Catherine loves her new body and the fact she can still look her best in her 30s.

The amazing part is it only took 10 weeks.

It is a body she thought she’d never be able to achieve. Since turning 30, she had gained weight and just couldn’t stop.

Years of stress and overworking led her to develop serious adrenal fatigue.

Her hormones were a mess and she was told she would never be able to lose fat.

At 34, she feared this was the body she was stuck with for life until she started working with Ultimate Performance.

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Now she feels like a different woman. Lighter, happier and healthier than ever, weight training with U.P. has not only transformed her figure, but it has improved her hormones to the point where she’s off all medication.

“I found that not only did I see amazing changes in my body composition, but the changes in my physical and emotional health surpassed that.

“I dropped from 17.5% body fat to 10.9% and I lost over 17 lbs in the process.

“Most importantly, my hormones are now the most balanced they have ever been. In fact, I’m now off all my adrenal medication and I’m feeling fantastic.

“My energy levels are through the roof, matching what I had in my early 20s, something I thought was impossible to get back!”


Catherine says things had first started going downhill after her 30th birthday.

She had always been in good shape, but she began to become ‘softer’ and wasn’t happy with it.

To improve her body shape, Catherine knew she needed to lose body fat and build muscle.

“I tried three years ago to do this myself, but chronic work stress and failing to look after my physical and emotional health properly resulted in me developing severe adrenal fatigue.

“The past two years have been a rollercoaster of hormonal ups and downs, lots of medication for my adrenals and an accumulation of body fat which I was told would be impossible to lose.”

Last August, Catherine came across LiveUP, our online coaching programme.

The results really caught her eye. It was exactly what she was looking for, but she feared that with her adrenal problems, she wouldn’t be able to achieve anything like their best results.

But after 8 weeks on the online program and using the EatUP meal prep service, Catherine saw changes to her body that cemented her belief that U.P. could help her achieve her goals.



That was when she started one-to-one personal training at Ultimate Performance to account for her specific health condition and challenges.

“At U.P., I trained twice a week with James, my coach, and once on my own for an hour, my cardio sessions were minimal and the macros I was eating were high and I still saw phenomenal results.

“My physical strength has improved hugely. I’m now able to hip thrust 220 lbs, having started at 88 lbs, and on RDLs I can do 154 lbs.

“I can also now do a couple of unassisted chin-ups and am looking forward to building more strength in these areas going forward.”

Being physically strong has also translated into being mentally strong too.

Even Catherine has noticed a big change in her mindset.

“I’m much more mentally resilient now. I found that when I’m committed to something then I can achieve it.

“Yes, there’s going to be ups and downs, but as long as you keep taking small steps in the right direction then you’ll still achieve your goal.”

Catherine is a classic Type A persona – a workaholic who would happily push herself to train every single day.

What she learned from us at U.P. was how to train harder and smarter, rather than longer or more frequently, and still get better results.

For Catherine, it’s been a revelation.

“I learned that when it comes to training, training smartly beats training more often when it comes to results.

“In the past, I was guilty of over-training, often exercising every day.

“I learned it’s okay to take time to rest up and recover without it significantly affecting progress.

“I had a couple of bouts of the flu/gastro during my transformation and previously I’d have given up.”

But this is Catherine 2.0. – stronger, healthier and more determined than ever.

Having the skills and know-how to be able to use training and nutrition to shape her body the way she wanted has been so empowering.

“I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and my body, finally feeling confident enough to wear shorts out in public. I feel like a new woman!

“I’ve embraced new experiences such as doing movie extra work as well as doing a fitness photoshoot to show off all of my hard efforts which I’d never have had the confidence to do before.”

Catherine is sure she will keep her results for life.

She has knowledge behind her and the support of the whole U.P. team.

With that, you’re bound to succeed.

“I’d recommend U.P. to anyone. Their results speak for themselves. However, what is more important for me is the sense of community U.P. offers, both in the LiveUP group Facebook forum, but also in the gym itself.

“Absolutely every single member of staff deeply cares for and is incredibly supportive of every client and that means such a lot knowing they have your back every step of the way.

“For achieving a body transformation this is critical and I’ve not seen another facility provide this level of care.

“I’m so grateful to be a part of the U.P. community and training with U.P. is my favorite time of the week!”

With our help at U.P., Catherine has found a healthy balance that has pushed her to achieve her goals. Start your own transformation by arranging a consultation now.


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