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What makes us so deeply invested in your goals?

An expert team invested in your success

As a client, you don’t just get a trainer, you get a team. Every person you encounter here cares about you achieving a positive outcome and ensuring your return on investment of time and money is repaid many times over.

This is easy to claim, but harder to execute. It takes years of creating the right culture and accountability systems ranging from how we hire and fire, who we reward, promote, and incentivise, and how much we can show we are a partner to our staff and clients alike.

When you meet our team, understand that they are not selected merely for their skills, but also for their attitude and how personally they take your progress and act as your trusted advisor. Every single member of this team, not just your assigned trainer, is rewarded if they can collectively demonstrate that you, our client, has derived the full benefit from your experience here.

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Shaping your goals with science

We take the time to understand your ‘why’ and the goals you want to achieve through our in-depth consultation process. We look at your sleep, diet, exercise, stress levels and over 50 other different data points to discover what makes you tick to help shape your goals. With a defined vision of what you want to accomplish, we can tailor the perfect results-focused program for you, and set out a clear roadmap to get there.

Achieve truly transformative results

Your goal is unique, so the results you achieve will be unique too. We find that our clients have three core goals – they want to lose fat, build a more muscular and ‘toned’ body, or improve their health. But our proven methods deliver you measurable body transformation results that achieve all three of these outcomes at once.

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What our clients say about us

Thousands of clients have entrusted us with their health over the years and achieved life-changing results. See what our clients say about their time at Ultimate Performance in their own words…

What’s stopping you?

It is natural to think ‘Will this really work for me?’. Our track record with clients of all ages and abilities proves that if you work hard and commit, you will achieve remarkable results too. And achieving incredible results requires, on average, just 2.7 hours of gym time with us per week. But if you are still unsure, here are some of the biggest self-imposed barriers our successful clients overcame to start their journey with us.

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Everything you need to succeed

Everything is in place for you to succeed with us at Ultimate Performance. We have built an entire ecosystem of world-class personal trainers, elite training equipment, private gym facilities, accountability systems, and game-changing progress-tracking technology designed to deliver results. It is more than just working with a personal trainer. You have a global team of experts behind you every step of the way who are invested in your goals and committed to your success.  All of this gives means that if you are ready and willing to trust the process, work hard and commit to your program, you will achieve results – regardless of your age, experience or starting point.

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A blueprint built around you

We know that every client is unique. But we also know that every client, regardless of age or ability, can achieve life-changing results. Our scientific approach to personal training means we can take our clients’ unique goals, motivations and challenges and tailor our tried-and-tested methods to them. So where most plans will fail when progress stalls, our team’s world-class expertise, data-driven approach and deep understanding of you as an individual allows us to continually adapt your program to ensure you achieve your goal. Coupled with round-the-clock support, systems of accountability and progress tracking, you cannot fail to achieve results if you simply follow the process.

Explore more of Ultimate Performance

Our expertise in the science of body transformation and results-focused personal training extends way beyond the doors of our private gyms. We help clients improve their health and enhance their results with a range of products and services, including meal preparation, premium nutritional supplements, books and Ultimate Performance App technology.

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Meal Prep

Our meal preparation partners provide delicious, macronutrient-calculated meals designed to support your transformation goals.

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Our premium supplements are backed by science, proven with clients, and designed to enhance your health, performance and results.

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Online training

Our online training options give you the results-driven Ultimate Performance experience whatever your budget or location globally.

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Our range of books bring together world-leading expertise on personal training, nutrition and body transformation from our CEO Nick Mitchell.

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