Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers London

Welcome to Ultimate Performance London, the home to the world’s leading and only global personal trainers, setting the standard for personal training in London, and across the globe.

Our ‘maximum results in minimum time.’ maxim has helped thousands of clients across our London gyms achieve life changing transformations in incredibly short periods of time. If you are looking to transform your mind, body and health, then you need look no further.

Our personal trainers in London

Since our founder Nick Mitchell opened our first gym in London City back in 2009 we have forged a reputation worldwide as the most effective body transformation experts ever since. You can now train with U.P. across any of our seven elite personal training gyms in London City, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, Canary Wharf, Paddington and St Paul’s. to gain ‘maximum results in minimum time.’

Each and every Ultimate Performance training facility is home to world-class personal trainers, and a culture that sets us apart from the competition. We will stop at nothing to deliver you a life-changing result and a tangible return on your investment.

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About our London personal trainers

Step foot into Ultimate Performance London City, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, Canary Wharf, Paddington or St Paul’s and your whole perception of personal training will change.

When you join a U.P. gym in London, you are buying into a results driven culture which is deeply invested in helping every single client who walks through our doors achieve a transformation beyond even their wildest expectations.

Our accountability systems, world class training and nutrition programs built on science and data, and the sheer determination every single person under our roof has to deliver you a result, means you simply can’t fail…so long as you are willing to put in the work.


Our model

Unlike any gym you have experienced before, we do not offer memberships at Ultimate Performance London – we are a private personal training-only gym. 

Radically different from any personal trainers you have ever worked with before, our goal is not to retain you as a client for as long as possible – our singular focus is delivering you ‘maximum results in minimum time’. 

This unique model means that over the set time you work with us, we will help you achieve the absolute maximum results possible and give you a measurable return on the investment that your time and money deserve. 

Our trainers

Our personal training team at Ultimate Performance London is forged from the elite of the elite across the globe. We remain the best because we hire the best – only 1 in every 100 applicants makes the cut for a career with us.

The results-driven approach we have developed runs contrary to 99.9% of the personal training industry – our trainers’ success is measured and incentivised solely on the quality of their results and the value they deliver to the client – not on the number of sales they make.

Our dedicated trainers are your partner every step of the way, inside and outside the gym, guiding, supporting and educating to help you accomplish your goals.

Ultimate Performance London gyms are private and by appointment only, so you never have to queue for equipment, you are guaranteed privacy, and you can feel free and unfettered to train hard and achieve your goals.

Our methodology

Our personal training methods have been refined over the past decade with tens of thousands of clients to ensure the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of training to achieve the best results possible.  

We understand that every client is unique. So, every one of our personal training programs is unique too – tailored to each individual client’s goals, needs and abilities to ensure we deliver maximum results and return on investment.  

Our methods and results are not based on the quick-fix mentality of the wider fitness industry. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools and real-world information you need to maintain optimal and sustainable health for life. 

Our results

We take your results personally. Everything we do, inside and outside the gym, is focused on giving you the best outcomes possible. In fact, the average transformation at Ultimate Performance London requires just 2.7 hours per week of gym time to achieve the kind of results we are renowned for.  

We leave no stone unturned from helping you with sleep strategies and stress management, to smart supplementation and nutrition, and bespoke training and diet plans constantly tweaked to elicit the best possible results.  

We understand that ‘results’ are more than just skin deep. Our scientific approach to body transformation means we track and measure every metric possible – from body fat and blood pressure to sleep and mood – so you can see quantifiable improvements before your eyes.  

Take a look at some of the life-changing transformations achieved by our clients across the globe.

Maximum results, minimum time

We live and die by our results. No personal trainers in London, or indeed on the planet can demonstrate the depth and consistency of transformations with thousands of clients that we can. Such is the exceptional standard of our results that people often don’t believe they are possible.

Promises are easy to make, but for anyone who is prepared to work hard and follow our guidance to the letter, then these life-changing transformation results can be yours. Here are just some of the incredible results achieved by our clients across all our London personal training gyms.

The best investment you can make for your health

Ultimate Performance is the best place to invest in your lifelong health and achieve incredible body transformation results. Here are just some of the reasons to partner with our London personal trainers on your journey.


How much does a personal trainer cost in London?

The cost of a one-to-one personal training package at our London gyms varies depending on your location, the time of day you would like to train, session frequency, and your total package length.

As a result, each training package is designed bespoke for each client. However, we reward loyalty by offering a discount on large packages.

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

If you want to invest in your lifelong health and fitness, getting a personal trainer is invaluable.  

Just as you would hire a lawyer or architect, a personal training professional is there as a trusted advisor for your health and fitness, giving you the expertise and guidance needed to get results.  

Ultimate Performance offers the best-in-class of personal training in London and in the world.  

Working with our world-class team will help you train safely and effectively, master the principles of nutrition, keep you accountable to your goals, and learn the tools and skills needed to maintain lifelong health that may take years to learn on your own.  

How do I find the right personal trainer in London?

