My life has completely changed. I went down 17kg and I’m in the best shape of my life.

Nur fell into depression after the toughest two years of her life. She lost her grandmother in 2020. A year later her mother tragically passed away.

She began to retreat into herself and put on weight after picking up unhealthy eating patterns.

With her mental and physical health at rock bottom, Nur decided to invest in herself. She switched her focus to something she could control in her life – her fitness.

Personal training gave her a focus during the most challenging time of her life, as she dropped 17kg, and overcame her stress.

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What was it that motivated you to partner with U.P.?

I had a really tough last couple of years. Of course, Covid affected all of us, but I lost my grandmother in 2020 and my mum in 2021 to cancer.

The whole year we knew that she was going to pass, so that was very difficult for me. I’d struggled with my weight all my life, but last year was the turning point for me. I fell into depression and felt burned out from work. While all this was happening, I didn’t care how I looked. I stopped exercising and wasn’t eating well.

It made me realise that life is very short, but there are things that we can control. I realised my body was one of them, and what I ate was another. So, I decided to come to U.P. because I thought it was the right time to transform myself..

What did your lifestyle look like before you began working with your personal trainer?

I didn’t care about what I was eating at all. I would just see what I had in the fridge at night, often turning to foods like chips and chocolate.

I would have a lot of takeaways and drink a lot every weekend too. Overall, it left me feeling really bad afterwards. I did try to exercise now and again, but not regularly.

Did you face any obstacles throughout your transformation? If so, how did you and your trainer overcome them?

The first obstacle I faced was social events and travel, because I was inclined to do whatever my friends were doing. If they were drinking, I would drink.

If they were eating pizza, I would eat pizza. I didn’t really pay any attention to my own health. My trainer was great at helping me navigate these situations.

He showed me how to start making healthier choices, and would even help me look through the menus of restaurants I was going to.

What results have you seen in your time with U.P.?

I’ve been training at U.P. for six months now, and my life has completely changed. I went down 17kg and I’m in the best shape of my life.

I’m very happy and I felt like I learned a lot about working out and nutrition as well. I really appreciate the help of my trainer, and I’m very proud of myself.

Now you’ve got into incredible shape, how do you feel about yourself?

Mentally and physically, I feel a lot better. People always say, “if you fall into depression, start exercising.” I’ve realised that it’s true and exercise has really helped my confidence.

I started feeling much better about myself. Just getting ready in the morning felt like a chore to me before because I didn’t like the way I looked. But now getting ready or going clothes shopping has become something I enjoy.

I feel great – this is a lifestyle for me now. It’s not another fad diet or a yoyo diet I used to do.

Fitness helped Nur navigate through the most challenging time of her life. If you want to make your health a priority, partner with a U.P. personal trainer today. Our team know exactly what it takes to drive clients to their goals.


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