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What a difference a year makes – for Amit he is 99lbs (45kg) lighter and unrecognisable from the man he was.

Investment banker Amit was approaching 30 in the worst shape of his life.

His high-flying City career meant it was all work and little time to focus on his health, resulting in his weight spiralling out of control.

It all hit him like a ton of bricks when he saw a group photo with himself at a friend’s wedding.

He could no longer hide from the problem and decided to take his sister’s advice and seek help from the professionals at Ultimate Performance.

Now Amit is a man utterly transformed – he has lost 99lbs (45kg) and 11 inches (43cm) from his waistline over 10 incredible months.

“U.P. is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I view it as an investment in myself, and I achieved results I never thought I could have.

“Doing the transformation has made me much more confident, stronger, and in the best shape I’ve ever been. It will benefit me going forward as the change in mentality has helped me go out and achieve what I want to in life.

“I still can’t believe the transformation! The best compliments came when I went back to see some of my friends. They hadn’t seen me for a year, and when I was waiting for one of them in the street, he literally walked straight past me.”

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The day Amit walked through the doors at U.P. he weighed 245lbs (112kg) and his body fat was a dangerous 41%.

Naturally, all the extra weight and his sedentary lifestyle had made him sluggish and low on energy.

“Before starting at U.P., I felt tired all the time; I found it difficult to complete any sort of physical activity. I felt like I had no energy whatsoever, and I just generally felt very unhealthy. I had low confidence due to my appearance and would avoid social settings.

“Before the transformation, my diet consisted of junk and fast food mainly and I had a very sedentary lifestyle with very little activity.

“There are a few key things related to my job, which made working out tough. It’s quite a demanding job, and with the hours I was working, I would generally get very little sleep – maybe four hours on average. So it was difficult to keep myself motivated during the training.”  City-web-optimised-2-3 | Ultimate Performance
However, Amit pushed through exhaustion and kept showing up at the gym. As improvements became visible, motivation came on autopilot, and the results just snowballed.

“During the transformation, my diet completely changed.

“I avoided processed food and began eating significantly healthier. I was much more active with not only the weight lifting but also increasing my general daily activity. My energy levels are much higher now, and now I want to go out and be active. I am more mentally alert at work, which helped me be more efficient.”

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U.P.’s holistic approach to the art and science of body transformation has taught Amit a great many life lessons that will stand him in good stead for the future – not least how to get the absolute maximum out of training with his very-limited free time.

“The most important things I learnt were the correct technique for lifting along with the knowledge of the right diet.

“When I started, I couldn’t do a single pull up, now I am able to carry out three sets pretty comfortably. I can now also bench press higher than my body weight!”

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