Finding the right personal trainer in London isn’t easy. There are no universal standards that mark out a good personal trainer from a bad one in the fitness industry, generally.   

So, you should look for a personal trainer with a strong track record of results with the kinds of clients that are similar to you or match your goals.   

The right personal trainer will focus on your goals and build a program that fits your lifestyle, abilities, needs and aims – not the other way around.   

The best personal trainers work with you in partnership. They are not just there to be a friend, count reps, or push their own goals onto you.   

Ultimately, the right personal trainer for you is someone who helps you set relevant and achievable goals and gives you the accountability and structure to accomplish them. 

What makes Ultimate Performance London personal trainers different?

Ultimate Performance is radically different to any gym or personal trainers you have experienced before.   

We are not just the best gym in London – we are the best personal trainers on the planet.   

What we have created is a proven model that gives clients a framework to achieve the results they want – no matter what their starting point, ability or goal.   

We have a proven track record working with over 20,000 body transformation clients across the globe since 2018 alone.   

Our model is built on science and driven by data to give clients measurable outcomes on metrics across the board, from body fat and BMI to improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.   

Our training methods have been refined over the past decade to be the most efficient and effective way of getting in shape possible.   

Our London gyms are different to anything else in the city. We do not offer memberships.  

As a private, personal training-only gym, our model is built on working with clients for a set period and delivering the maximum results possible in that time.   

Our trainers are selected from the most gifted and driven candidates from across the globe, with only 1 in every 100 applicants making the cut for a personal training career with us.   

Your dedicated trainer is with you as a trusted advisor and professional partner around the clock – not just for your hour in the gym.   

Your trainer manages every aspect of your transformation journey, training and nutrition while keeping you motivated and accountable to your goal.   

Our results-driven model runs contrary to 99.9% of the personal training industry. Our trainers’ successes and career progression are measured and incentivised solely on the quality of results they produce. And on the value and return on investment they demonstrably give to their clients.

Health and Wellbeing in London

Our London-based personal trainers are highly experienced in helping clients of all ages, abilities, and needs to accomplish their health and fitness goals, including weight loss, improving diet, training for fitness, and overall health improvement.


Obesity is a growing problem In London, with 55% of Londoners now overweight or obese. Long-term, if obesity is left unaddressed, it can lead to conditions including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

So it’s important to address obesity by losing weight, which involves building healthier eating habits, starting a regular exercise routine, leading a more active lifestyle and improving your sleep and stress management.

Something as simple as making use of London’s parks and green spaces, like Regent’s Park. Richmond Park, or Hampstead Heath, to walk more will increase your daily activity levels, which can speed up weight loss.

Our personal trainers in London are here to guide you through this journey and bring these elements together into a cohesive and goal-focused plan.

With our expertise, we create a personalised exercise and nutrition plan to reduce your BMI and body fat, and hold you accountable to it.

This includes:

  • Valuable expertise in finding the right diet for you that incorporates the right numbers of calories and the best balance of macronutrients to bring your weight down sustainably.
  • Insights into how to eliminate hunger by choosing foods that manage your hunger, and how to ease sugar cravings that can derail your progress.
  • Strategies to meal plan effectively to save you time, and how to build better habits around portion control whether you’re eating at home or out at a restaurant.
  • Ways of incorporating more activity into your routine to increase energy expenditure and speed up fat loss. Whether that’s structured exercise or getting off the London Underground a few stops early on your commute.
  • Help building long-term habits such as food tracking, weight management, goal setting to ensure you can maintain your results long into the future.
Weight loss

Almost 60% of people living in London have tried to lose weight in the past year, according to a study by Mintel.

Whether your goal is to lose weight for health reasons, or burn fat to enhance your body composition and the way your physique looks, the process is the same:

Essentially, you need to eat less and move more so you create the consistent calorie deficit required to lose fat.

There are many ways to achieve this objective, but it’s important to approach weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way.

Crash diets, quick fixes, and extreme training programs may offer temporary results, but will often be unsustainable and lead to a weight gain ‘rebound’.

In our private London gyms, our team work closely with you to understand your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise history, health status and over 150 different factors to create the best weight loss plan to you.

Our London personal trainers understand the needs, challenges, and barriers to weight loss for people living and working in London, whether you work long hours in The City or travel regularly for work.

Our team will:

  • Educate you on the principles of effective weight loss, such as creating a calorie deficit through your diet and food choices, or exercise regime and activity levels.
  • Help you build the right habits so you can lose weight consistently week after week – including food diaries, progress metric tracking, achieving step targets, and learn the most effective ways to lose weight and change your body through strength training, modified strongman training, and cardiovascular training protocols.
  • Help with sleep strategies and stress management that will enable you to recover faster and manage your appetite and stress response better.
  • Track your body fat levels week to week to ensure you’re progressing consistently and losing fat.
  • Ensure you stay accountable to your weight loss goal when you’re away from the gym with regular check-ins, progress tracking and round-the-clock support.
Diet and nutrition

Diet is simple in theory, but hard to implement in practice for many people.

