Working long hours in an office-based job, Vimal found it hard to motivate himself to get active once the day had ended.

He felt sluggish and tired most of the time and at his lowest point, he was barely averaging 1,500 steps a day.

Vimal tried to forget his body hang-ups by spending money on meals out – but with his family history of health problems, it was more important than ever that he took the plunge to get fit.

Joining Ultimate Performance proved to be the push he needed. Since starting his journey, Vimal has shed a remarkable 25kg in 31 weeks.

He is in the best shape of his life physically, but the biggest benefit has been putting fears for his heart health firmly behind him.

  Ultimate Performance

“I did some blood tests before and after my transformation and the results are remarkable. My health was a massive incentive to get fit and healthy and seeing my resting heart rate going from the 80s to the low 50s has been a great personal achievement.

“I am sharper, fitter and able to push more and more in the sports I play.  

“It was a good investment. Your health is your biggest investment, right?”

Longing for a more active lifestyle, while attempting to get through the day on 4-5 hours of sleep, Vimal realised it was time to invest in a life-changing program at Ultimate Performance.

Thanks to training in the past, Vimal had an idea of the kind of process he was up against and decided to tackle it head-on.

“I needed to get healthy. I used to train regularly and had a balanced lifestyle. Then I let myself go and was unhealthy and unfit. Plus, I have a history of heart problems in the family.

“I was averaging around 1,500 steps a day, which was just not enough. I don’t want to live like a robot.

“I used to have very bad sleep habits, 4/5 hours of sleep every night. I was just like a machine that had to keep going.”

From the very beginning of his U.P. transformation, Vimal started to notice significant changes in his mental and physical state. The pounds melted away, allowing him to see true potential in himself and his abilities.

Small meal switch-ups allowed him to sleep better, which allowed him to work harder the following day. Motivated and driven, Vimal couldn’t believe that this was only the start of the journey.

“We lost 8kg (18lbs) in the first 7 weeks.”

With the help of his personal trainer, Vimal soon un-learned many of the unhealthy food habits he had picked up over the years. Trying to not demonise particular food groups was a tough challenge to overcome, but Vimal soon found himself seeing things differently.

“Carbs are not going to kill me. I’ve been enjoying them and being mindful.”

With restrictive, unrealistic diets out of the window, Vimal began to enjoy making food from scratch again.

Tracking his diet allowed him to continue to enjoy meals out with friends and family, balancing his lifestyle equally between work and play.

Regular body fat measurements by his trainer gave Vimal direction and quantifiable goals, pulling him up again when he felt like he was down. With a leaner overall look appearing, along with his muscles growing, Vimal even passed on his new-found knowledge to those around him.

“I’m now averaging 18,000 steps a day.

“Even my mum and dad are now doing 15,000 steps every day.

“Even my dog has lost a kilo!”

With even the family pet reaping the U.P. benefits, the sky was the limit for Vimal.

“I want to do part 2 now already! I want to build on this and keep this leanness. I want to build muscle.”

One of the most notable differences for Vimal was that he stopped having to force himself to exercise, and began doing it habitually.

As the positive habits continued to develop, his commitment to the program grew. Building a strong bond with his trainer highlighted the importance of trusting the process.

Vimal reflected on moments of feeling defeated, falling back into the program for reassurance and a boost. Despite being in awe of his newly toned, sculpted aesthetic, he noticed that one of the most surprising differences had been on his mindset.

“When I was super down, my trainer gave me the right stuff to bring me back up again.

“I’d 100% recommend U.P. I had a great trainer, I was lucky. I don’t think I could have done this myself. I went to my gym this morning and there just wasn’t even half the stuff that U.P. has.

“My PT was definitely the best PT I have ever had. I am not just saying that.”

With energy levels soaring, Vimal finds himself regularly setting new goals and milestones for himself and his PT.

With an expert on hand to guide and coach him, there seems to be no limit to what Vimal can achieve with U.P.



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