Dan always thought he was reasonably fit and active – but the number on the scales told him otherwise.

His weight had tipped the 111kg (245lbs) mark and he was living with low energy, stress and high blood pressure levels.

Trying a string of exercise programs and fad diets never really moved the needle – so he turned to Ultimate Performance for professional guidance and a trusted partner to get in shape.

With a goal of getting fitter for his young family, 35-year-old father Dan is now worlds apart from where he was – lighter, healthier and on top of his game, both at work and in his family life.

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“I lost around about 34kg (75lbs) or 35kg (77lbs). On my wedding day, I was around 111kg (245lbs) and on the photoshoot, I was 76kg (168lbs).
“It was quite a dramatic physical change which I am quite proud of.   
“Mentally, it’s the energy level, the ability to cope with stress and refocus – and on top of that comes confidence because you are in control of what you are doing on a day-to-day basis.  
“I don’t think I will ever go back to where I was because I have just been re-taught how to eat and train.”  

Before starting his U.P. transformation, Dan never really had the knowledge or guidance to know how to control his spiralling weight.

Although he felt he was active, he wasn’t, resulting in serious health complications and dipping his energy levels in his professional and personal life.

“My lifestyle habits were quite active. I thought I was doing the right things, but I wasn’t.   
“At one point I was 111kg (245lbs), and I thought I was active and absolutely fine, but I wasn’t and that resulted in high blood pressure and low energy levels, I wasn’t in control of my diet and my body.   
“My previous lifestyle habits were pretty poor in hindsight and I didn’t have an appreciation for how bad they were.”

“In the past, I’ve gone to gyms and always weight trained and done cycling but never taken it to another level.

“I think the weight loss helps to cycle, but weight loss whilst being able to lift quite heavy weights shows that you can have huge power outputs as well with the background work behind the nutrition being done so you can get the best results.”  

With no improvement whatsoever, Dan joined U.P. to become fitter for his children and get back control of his life.

With a strong motivation to pull him through the challenging times, results came quicker than he imagined.

“Joining U.P. was to be fitter for my kids, and also to have increased levels of energy.”

“I was struggling with very low energy and high stress, so my goal was to always try and find more of that so I could get through daily life.”  
“I started to see results in the second week. A lot of the inflammation came off the body and I was putting good things into the body, so I had more energy levels and that was the first time I saw real body changes in terms of body fat loss or toning up and then increased energy levels.”  

With the right guidance and nutrition Dan’s hard work finally paid off and he came down to a healthy, fit and lean bodyweight of 76kg and around 7% body fat – regaining health, fitness and confidence in the process.

He has felt the impact of his transformation in every aspect of his life.

“I always expect quite a lot from myself. So, you have to work with a glass completely full.   
“So, by doing everything I am doing with my training and nutrition, I can work harder, I can be with the kids more, I can run around with the kids and I can still get up at early hours or late hours and carry on working, which I quite enjoy as well.   
“I have more time with my family and more time with my wife who loves running, so it’s a no-brainer not to invest in something like that.”  

At U.P., Dan found what he felt was completely missing at other gyms – the right education, techniques, personal interaction, and close monitoring by the trainer.

U.P.’s training has helped him transform holistically, believe in himself, and pass it on to others to set an example that change is possible if done the right way.

The positive benefits continue to pay dividends in his life, so Dan feels like it is money well spent.

“I think it would be silly not to invest in something like this. There’s a loss in people’s knowledge of how to eat properly, train properly, and how to mix all those things.   
“People would invest in an education course or management course which would cost thousands. This is almost the same principle – you are being re-educated.   
“Once you are re-educated, the goals and changes are endless. It’s 100% a return on investment – and some! It’s been worth every second and minute.”  

Now Dan feels like he is set up for life with the tools and knowledge to stay in shape, maintain his diet and keep on improving.

“I’ve always felt like I have dieted and trained in the past, but never really understood it or taken it to another level.   
“U.P. enabled me to do that and I understand much more of nutrition training and energy levels and how to recover as well.  
“It feels amazing once you go through that process because you are completely in control of your diet and you can get stronger and you can still run around after kids or take up a new sport because you’ve got those energy levels.   
“You have a new level of discipline, a new level of confidence, and that comes out when you go out and see people – that’s only a good thing.”  



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