Especially living in London with its world-renowned restaurant scene, bustling street food offerings, 24-hour takeaway delivery services, and after-work drinking culture in pubs and bars.

What makes it more difficult is the plethora of conflicting information on the internet about the ‘best diet’ to follow.

The truth that our body transformation trainers in our London gyms will tell you is this: there is no ‘perfect diet’. But there is the ‘perfect diet’ for you.

It’s the one you can stick to that fits your lifestyle best – and our trainers take the time to help you discover the best approach for you.

Our principles are simple: ‘Eat from the land’. This means reshaping your eating around foods that can be picked, plucked, or pulled from the earth. Lean meats, dairy, vegetables, healthy fats, and natural sources of carbs.

Our trainers help you discover this and show you the most effective way to eat for you, and your goals.

We will:

  • Take the time to understand your diet history, your food preferences, your lifestyle and many other factors that go into shaping the right nutrition plan for you.
  • Create a structured and easy-to-follow diet plan with meals and recipes to follow that are tailored to you.
  • Teach you the fundamental principles that work for all people, that can be applied to any style of diet, from keto and low-carb, to vegan, vegetarian and everything in between.
    Help you create shopping lists and understand how to plan out your meals each week to save you time and money.
  • Show you how to use food diaries and digital tracking through our app so you can understand what you are eating.
  • Track your progress week to week to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your diet is working as effectively as possible for the results you want.
Exercise and Training

Londoners are actually the most likely to exercise (38%) compared to all other regions in the UK, according to YouGov data.

Whether it’s hiking, cycling, sport, or gym training, exercise is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, good cardiovascular health, and effective weight maintenance.
As private fitness trainers in London, we would always advise you to try and build up a regular exercise habit. Something that you enjoy will be something you’re most likely to stick to and see the benefits of

The easiest, cheapest and most accessible way for most people to get more exercise is simply to get out and walk.

Walking and other daily activities that increase your step count are key drivers of weight loss. They are a central factor in effective weight management that we teach all clients in our gyms in Paddington, Chelsea, Mayfair, St Paul’s, Kensington and Canary Wharf.

Setting a daily step count of 10,000 steps can give you a goal to tick off every day.

Walking, running, cycling, and sports are all great ways to increase your daily energy expenditure, which can support weight loss. These can be done on your own, with friends, or as part of the hundreds of local groups and clubs around London.

Weight training offers a multitude of specific benefits that set it apart from these kinds of cardio-focused activities, including improving strength, metabolism, mobility, joint health, bone density, and body composition.

That’s why we prioritise strength training as part of our personal training services in London.

As the best personal trainers in London, we:

  • Give you access to our private personal training gyms in London and assign you a dedicated personal trainer to manage your training, diet, and whole transformation journey.
  • Create a bespoke training plan for you that factors in your ability, experience, age, training history, past injuries, health status and more.
  • Help you set SMART goals that give you a clear path to the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Train you one-to-one in our world-class gyms with as little as 3 hours to ensure you have the guidance and expertise to get the maximum benefit from every workout.
  • Track your workout performance, body composition, and other health metrics so you can see progress and results every session.
  • Give you accountability and support not just in the gym, but around the clock, to ensure you hit the goals you set.
  • Help adapt and progress your training and nutrition program to keep you progressing and achieving the best results possible.
Improving Health

London is actually the healthiest region in the United Kingdom, according to healthcare provider Simply Health, and life expectancy is above the national average at 80 for men and 84 for women.

However, ‘health span’ – the proportion of life you can expect to spend in good health free of long-term disease or disability – is around 77% for women and 79% for men in the city, and can be improved with lifestyle factors.

As expert fitness trainers in London, we always tell our clients this: good health doesn’t come down to one single thing.

There’s no ‘magic’ pill or single ‘secret’ to good health.

Rather, it comes from a collection of positive behaviours and habits in the way you live your life that compound over the long term.

The most obvious of these are a consistent exercise routine, regular daily activity, and a diet rich in nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods.

Avoiding smoking, excess alcohol, and drugs are high on the list of factors that can influence health.

But factors like good quality consistent sleep, effective stress management, and regular social interaction also support good lifelong physical and mental wellbeing.

Our personal trainers in London are well-versed in the unique challenges that come with city living, and they have the knowledge and experience to help you overcome them.

Our training team help you:

  • Find personalised strategies to improve your sleep quality to improve everything from mood and cognition, to weight loss and appetite control.
  • Build good stress management habits into your lifestyle, which can support good sleep quality and better diet adherence.
  • Learn the fundamentals of weight loss and help you build the habits and behaviours to maintain it long term for better health.
  • Teach you the best way to eat for your body and your goals that support good lifelong health.
  • Understand how to weight train effectively for weight loss that improve markers of health, such as reducing blood pressure, inflammatory markers, and body fat levels.
  • Monitor health markers like body fat levels, weight, and blood pressure to show you measurable improvements in your health.
    Track more subjective ‘wellbeing’ measures such as stress, energy, hunger, and sleep quality through your UP Transform app.
  • Give you personalised supplement guidance and recommendations to support your nutrition plan.

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