-class results and real return on investment for every client.

What makes us different

Ultimate Performance are the pre-eminent personal trainers on the planet. No other fitness business comes close to competing with the scale, depth and consistency of incredible results we achieve with our clients.

We are meticulous in our attention to detail, rigorous in our application of intelligent process, and driven to relentlessly improve our methodologies and refine our results.

While many attempt to emulate our model, the results-driven culture of excellence and accountability we have painstakingly built over the years at Ultimate Performance can never be replicated. It’s what sets us apart as world leaders in our field.

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Why Ultimate Performance?

Unparalleled global scale

We are the world’s only truly global personal training business. We have the cutting edge when it comes to results and personal training excellence that eclipses any other training business on Earth. 

Our size, scale and systems allow us to work in granular detail to provide the most effective and highly-personalised service possible for our clients.  

Culture of excellence

Our results-driven culture is built on robust systems, fastidious data analysis and layers of accountability at every level – from the junior trainer up to the global CEO.  

It is a culture that demands excellence. What sets Ultimate Performance apart from the hit-and-miss independent gym trainer is the unparalleled consistency and professionalism that you would expect from a global consulting business. 

Data-driven methodologies

Tracking objective data and myriad success metrics cements our systems of accountability and removes any guesswork from the process.  

We track everything from body fat and blood pressure to sleep quality, daily activity and workout performance. This data means we can demonstrate measurable outcomes and quantifiable results for our clients.  

World-leading expertise

We have built a team of the world’s leading experts in personal training, nutrition and body transformation. 

Our reservoir of global expertise allied with our data-driven approach means we can constantly iterate on our methodologies and enhance the results we achieve as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Results backed by science

Our methods are built on science. We fund our own research and development, and invest in technology that not only enhances our results, but will shape the future of fitness. 

Now our training and nutrition methodologies are part of ground-breaking studies with researchers from some of the world’s leading academic institutions, such as Cambridge University and the University of California.  

An environment built for success

We have created an environment that breeds success. We give trainers and clients alike the tools, the support, the systems and accountability needed to excel. 

With world-class private personal training facilities, elite-level equipment and data-tracking technology alongside this, everything is in place to achieve truly exceptional transformation results.  

World-class personal trainers

Our personal training team is forged from the elite of the elite across the globe – only 1 in every 100 applicants makes the cut for a career with us.

Unlike other gyms, our trainers do not have to sell or market themselves. They are able to master their craft and focus solely on their clients as a trusted advisor.

The one clear path to career progression with us is by achieving tangible, measurable outcomes that show each client has achieved a significant return on their investment of time and money.



Real return on investment

We don’t shy away from the fact we are expensive. But price and value are not one and the same. 

We are reassuringly expensive because we are the best in the world at what we do. We have constructed a whole ecosystem of world-class trainers, facilities, knowledge and systems all designed to give you quantifiable results.  

If you are willing to work hard and follow our guidance to the letter, you will get results no matter what your starting point, age or experience.  

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We tailor our proven methods to you

Refined with thousands of clients over the years, our personal training model is the most efficient and effective way to get results on the planet.

This proven formula is tailored to you as an individual. So, no matter what your goal or starting point, you can achieve life-changing results.

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We keep you accountable

We understand that accountability is the secret to achieving world-class results for trainers and clients alike.

Our partnership approach, coupled with our technology and data tracking systems, creates an ecosystem that ensures you can stay on track to achieve the measurable outcomes you want.

We deliver results and return on investment

When we say ‘Results, not promises’, we mean it. We are deeply invested in helping you achieve life-changing outcomes.

With a world-class culture that breeds success and a singular focus on delivering you a genuine return on your investment, everything is in place to achieve exceptional results.

It’s why tens of thousands of clients have entrusted us with their goals down the years.

Start your transformation journey with us today...

Simply book your free consultation with our team to discuss your goals and create the most effective personalised program for you.

About Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance is the world’s only global personal training business. Since our inception in 2009, we have expanded across four continents of the globe and forged an unrivalled reputation for personal training excellence end exceptional transformation results.

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Our history

Ultimate Performance was founded as a place where clients knew they could achieve measurable results with a trusted partner, while offering professional trainers a genuine career path to master their craft.

Built on a ‘maximum results, minimum time’ model that has revolutionised the personal training industry, this founding vision has propelled Ultimate Performance to become a global business with an expanding network of 20 private gyms across four continents working with thousands of clients every year.

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Our founder

Nick Mitchell is the founder of Ultimate Performance, the world’s only global personal training business. With private personal training gyms across four continents of the globe, an unrivaled track record for results, and a number of best-selling books, Nick has been hailed as one of the world’s leading body composition experts.

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Our trainers

Our team of world-class personal trainers has been forged through the culture of excellence and accountability we have built at Ultimate Performance. We are trusted advisors who are deeply invested in your success with an unwavering focus on delivering you life-changing results and a return on the investment that your time and money deserve.

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