Losing 42kgs, Helen is the Perfect Poster Child for Ultimate Performance.

Helen’s weight had gotten out of control.

She had always been sporty and loved fitness, but over the past five years she had slowly gained over 40kg.

It had started after pregnancy, but it was her busy lifestyle that brought with it the classic cocktail for weight gain – stress, work and unhealthy eating.

Just thinking about tackling the problem on her own felt utterly overwhelming.

But after seeing her colleague’s amazing results at Ultimate Performance Singapore, she partnered with U.P. to help affect her own transformation.


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“I am so happy and amazed with the results of this training. Within the first 12 weeks, I had lost 20kg, within 6 months 32kg, and now I have lost 42kg, and I am still going.

“I am back to my old self again. I have my confidence back.”

Helen lost weight week on week – even during lockdown and now feels like a different woman from the one who walked through the doors on Day 1.

“I started at U.P. in the worst shape I have ever been in – putting on 40kg in the past five years.

“It was really overwhelming to have so much weight to lose, and I needed expert help. As someone who had done a lot of sports and training for most of my life before this, I felt really unhealthy and unhappy about not being fit anymore.

“I have spent years with my weight going up and down as well and have never really been consistently happy with it.

“I was really tired all day and was relying on caffeine and sugar to keep me going. I was also eating large portions of the wrong kinds of food and often eating out, and had no exercise routine.”

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The first and biggest change U.P. brought in was with Helen’s diet.

Her food became less oily, processed and calorific, and more focused on ingredients that were nourishing, filling and healthy.

Helen, who was a veteran of many diets in the past, was surprised to find that even with smaller portions, she was never left feeling hungry.

“U.P. has taught me a huge amount about what to eat and what to be careful about.

“Tracking my weight and all of my food has really been useful for keeping me accountable and on track.

“Having the support of my family who joined me in my change of lifestyle, particularly the new diet, has made it much easier to stick to the new changes. And, of course, without the support of my P.T., all this would have been impossible.”

What really worked for Helen was having that round-the-clock support and guidance from an experienced trainer.


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“With such a huge amount of weight to lose, it was important to break down the journey into lots of mini-milestones and Ben, my P.T., encouraged me every step of the way.

“There have been a few times, for example, when I have been travelling for work that things could have gone off track but Ben kept me accountable, which meant that the weight came off consistently.”

Despite years of training experience, Helen confessed to being a reluctant gym-goer. However, U.P. changed her whole approach to weight training and fitness in general.

“I had never considered walking as a real exercise. I always thought running, or high-intensity cardio was the only way to lose weight, so finding out that weight training and daily 10,000 steps were so effective was astonishing.

“I have done training in the past but never anything like U.P. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the challenge of training and seeing continuous progress.”

After achieving what she thought was impossible on her own, Helen can’t praise the U.P. transformation programme enough.

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“I would highly recommend U.P. to anyone looking for a transformation. Their methods really work and are tailored to your goals.

“I have also benefited from U.P.’s international network of gyms, which meant I was able to continue training while travelling for work. Having seen my results, my husband has also started training with Ben at U.P. and is seeing great results too.

“For anyone thinking of starting this. I would say absolutely go for it. You won’t be disappointed and likely surprise yourself with what is possible.

“No one can make the transformation work for you, but with the expert guidance and support of a trainer it is a lot easier and more likely to be successful than trying to do it on your own.”

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