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About The Good Prep

Our partners at The Good Prep provide high-performance, healthy meal prep for some of the UK’s top sportspeople, professional football clubs and British Olympic cycling and gymnastics teams.
They understand the ethos of excellence needed to deliver the results we are known for at Ultimate Performance.

The Good Prep philosophy is “good food makes life better.” Meals bursting with flavour and creative flair that tick all the right macronutrient boxes have been created in collaboration with our leading personal trainers.
There’s a whole world of results-focused food beyond chicken and broccoli you’re going to love exploring with The Good Prep.

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Who can I contact about my meal prep service query?

If you have any questions about your meal prep service or issues with your order, you can contact the friendly team at The Good Prep on [email protected]

Can I get home delivery?

The good news is the cost of home delivery is built into all healthy meal plans. The Good Prep meal prep service delivers meals directly from the kitchen to your requested address.

How do the deliveries work?

The Good Prep only deliver the freshest, most nutrient-rich food.

Meal prep delivery is made twice a week by couriers. Your meals come in freezer packs and insulated wool sheets to ensure ultimate freshness.

Delivery 1 arrives on a Sunday and contains meals for Monday to Wednesday.

Delivery 2 arrives on a Wednesday with meals for Thursday and Friday.

You can specify different delivery addresses for each meal prep delivery if you require.

If you have ordered a 2 Day Taster, this will be delivered on a Sunday.

Please note: Very occasionally, The Good Prep may substitute a meal if there is a production issue. If you are unhappy with the meal substitute choice, please contact The Good Prep team and this will be resolved.

Can I change my delivery address?

Your meal prep delivery address can be changed. You will need to give three working days’ notice, so this is updated on the system to ensure your delivery labels are correct.

You can also leave delivery instructions for the driver in the Notes box when you checkout.

The Good Prep are regretfully not responsible for drivers not following delivery instructions. However, the company always endeavours to ensure your parcel is delivered to a safe place when requested.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Your meal prep delivery will arrive between 9am – 6pm, and a text/email notification will be sent on the morning of delivery to provide a specific 1-hour timeslot.

Can I change part of my meal?

Unfortunately, The Good Prep cannot amend recipes based on individual requirements. However, this is something that the team are working on in the future to improve your meal prep service.

Can I make changes to my meal choices on my multiple-week plan?

You can change your menu choices on your healthy meal plan. Contact The Good Prep directly before 9pm on Wednesday to update your order for the following week.

I have a food allergy or intolerance; what should I do?

The Good Prep takes food allergies very seriously. If you have an allergy or intolerance, please contact The Good Prep directly to discuss in detail before placing an order.

Meals can sometimes be tweaked to avoid certain allergens or ingredients.

However, The Good Prep’s production team and suppliers handle a wide range of ingredients, so they cannot guarantee that no traces of allergens may be present.

The Good Prep cannot guarantee that there will no traces of any of the 14 allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency in any of the meals.

Do The Good Prep have an animal welfare policy?

The Good Prep’s ethos is built on using high quality, fresh ingredients to give you the ultimate healthy meal prep

Animal welfare is important to The Good Prep team, so every supplier the company uses is vetted to ensure the highest possible food and welfare standards.

The protein sources used in all meals are higher welfare, such as grass-fed beef and marine-fed salmon (RSPCA-certified).

Fish and seafood used in all meals can be traced directly to source, and comes with species and catch area information.

The Good Prep adopts the Better Chicken Commitment to ensure 100% of all chicken used across the UK supply chain will meet all standards by 2026 at the latest.

Are the meals halal?

All meals created by The Good Prep are halal, with the exception of Chorizo Egg Muffins & Patatas Bravas which are prepared separately. You can contact The Good Prep directly for more details.