15 weeks ago Anthony was beginning to feel old before his time – his fitness wasn’t what it used to be and his waistline was going in the wrong direction.

Deep in denial, he barely noticed his weight problems and thought to eat healthily was enough to stave off the worst.

Joining Ultimate Performance Los Angeles was a last-ditch effort – he felt this was his last chance to take control of his body shape.

“I didn’t think I would be able to get the results that I did at age 43.

“I don’t consider myself as an old person, but you start to question yourself and your ability to perform at the level you used to perform 20 or 10 years ago. I now feel more energetic and better about myself than when I was 23.”

Anthony lost 31lbs and brought his body fat down to 14% – in just 15 weeks. As a veteran of many failed training programs, Anthony credits U.P.’s holistic plan for this transformation.

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He came in looking for a complete package that he could trust with his eyes closed, and his U.P. trainer provided just that.

“I felt like I really needed guidance and a trainer that could help me reach my goals without me having to worry about how I was going to get there. I’m a pretty disciplined person when I’ve got a program to follow. I didn’t want to think about it; I just wanted to show up, work hard, and get the results.”

“Before joining U.P., I was mostly in denial about myself and about how much I had let myself go. I was totally shocked coming in the first day and finding out I had a body fat percentage of 30. I was expecting maybe 20-25%.



His sedentary lifestyle as a film and TV producer is interspersed with periods of really high stress. It is a deadly combination that cannot be conquered by just eating healthily alone.

“I would start different exercise routines, and usually my hectic work schedule would take over, and I would be in a really stressful work period with no exercise, and then it would take a lot of effort to get back into it again.”

“Also, I have a real sweet tooth, and it’s pretty easy to reach for that piece of chocolate cake when you feel wiped at the end of the day.





“When it came to food and stress, it was kind of a lethal combination for me. I ate pretty healthily for the most part, but if I hit a stressful patch, grabbing a hamburger or cookies was almost automatic. A sugar pick-me-up was always something I turned to.”

Anthony was initially quite hesitant to commit to an intense diet and training program, but the results convinced him. While his body adjusted to the new routine, the results were steady, but after the first month, his transformation progress just snowballed.



“Soon after the first month I was dropping 4% body fat every 3 weeks, and even though I wasn’t seeing it physically, it was really encouraging to know that I wasn’t just inching along but making leaps and bounds. Towards the end it started to happen really quickly – I am still in a state of shock, to be honest as to how quickly I went from ‘I think we are making good progress’ to ‘holy cow! This is amazing’.

“At the beginning, I was a bit unsure about weighing my food, about it being too onerous. But now I kind of embrace it, after a while it’s kind of liberating to know that you can enjoy that extra piece of something.



“Moving forward I think the biggest takeaway I will have from this transformation is being able to have that piece of chocolate cake without feeling guilty because I know how to balance the rest of my diet to accommodate for it.”

Anthony is still getting used to all the compliments – everyone, apart from his Italian granny who thinks he’s ‘too skinny’, is absolutely blown away by his transformation.

“I am totally amazed by the progress and pleasantly surprised at what I pulled off at 43.”

“What I have learned through this process is don’t buy into what’s out there in terms of literature or knowledge that people think they have about what you can achieve at what age.”



“I didn’t think I would be able to get the results that I did at age 43. It’s given me a whole new perspective on what’s possible and not just the fitness part of my life but also for work and personal endeavors. It’s opened a lot of doors for me.

“My time at U.P. LA has been the most transformative fitness experience I’ve ever had. With the tools and knowledge I’ve obtained, I know I’ll be able to maintain this level of fitness moving forward.”

“It is hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Anthony trusted in the program, and his faith in U.P. has paid its just rewards – Fill in the form below to get started today.


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