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At 46, serial-dieter Wendy finally learnt the science of eating right at U.P.

Wendy was worried that she would end up as an overweight old woman.

It seemed she was always at the start of a new diet but never saw the end; they all fizzled out after a few weeks.

Now, in her mid-40s, she felt it was now or never – either she shaped up now or resigned herself to staying out-of-shape forever.

Wendy stayed with Ultimate Performance Kensington for 28 weeks. With the help of her trainer and U.P.’s proven transformation programme, she lost 16kg and 19% body fat.

“I achieved results very quickly, and although it seemed daunting walking into the gym at the beginning, I couldn’t have chosen a better place. I’m in better shape now at 46 than I have ever been.”

 Wendyw-40s-28wk-pt-hsk-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Wendy had always enjoyed exercising; her main problems were her unhealthy and unstructured food habits. She kept bouncing from one diet to another but almost never stuck to any of them.

“I kept starting a diet every Monday, and I didn’t want to do that every Monday for the rest of my life. So, I realised I needed to do something else.”

“What I really wanted to get out of this is how to eat differently. I wanted to overhaul my diet and learn what to eat.”

“I felt this was my last chance to lose weight and that if I didn’t do it properly this time, I would be overweight for the rest of my life.”

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She obviously enjoyed the physical side of the sessions but found that the accountability and attention from her P.T. really helped her stick to the difficult bits of her transformation programme.

“I love the training. Taking time out for myself to train 3 times a week was a commitment but also hugely beneficial in terms of working out what my priorities were. I started walking for an hour to the gym each time I trained, which gave me even more time to think about the changes I was making to my life and the reasons behind them.”

“My hour of training is the best part of the day! The only problem is that I don’t know how I can ever stop!”

 Wendyw-40s-28wk-pt-hsk-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Wendy wholeheartedly credits her trainer for her transformation. The personal attention and extreme professionalism of her P.T. is what made the U.P. programme so effective for her.

“The magic ingredient is the accountability and the feeling that I am doing this with someone else. To have someone look at how I am eating, how I am training, and get instant feedback was brilliant.”

“The process and information about recording and looking at what I was eating really suited me, and I learned what made a difference to the weight I lost, how I felt, and how it impacted on my training.”

“I achieved better results than I thought possible, and that is down to the great training I received, my P.T. pushed me when I needed it and was supportive when I needed a softer approach.”

“That the feeling of support I received from U.P. was key to the whole process. I always felt right from the start that my trainer had the answers, and, if I did as he said, I would achieve my goals. And I did!”

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