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We are also a trusted voice of authority among the world’s media. The extraordinary quality of our transformations is unrivalled in the health and fitness industry, and our clients regularly feature in newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe.

At Ultimate Performance, we also pride ourselves on providing journalists with genuine expertise from the world’s best personal trainers. We welcome media enquiries from journalists, and our elite personal trainers can provide trusted and research-backed comments on a range of health and fitness topics. We can also arrange media interviews with our clients.

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Latest news

‘I dropped from a size L to S at 57 with the help of three carbohydrates’

After becoming a grandmother aged 57, Victoria felt overweight and wanted to take control of her health and fitness. With the help of Ultimate Performance, she dropped 2.5st and feels better than ever.

From dad bod to fit dad

U.P. Manchester client Gareth Roberts-Tighe talks to workingdads.co.uk about how his life has been transformed after he started working with Ultimate Performance.

I lost 100 pounds when I became a dad

Ryan Sobers embarked on a staggering weight loss journey for his family, shedding 47kg, and transforming his life with the help of Ultimate Performance.

Inside Mark Owen’s gruelling six month transformation as he ‘loses 20 years’ – ‘I can’t say it’s been easy’

Take That's Mark Owen looks '20 years younger' after working with Ultimate Performance in Los Angeles.

‘I lost 3.6 stone – my weight loss accelerated once I dialled back on one type of exercise’

By adopting a holistic approach to weight loss, where diet, mindfulness, sleep and diet were all emphasised with the help of Ultimate Performance, Andrew Kelly shed a staggering 3.6 stone.


Broadway actor Chad Doreck shares how working with Ultimate Performance transformed his physique.

Why Everyone in Finance Is Getting Ripped

In this special feature by Bloomberg, U.P. client Eleonora Dani - who works in the finance sector - explains how strength-training should appeal to bankers as the payoff in terms of wellbeing — and ultimately longevity — can be profound.

The muscle miracle: can I build enough in my 60s to make it to 100 – even though I’ve never weight-trained?

Guardian editor Phil Daoust is on a mission to live to 100. As part of his plan, he has embraced the benefits of weight training, and working with Ultimate Performance to improve his strength.

Britain’s weight loss success stories: ‘I shed 2st 11lb in 32 weeks – two foods proved transformational’

Ultimate Performance Kensington client Katarina spoke exclusively with GB News about her weight loss story.

Roger Federer inspired him to halve his body weight: how Indian tech entrepreneur lost 71kg in 2 years

Heartburn felt like a heart attack to obese Indian tech entrepreneur Dhruv Agarwala. With tennis star Roger Federer’s figure as a goal, he turned to Ultimate Performance and, in two years, he went from 152kg to 81kg.

Britain’s weight loss success stories: ‘I lost 5 stone in 31 weeks after eliminating three foods from my diet entirely’

Thirty-one weeks after setting out to shed a digit off his initial 109kg (17 stone) weight, Andrej’s body mass dropped to 75.5kg (11.8 stone), marking a staggering decrease of 35kg (5.5 stone). With the help of his Ultimate Performance trainer, this is how he did it.

How this Aussie school teacher lost nearly 20kg in nine months

Not long ago, Sydney high school teacher Dean Glanville was “the least confident I had ever been in my body." Now, he’s shed 17.8 per cent of his body fat and feels better than ever. He tells Men’s Health how he did it, with the help of Ultimate Performance.