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Claire broke away from an unhealthy lifestyle to get her dream body in 17 weeks.

As a single mum and business owner, Claire had her hands more than full.

Juggling work and home life left her exhausted and to get through it all she turned to junk food and caffeine – that just made things worse.

Overweight, tired and depressed – Claire knew she had to take drastic action and turned to Ultimate Performance Manchester.

“I was delighted with my results, and they far exceeded what I ever thought was possible!

“I remember coming back into the gym after Christmas having dropped weight, feeling strong, and my abs were popping through, and it felt incredible!”

Claire’s transformation was jaw-dropping – she lost 14kg, over half her body fat and an astounding 18cm around her waist in 17 weeks.


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Claire was not a training newbie; she had tried lots of different styles of training in the past, but never seemed to get results that stuck.

She had checked out U.P. before, but this time it seemed that the timing was right.

She was stuck in a rut and needed an intensive and structured programme like U.P.’s to get back in control.


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“It all really came to a head when my relationship broke down with my partner, and I got myself into a few bad habits; I fell off the bandwagon with my training and nutrition – really overeating, just living on chocolate, caffeine and lots of rubbish.

“I felt lethargic, overweight, low in confidence and pretty miserable to be honest! I had absolutely no confidence and could barely recognise myself as the confident, outgoing Claire that I used to be.

“I was also fed up of torturing myself over and over about the failed attempts I had tried myself on numerous diets and exercise plans.”

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Right from the start, it was clear that the root of Claire’s problem was her poor eating habits.

U.P. helped put together a simple but effective nutrition plan built around Claire’s body goals that she could easily learn the fundamentals of and follow with ease.

“I remember feeling absolute relief when my trainer, Joe, gave me my nutrition plan; it was like a weight had been lifted as I knew what I had to do.

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“There was structure to my eating, four solid meals based around protein, healthy fats, and all the green goodness. Basically, all of the things my body was crying out for!

“I loved how I felt with the nutrition plan but also how my body responded very fast when I did start to fuel it correctly.

“It was setting those healthy habits such as a sleep routine, staying hydrated, daily step targets that all added up and were perfectly manageable around my busy life.”



Small shifts quickly snowballed, and Claire saw positive changes in almost all areas of her life. She felt rested and energised and rediscovered her zest for life.

“Outside of the gym, I started to feel much more confident, for the first time in a very long time I actually wanted to put myself forward in front of new clients for business.

“I felt a better mummy to my daughter with so much more energy and had a much more positive outlook. I felt reassured that I was on the right path and knew wholeheartedly that this wasn’t just a short-term diet but a new lifestyle that would be easily maintainable.”

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The best feeling was feeling like her old self. What she was doing in the gym and her new eating habits translated into her business and day-to-day life.

“My performance and energy levels rocketed, and I genuinely felt like I was piece by piece rebuilding my old self and was excited to see where the journey would take me.

“I remember leaving the gym (and still do to this day) after a session with Joe literally buzzing and feeling not just physically strong but mentally like I could take on the world!


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“I felt empowered, knowing that I was making such a life-changing journey for myself and my daughter. For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t hiding away, and it felt great!

“The biggest benefit without a doubt has been the education of how to train, what to eat and being given the skills, knowledge and support to achieve my goals.”

Claire is firmly back in control of her diet and how her body looks and feels.

 Claire-in-the-gym-smiling Ultimate Performance


From feeling strong, to the excitement of going clothes shopping again, life is very different for Claire now compared to when she first started.

“I love how being strong has shaped my body, so there’s no more hiding away in big baggy black leggings and jumpers!

“A massive benefit was being able to walk into any shop and pick up a size 8-10 knowing it would fit!

“My transformation at U.P. has been life-changing. I dread to think where or what I would have done had I not taken the plunge and started my journey with U.P. when I did.

“It’s hard not to walk out of the gym, feeling anything other than totally UPLIFTED!”


Claire’s efforts toward her transformation have been completely life-changing. No one will ever look at her in the same way – Are you ready to find out more or start your own journey? Fill in the form below.


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