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Personal trainer jobs

If you want to become a world-class personal trainer and build a genuine long-term career in fitness, Ultimate Performance is the perfect fit.

We believe passion trumps experience. We hire on attitude over aptitude. If you are driven, we can mould you into a world-leading professional.

Life at Ultimate Performance

U.P. is more than a job, it’s a calling. You are part of a tight-knit team changing lives every day. No competing for clients. No sales or self-marketing. Just a singular focus on delivering exceptional results for clients.

You never stop learning with 200+ hours of education and mentorship. We equip you with world-class tools and tech to succeed, and give you the chance to travel the globe. You have a clear path to progression in a rewarding career that is unique in the personal training industry.


Benefits built for you

It’s not just incredible career opportunities. You enjoy a range of benefits at Ultimate Performance that no other personal training business can offer.

Why become a junior trainer?

Start a career with no limits

World-class education and mentorship, continual growth and development, worldwide career opportunities, cutting-edge technology and more. Learn more about the unique career opportunities you get as a junior personal trainer at Ultimate Performance.

The application process

We are thrilled you are considering joining the Ultimate Performance team. Our application process helps us assess your cultural fit to ensure you can excel in your role. Learn how to apply and take the first step to a fulfilling career.

If you are not currently a Level 3 qualified personal trainer or you need further certifications, you can gain the qualifications you need with courses provided by our education partners at The Health and Fitness Institute. We will guarantee you an interview at Ultimate Performance once you qualify with THFI. 

Stage 1

Initial interview

You will do an online test, a virtual interview or an initial call, dependent on your location.

Stage 2

Recruitment day

You will lead a personal training session with a fellow candidate in the gym. Next is a one-to-one interview with the Gym Manager.

Stage 3

Case study

You will plan a four-week diet and training program. Next is a virtual interview with the Gym Manager where you share client success stories.

Stage 4

Final interview

You will have a final stage interview with the Regional Manager before consideration for a job offer.

A clear path for progression

We pride ourselves on helping the best and brightest people reach their true potential. We offer opportunities for career progression that are unique in the personal training industry. Read success stories from some of our team…

A world of opportunities

Ultimate Performance owns its own estate of private personal training gyms across four continents.

The opportunities are endless for you to travel the world, experience new cultures and build a rewarding career as we expand globally.


With 10 elite locations across the UK and the EU, explore our private gyms in London, Cheshire, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Amsterdam.

North America

Now five gyms strong in the United States, our industry-leading facilities can be found in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Bethesda.

Middle East

United Arab Emirates’ leading results-focused personal training gyms, located in Dubai DIFC and Marina districts.


Located in the heart of one of Australia’s biggest cities, our Sydney gym can be found near Darling Harbour in the central business district.


Unrivalled personal training excellence in Singapore,  Hong Kong and the city of Mumbai.

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1 job

Personal Trainer - Sydney

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: Australia, Sydney

Hong Kong

1 job

Personal Trainer - Hong Kong

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: Hong Kong, Central


2 jobs

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: Netherlands, The Hague

Personal Trainer - Amsterdam

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam


1 job

Personal Trainer - Singapore

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: Singapore, Singapore

United Arab Emirates

1 job

Personal Trainer - Dubai

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai

United Kingdom

9 jobs

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Kensington

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, London

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Kensington

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, London

Personal Trainer - Cheshire

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Macclesfield

Personal Trainer - Leeds

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Leeds

Personal Trainer - Liverpool

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Liverpool

Personal Trainer - London

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Mayfair

Personal Trainer - Manchester

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United Kingdom, Manchester

United States

4 jobs

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United States, Baltimore

Personal Trainer

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United States, Arlington

Personal Trainer - Los Angeles

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United States, Los Angeles

Personal Trainer - Washington D.C.

Department: Personal Trainer

Location: United States, Washington

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Careers in the gym FAQs

Your frequently asked questions about Ultimate Performance careers are answered in detail here.

What is the salary for the role?

The starting salary varies depending on your location and your starting point. We have two entry-level positions: Junior level 1 and Junior level 2.

Your starting level will depend on your level of experience and the skills you demonstrate through the recruitment process. You will be paid based on sessions delivered at PT-level rate.

There are also additional performance incentives, such as our U.P. promotion and discretionary bonus scheme.

Is there a possibility to earn commission or performance bonuses

We take great stock in loyalty at U.P. The more you give to the business, the more we strive to find ways to give back to you.

