Roy was in his mid-fifties and he wanted to live a long and healthy life for his partner, his children and his grandchildren. 
But his health and fitness had slipped a long way since his days playing five-a-side football at Wembley.  

He found himself suffering from arthritis, unable to walk more than 10 minutes and weighing over 120kg (264lbs)– the spectre of diabetes and heart disease loomed ever larger.   

Roy knew things had to change – so together with his partner Julie, they embarked on a transformation journey with Ultimate Performance trying weight training for the first time in their lives.  

Now, they have turned their health around, radically reshaped their bodies and lost a combined total of 56kg (123lbs) together.  

Around 40kg (88lbs) lighter himself, Roy is even back playing football again with his former teammates and incredible giving his family the run-around on and off the pitch.  

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“My quality of life has changed. It’s amazing. I am a new person. I am 5 stones lighter (32kg – at the time of the interview) and doing things I couldn’t do before.   

“If you stay on the program and listen to the trainers, then results are there to see. I saw the results before I started and I thought they were impossible – I thought ‘let me see if it’s all crap like all these other gyms you go to.’  

“My investment was not about the money. It’s your health. You can’t pay for that. Whatever you’re spending, if they can get you results, it’s worth that 100 times over. “

“For the investment, it’s been fantastic.”  

Before he came to U.P., Roy’s health and fitness were not in a good place.

As a younger man, Roy had been a top five-a-side footballer and had even appeared at Wembley Stadium.

But arthritis in his foot had seriously hampered his mobility to the point where he could barely manage a short walk, let alone play the beautiful game.

“My mobility was very poor – it was like a 2 out of 10. I had arthritis in my ankle and about five years ago doctors said I had to lose weight to reduce the pain on my ankle.   

“I couldn’t walk more than 10 or 15 minutes without my ankle seizing up. It was really, really poor.   

“It was that bad, I put in for an operation on my ankle to get it pinned last year before I joined UP.   
Six months down the line I’ve lost that much weight that the doctor said I don’t need an operation!”

Roy’s diet wasn’t doing him any favours either. He never drank alcohol or smoked, but lots of fatty foods and takeaways meant his weight crept up.

In the past, he would have used running training to burn off the extra calories, but his ankle and lack of mobility only compounded the weight gain.

“My diet was absolutely shocking and poor. I have never in all my life been on a calorie count. I’ve never looked after my diet of what I can eat or what I can’t eat.   

“I thought I could always run and train and do other things and my diet is okay.   

“I would always have fatty foods and like four or five takeaways a week – and trained – so my heart rate was always good, but my body fat was all over the place.  

“I always thought I knew how to train because I been a football coach and I have trained with kids. I have always been healthy, but I have let myself go these last 10 or 15 years.”  

Now cardio training wasn’t an option. So Roy and his partner Julie were looking for a different approach to improve their weight and health.

U.P.’s track record for results and holistic approach to body transformation which looked at diet, exercise and lifestyle together really caught their attention.


“Me and my missus have always wanted to give U.P. a try – we have gone to like four or five gyms all our lives but we have never had one-to-one coaching.   

“I’ve always been a man that liked to do cardio – I’ve never done weight training my whole life.  

“I wanted to see if weight training and diet does work. If I got to the ideal weight I used to be, I thought that’s a bonus – I could play football.   

“The biggest thing was that I wanted to walk again – and losing weight made a massive difference.”  

What motivated Roy and Julie was their health. Both in their 50s and with children and grandchildren, they wanted to get fit for good – adding years to their life and life to their years.

“I wanted to lose weight and be healthy – and me and my missus thought we could do it together and be there for our grandkids, be healthy and live longer.   

“It was for myself and my missus to be together for as long as we can, and to do outdoor stuff together. “

When Roy had his first ‘before’ photo taken on Day 1 of his transformation at U.P., he vowed then and there that he would never go back to that.

Weighing 121kg (267lbs), it felt like a long journey back to health – but he never looked back.

“When I saw my first photo, I could not believe that was me. I didn’t see it creeping on. Those first photos shocked me to the core. I thought ‘this is not me!’  

“I thought ‘there’s no way I am going back to that.’ And if I can get the professional help on diet and training, that would be massive.”  

That’s exactly what Roy and Julie got with U.P. – a partner there every step of their journey, managing their diet and training, and helping them build healthy habits.

Even though Roy had always trained cardio his whole life, working with weights for the first time opened his eyes.

Learning to lift weights safely and effectively, build muscle and get stronger was a game-changer as he watched his body transform in front of his eyes.

“I did not think weight training could do what it has done for me today. All I used to do was running and training.   

“I always thought I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, so I always did cardio work. Doing this weight training has been amazing. I love it.   

