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After being overweight for 25 years, Jonathan finally touched his dream fitness levels at 46.

Jonathan always felt he was lucky – he has a perfect life with a great career and a beautiful family.

But he also knew that to continue enjoying his life, he needed to become healthy and avoid getting stuck with lifestyle diseases.

That’s why he started exercising and eating healthier the day he turned 45 a year ago – but his results didn’t match the effort he was putting in.

He realised that to really achieve some proper progress he needed expert guidance to guide him through the next phase.

So he took the plunge and started a body transformation programme with us at Ultimate Performance Kensington.

Despite having been exercising fairly regularly for a year, Jonathan was still pretty overweight – but in just six months with U.P. he lost a staggering 25kg and gave his health a big shot in the arm.

“To be honest, I can’t quite believe the results that I have achieved so far.

“I genuinely think that this has added years to my life.

“In six months, I have gone from being unhealthy and probably heading towards diabetes and early death, to being in the best health of my life.”

 Jonathank-40s-26wk-pt-hsk-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Before joining U.P., Jonathan tried his best at staying healthy, but it was evident – even to him – that he lacked the discipline to make the drastic changes that were needed to achieve his goals.

There was no way he could control his unhealthy eating habits on his own.

“My lifestyle involved a lot of beer, frankly. I have investments in the beer industry, so I used to drink a lot and enjoy the other things that go with that.

“We serve pizza and a lot of bar snacks in our beer stores there was a lot of that going on.

“My lifestyle was a combination of eating and drinking one day, followed by a day spent in the gym and eating clean – there wasn’t any balance. It was either feast or famine, and it clearly wasn’t working!”

With a focussed nutrition plan, Jonathan was quickly able to cut out the excessive pizza and beer, and started seeing the benefits instantaneously.

Jonathan finally got the structure and external accountability he needed to stick to a strict programme, and he started smashing his weight loss goals right off the bat.

“At the start, I wasn’t convinced that the transformations you see on their website were possible. I just didn’t believe that I could do it.

“I thought that there must be something different about those people. They must be more committed or have a ‘different metabolism’.

“I’d been overweight for 25 years, so why would this gym and this diet be any different?

“This whole process has given me the belief that I can actually do this.

“With the right guidance, a reasonable amount of discipline and hard work, I can actually progress. And it has given me the belief that I can do this for the rest of my life, and that is just huge for me.”

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What Jonathan learned went well beyond training techniques. He found a new way to approach diet control and built a disciplined mindset to keep his fitness on track in the long run.

“Before I started this programme, I was very much in the ‘feast or famine’ kind of a mindset.

“I would be on a very strict diet or eating plan for a month, and then something would happen like a birthday or something, and I would fall off the wagon.

“And earlier that would be the end! I would be on a roll and be having pizza and beer, and the effort of the previous month would be for nothing.

“What I know now is that nothing is off-limits; I can have some cake and pizza because I know now that it’s not going to derail my plan and I can get straight back on it the next day, and it allows me to enjoy occasional indulgences without the feeling that ‘Oh my god, I have blown everything.”

Far from being an ultra-restrictive and all-consuming programme, Jonathan actually found it to slot easily into lifestyle.

Three training sessions per week was manageable while still being able to enjoy life.

“What is enlightening is that you don’t have to put your life completely on hold.

“I have had a consistent goal about getting in shape the last six months, but that didn’t mean that everything else had to stop and I think that is important psychologically. It is much more of a lifestyle change than a strict unsustainable plan.”

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It’s not just Jonathan who has improved his health because of the programme. He has now become a fit dad and a role model for his children. His healthy habits have rubbed off on them too.

“The great thing is the impact that the past six months have had on the people around me. Without me doing any preaching, my family has all started to eat more healthily and to exercise alongside me.

“My desire to be a role model for my young kids has been fulfilled.

“My favourite comment was from my six-year-old who lifted up my shirt one day and said ‘Where is your belly? I miss your belly, daddy.’ Well, I don’t miss it! And it ain’t coming back.

“This is just the start of my journey, and I’m already looking forward to the next phase – getting bigger, stronger, and leaner. The difference is that I now know that I can do it.”

You too can positively influence the health behaviours of your family.
Become a role model for your loved ones, start personal training today.


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