U.P. trainers have access to several trainer benefits and incentives. Our global U.P. promotion and discretionary bonus scheme focuses on data metrics, including client results and retention, gym floor performance, referrals, and product sales. It means we can ensure we reward the hardest working trainers.

We also recognise loyalty through our five-year trainer loyalty bonus and offer incentives for referring successful P.T. applicants.

As you progress within the company, there is also the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, such as online and virtual personal training, mentoring, and community content representatives.  

What are the targets within the role?

As a U.P. personal trainer, your main focus will always be your clients and helping them to achieve their goal. Your role will be to learn and apply world-leading methodologies to deliver on our mission statement  – achieving maximum results in minimum time and delivering a significant return on our clients’ investment. Your key targets will include:  

  • Delivering U.P.-standard transformations  
  • Client retention 
  • Providing outstanding client value and service on and off the gym floor 
  • Embodying the U.P. core values 
  • Performing all tasks relating to the role of personal trainer in line with the company processes.  

What are the working hours?

As is the nature of personal training, your working hours are likely to include early mornings, late evenings and some weekends. However, many of our clients also train during daytime hours.

While we expect trainers to average between 25-30 sessions per week, you are in control of your diary and work with us to confirm your availability.

There will be additional time required to support your clients outside of their sessions and complete ongoing professional learning and development through our internal education system.

Are working hours flexible for the trainer to choose when they can work?

As a trainer, we work with you to agree on your diary availability. However, once you have committed to a regular session time with a client, you are expected to maintain all agreed times.

You are also expected to work some late evenings, early mornings and weekends.   

If your circumstances change, this can be discussed with your manager to make the relevant adjustments to your schedule.

Do you accept part-time applicants / have any part-time trainer positions available?

Due to the nature of the role and the intense training and development you undergo in your junior year, it is not possible to start on a part-time basis.

However, as you progress through the company, it is possible to have more flexibility in your working hours.  

How does the Junior Training Program work?

Once you have passed our rigorous recruitment process, we aim to teach you the tools and mindset to achieve results. We do so by investing a huge amount of time and effort into developing our trainers.

We are committed to your success and will support and help develop you into a world-class, results-focused personal trainer.  

As the first step in your U.P. career, you will go through the mentorship program, the platform we use to train and educate you on how to become a world-class personal trainer.

We will teach you using a combination of educational reading material, online tutorials, group discussions and one-to-one meetings. You will learn how to apply U.P. principles and systems developed over the last decade proven to deliver results.  

We want you to settle into life at U.P. as quickly as possible. To ensure you understand the U.P. culture, procedures and performance expectations, you will complete our online induction process, spend scheduled time with the key members of the gym leadership team and go through a U.P. client experience.  

You will also be supported throughout your Junior year by a mentor who has a proven track record in delivering results.

You will attend weekly team meetings and educational development workshops, which are a combination of theory and practical learning. Be prepared to train hard!

Throughout the year, we also hold additional seminars lead by U.P. staff members and guest speakers.  

Am I able to still promote myself as a personal trainer on social media?

If you decide that you would like to maintain a social media presence, we ask our trainers to do so in a way that promotes U.P. brand values and culture. This may include sharing branded images of our selected Client of the Month, recruitment material or promotions.  

Can I work for U.P. and keep my online business?

Providing U.P. standard transformations requires a high level of commitment and focus on your clients. Because online training outside of your role may detract from the exemplary levels of service we expect for our clients, we do not permit trainers to maintain a separate online training business outside of their role with U.P.

Is there any compensation for relocation costs?

Due to the global nature of the business, for trainers starting with U.P., we don’t currently cover relocation expenses. However, we do offer support for internal relocations if the business requires them.  

Can you provide visa sponsorship?

In Dubai, we offer support for the visa application process. 

Do I have to be a qualified personal trainer to apply?

You will be responsible for obtaining your personal training certification and maintaining your qualifications where relevant. You may also be required to maintain up-to-date personal trainer insurance and first aid qualifications specific to your location.

Can I apply to multiple locations?

Our recruitment processes across the globe are very similar. To avoid duplication of this process, we recommend you please apply to just your preferred gym.

If you are interested in multiple locations, then please notify the Recruitment team when they first contact you regarding your application.

The U.P. Recruitment team will then consult with you throughout your recruitment process regarding the other gym locations you are also interested in.