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My friends are amazed at how well I look, how cheerful I am and how much more confidence I have. Ultimate Performance has been a lifesaver. 

Sybil felt like her best years might have been behind her.

Her arthritis was causing her all kinds of pain and her blood pressure and cholesterol were both worrisome.

And with her husband in and out of hospital, Sybil decided she needed to prioritise her wellbeing to give her a new focus.

She found exactly that when she was stuck in a traffic jam on Kensington High Street, where a billboard with some of U.P’s remarkable transformation results caught her eye.

What started as a 12-week foray into fitness turned into six months of transformation, during which time she lost 8kg and dropped three dress sizes.

  Sybilk-60s-25wk-pt-hsk-front-900 | Ultimate Performance“I’ve had to clear out my clothes closet, and had the great pleasure of buying a new, more fun looking wardrobe.”

“My friends are amazed at how well I look, how cheerful I am, and how much more energy and confidence I have.

Ultimate Performance has been a lifesaver – I feel like a fountain of youth.” 

For years, Sybil had believed that her body shape and health were limited by her genetics.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Training with weights has helped shape her figure more profoundly than two decades’ worth of yoga.

“My motivation for signing up with U.P. was simply to get a better looking body. I am 68, so I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I thought ‘if not now, then when?’

“After week five, I began to see a curve in my arm for the first time in my life.

“Even when I was young and skinny, I never had any arm definition. I knew then that when I reached the end of my course, I was going to sign up for more.

“I had thought my mother’s shapeless upper arms were inherited. 

“I’ve done yoga for 20 years and never had any definition no matter how many Downward Dogs and Sun Salutation I did. And at my age, I truly wondered if I was too old to change shape. No more!”

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Sybil might have joined on a whim, but she really doubled down when her physical changes started snowballing after the initial weeks.

She had joined hoping to get a better body but got much more than she bargained for.

“At the time, my elderly husband was not well and was in and out of the hospital with accompanying mood swings and ever-increasing needs.

My time in the gym was the best escape for my own mental and physical wellbeing; I always leave completely physically spent and at the same time, euphoric and walking on air.

“My program was integral to my ability to cope with the rollercoaster of life I was living.

“That was probably the most important side effect for me and added to my motivation.

“Add to that the weight loss, muscle definition, strength, stamina, mood stabiliser, better nutrition, shape and general friendliness, and camaraderie in the gym also kept my motivation high.”

Sybil really felt the impact that eating well and training with weights had on her own health – particularly the huge improvements in her arthritis, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

“Some side effects I did not expect were the kind you don’t see.

“I suffered from arthritis from my hip and my knee so badly that sometimes I could barely turn over in my bed at night.

“Halfway through my program, one day I noticed I didn’t have hip and knee pain anymore, I could spin around in the bed and not feel any pain.

“My blood pressure and cholesterol counts came down to the point where I have been able to dispense with my former medications!

“And I was not overweight, to begin with, nor do I smoke or drink more than a glass or two per week.

“My doctors had told me that it was hereditary in my case. Well, I guess you can overcome your DNA heritage!”

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The U.P. transformation cost her fortune in a new wardrobe, but Sybil is not complaining.

She credits U.P. and her trainer for her super-fit body and for helping her through a difficult time.

“I felt extremely comfortable and confident with my trainer, whose breadth and depth of knowledge never ceased to impress me, be it exercise, nutrition, or the mind-body connection.

“His support was a huge part of my success. I felt it was crucial to have somebody urging you on, somebody who is on your side, somebody who wants you to be the best you can be.

“I would recommend Ultimate Performance to anyone, at any age. Everyone will see the benefits.”

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