Before joining Ultimate Performance, 34-year-old Andy was feeling isolated and aimless. After moving to Dubai alone, his routine had left him dreading leaving his bed, only finding comfort in fast food in the evenings.

After resorting to compression vests to conceal his body and feeling too nervous to leave his hotel room, he realised he had reached his lowest point. Now, Andy has lost 33cm off his waist, along with dropping an incredible 27kg (60 lbs).

But Andy’s toned body isn’t the only noticeable difference – he now feels more confident than ever, with a newly-discovered zest for life.

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“I didn’t enjoy life to the same extent that I do now. I want to go out and do everything.

“I would sit in my hotel room and beat myself up.

“I don’t think I realised how bad my anxiety was five or six months ago. Now, I feel no anxiety whatsoever.”

Looking back on his life before U.P., Andy can’t believe how far he let his mental and physical health slip.

A vicious cycle of feeling too insecure to socialise, comfort-eating and then hating himself for it had a powerful grip over him.

He dreaded having to get out of bed in the morning, feeling horribly uncomfortable in his own skin and convinced that he was being mocked.

“I think my anxiety was having a big effect on my life. I just cut myself off from people to spend time alone. I didn’t want to be in public.

“I’d be sad to wake up before. I’d hate to get up and get dressed and go out. In the evening I’d be excited to get home, close the door and order food.

“I was eating myself into a very uncomfortable situation.”

His physical health was having a negative effect on his mindset, causing him to dread the idea of socialising or being in public.

Terrified of anybody seeing his physique, he resorted to tight compression vests to hold himself in, while seeking solace in greasy foods.

“I’d wear vests under my clothes. I basically had boobs. If it was windy and my shirt blew against my chest, I’d be hunched over.

“I’d wake up with no energy, so I’d think, ‘I’ve got to eat’. I’d have a McDonald’s breakfast and think, immediately after, why did I eat that? But then what would I do to make myself feel better? I’d order a cheesecake.

“If someone walked past me and smiled, I’d think they were laughing at me.”

After realising something had to be done, Andy went in search of a personal trainer to make a real difference.

Despite U.P. being just over the road from Andy’s hotel, his insecurities had convinced him that he would be laughed out of there.

“The hotel I was staying at was 500m away. I couldn’t even pluck up the courage or energy to walk over there to come in.”

Once he had pushed himself to begin the program, Andy instantly realised that there was nothing to be afraid of.

He warmed to the family atmosphere, where clients and trainers spurred each other on to achieve their goals.

“I knew I was massively overweight and unfit, but I knew nobody in the gym was going to judge me for it.

“I had a chat with some other clients and some trainers, and I realised, it’s a family. Everyone looks out for each other.”

Despite its challenges, Andy threw himself into the program, pushing himself to reach the potential he didn’t know he had.

Thanks to constant support from his trainer, he was never left in the dark, realising that dedication and commitment were the only routes to improving his health.

“The trainers are brilliant. They’re on-call 24/7, they’ll answer any question you have.

“My trainer was on holiday, and he was still replying to me.”

Andy’s results have been astounding, for both him and his trainer. The compression vests are now a thing of the past, as are the evenings hiding away and ordering endless Deliveroos.

Brimming with energy, Andy now seizes every day with enthusiasm. His transformation has even improved how he feels at work, along with his productivity levels.

“The compression vests I wore have been cut up and thrown away. I definitely wore them for a good couple of years.

“Nowadays, I don’t even want to sleep, because I want to be out and about. I want to be moving. I can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes now.

“I moved to Dubai for work, but I had no energy to socialise with any of my team. Now, I can connect a lot better with the team. I’m so much more focused.”

Looking back, Andy feels like a totally different person. The skills and knowledge from his trainer can be applied to every aspect of his life, leaving him excited for the future.

Evenings in his hotel room have been replaced with days at the beach with his family and friends, showing off his sculpted body and his gleaming smile.

“In 34 years of my life I’ve never seen my abs. That’s always been a goal of mine. I wouldn’t have got there without U.P.’s help.

“There’s no worry anymore. I can go out, be who I am and not have a care about what someone may think of me, because I’m happy in myself.”



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