“My muscles have just come through where I didn’t even think I had them. The muscle definition on my body has been absolutely fantastic.   

“It’s made a massive difference to me. I would recommend it to everyone.”  

Since he started, Roy’s strength has gone through the roof. He’s now lifting more than double his bodyweight.

“Lifting the weight I was lifting – I didn’t even think I could lift my bodyweight. But each week I was progressing up to 160kg, 170kg, 180kg and then 190kg (353lbs, 375lbs, 397lbs and then 419lbs). I was looking forward to going for 200kg (441lbs) on the trap bar deadlift just before lockdown. It was unbelievable.   

“It’s just showed me that weight training is just absolutely fantastic. I just didn’t think it could get me to a stage where I could do that.  

“U.P. showed me how to lift weights properly – in the time I was there, I never got any injuries. I would have never got to this stage without U.P.   

“Now I have learned how to lift weights properly and I love it. I do it four times a week in my house.”

The results Roy and Julie achieved together have been phenomenal and exceeded even their wildest expectations.


Not only has Roy lost 40kg (88lbs) and gone from a 40-inch waist to a 30-32-inch waist, but he is now fitter, leaner and stronger than he has been for decades.

“The first time I saw the results, it shocked me. It’s like two different people. I feel like I’m 25 again and I’m there with a six-pack at my age!  
I thought it was impossible. But nothing is impossible with hard work. “

“My strength has gone up. I feel strong and healthy.”  

Julie too feels revitalised after losing 16kg (35lbs) and reshaping her figure.

“The impact that weight training has had on my fitness and my physique, I feel I can fit into clothes and sizes I couldn’t fit into even when I was 25.   

“I feel physically and mentally younger, fitter, healthier and I’ve got lots more energy.  

“I’ve got more zest for life – I feel like I’ve got my clock turned back a little bit.  

“I feel so much better. I’ve got some of my time back that I wasted being overweight. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back.”  

What has been most life-changing for Roy isn’t the impressive new physique he has built, but what he can do with it.

Before, he could barely walk 10 minutes without pain and problems, but now he’s back walking, running, and enjoying life with his family.

“I feel fitter. I am going for long walks. I can play sports and join in with my sons, which I always wanted to do.   

“I can train now and I can walk. I am easily doing 10-15km now – walking for 2-3 hours which has been the best thing about it with my family and friends.   

“I can go to the park and instead of sitting on a bench, I can walk with them around the ponds, or go away and walk and not have to worry about what shoes I need to wear.   

“I’m in the shape now where I’m actually challenging my kids and my family members. Physically, I am in tip, top shape. My gym work is up there with people in their 20s and 30s – even though I am in my 50s I can keep up with them.”  

What has been amazing for Roy is being able to get back to playing football – the prospect of which he is relishing.

“I went to Wembley in 2008 and played five-a-side on the Wembley Turf.  

“Before lockdown, I was ringing players that play at a good level – they’ve been to the World Cup. I rang them up to say ‘I’m back. I’m back playing football’.  

“I know once I’m fit I can play at a decent level with my mates who play five-a-side. To be on a football pitch again will be absolutely fantastic.  

“This body shape now, I look like I did when I was 16 or 18. I had a decent physique then, but not like I do now. I’m shocked to see how I am now.”  

Health had been a niggling concern for both Roy and Julie, but those worries are long gone now they are both healthier, lighter and happier.

“It takes a lot of stress of your shoulders too – not having to worry about having heartburns or stomach aches,” says Roy.

“It takes a lot out of you when you think you can get strokes or diabetes or heart trouble. It’s taken a lot out of me mentally.   

“I don’t have to go to the doctors and take all the tablets anymore. My Mrs doesn’t either, which has been great.”  

Julie too has seen a dramatic turnaround in her health and wellbeing during her time with U.P.

She says: “I suffered from bad heartburn. My doctor had me on the highest amount of omeprazole per day and I wouldn’t move anywhere, I used to panic about repeat prescriptions if I’d not got enough, and now those tablets have disappeared out of my life.   

“I’ve got rid of all that. I don’t rely on tablets, I don’t rely on doctors, I don’t need it.   

“I know if I eat something that’s going to upset my stomach, then I will suffer for it – so I don’t eat it.”  

What has been most gratifying for Roy is to be able to share this incredible, transformative experience with Julie.

He says seeing his partner smile again has been priceless.

“Deep down my motivation was for my missus – that’s why I brought her along with me. I wanted us two to have the same pictures and show that we could do it together as a couple.   

“Seeing her last year down and in hospital, I thought ‘right, we’re doing this together’.   

“I just wanted to see the smile back on her face – and that has given me more pleasure than anything really. When I saw pictures of her – I was proud. She looks absolutely fantastic.”  



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