Not even the Covid-19 lockdown could stop new mum Lola from achieving her body transformation goals at Ultimate Performance Mayfair.

Six months after her second child came into the world, Lola was ready to focus some time on rebuilding her health and fitness.

She wanted to slim down and needed expert help to overcome the diastasis recti from her pregnancy and feel able to exercise safely again – but she was worried how she might juggle caring for two young children while following a personal training programme.

Luckily a friend who had experienced the Ultimate Performance magic first-hand persuaded her to give it a go – and her results have been life-changing.

“I’m now over 33 pounds lighter and feel so much healthier. The amazing thing is I’m not even done yet and feel confident I can sustain it with all the knowledge my trainer has imparted.”

“It has been a massive confidence boost as well. Putting the work in and seeing the results – I can’t express how proud I feel of myself. And it helped my mental health as well; those 3 hours a week were my escape; my time to focus on myself and my goals.”

Lola came to U.P. carrying the weight of her two pregnancies and some related medical issues.

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She weighed close to 70kg and had a body fat percentage of 30%. She also had pregnancy-related problems with her pelvic floor and also ab separation, which called for special care and attention while training.

But 16 weeks later and Lola feels like a new woman – losing 15kg of fat, rebuilding her strength and fitness, and regaining her confidence in the gym.

Even when the Covid-19 pandemic shuttered the U.P. Mayfair gym, Lola and her trainer were able to continue progress towards her goals online.

“I made a deal with my husband, Ben, that after our second child, I would do this body transformation thing. So I knew I would do it at some point in time. And this year when my second child was six months old, I finally signed up.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the process. I wasn’t sure if my trainer would understand my needs. It was the fear of the unknown.

“But right from the start, he said three things – ‘you just need to keep doing your training, stick to your U.P. diet and do the 10,000 steps.’ He made it simple. And that really helped because I had so many things going on in my life that adding a body transformation process to it felt like a lot. When he distilled it down to three things, it felt more doable.”


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Lola was worried about whether it would be safe to train so soon after her pregnancy, especially with her abdominal wall still separated from childbirth.

But with expert care and attention from her trainer, she was actually able to train safely and actually heal quicker than she had anticipated.

“One of the things I feared was that coming to up post-pregnancy my body had changed quite a lot.

“My fear was whether the trainers knew enough about an issue like diastasis recti – which is the separation of the abdomen – to support me. Because if you do the wrong exercises you can make it worse; so it’s really important to work with someone who knows the right exercises to push it back together.

“When I started at U.P., my gap was at 4cm, which is quite substantial, and within two weeks it had already closed by 1cm!”


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Lola’s journey back to fitness with two small children was not without its challenges, but when the country-wide lockdown came into force, it made things even trickier.

But after the effort and progress of her first seven weeks, Lola refused to slide back and pushed on through the rest of the programme towards her goals.

She credits the incredible flexibility and support of her trainer for making her body transformation goals become a reality.

“I am the main cook in my house. So cooking my meals, toddler meals and my husband’s meals and catering for a baby that was just weaning was horrendous. But the encouragement from my trainer made me stay focused.

“When the lockdown happened, I was devasted. I thought that was the end of my transformation. I had lost a lot of weight, but it wasn’t a body transformation. But U.P. pivoted quickly and started sending emails about how trainers would be supporting the clients in that period. So my trainer gave me exercises I could do without him and each day was structured with a set of activities and goals that I was supposed to complete. We had some Zoom sessions as well, and all through it, I still saw results and was building muscle!”

“It really felt like my trainer was focused on my needs and was almost like my personal cheerleader. It wasn’t just the exercise – there were emotional support and a nutrition plan as well. That was something I never had before.”


 Lolao-30s-16wk-pt-may-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Even before joining U.P., Lola had high expectations and was ready to be impressed. But U.P. managed to exceed expectations in areas where she least expected.

“Physically, my biggest change is in my chest area. It has changed massively. I have pecs! I have never had pecs in my life. I feel now I look a lot like what I did in my 20s. Everyone in my life has noticed the changes. People can see the difference even on video calls!

“A body transformation is quite a journey, and the level of emotional support and tailoring they provided to anticipate my needs has absolutely exceeded my expectations. If you are thinking of joining U.P., all I can say is just do it!

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