When Boon’s trousers ripped, and his friends started commenting on his weight gain, he knew it was time to change.

Since he moved to Hong Kong six years ago, his diet had gone downhill, and he was stuck behind a desk for a sedentary 14 hours a day.

Boon’s weight soared, and he put it down to the ‘three C’s’ – chocolate, crisps and Chinese.

He had been trying to get in shape for 10 years on his own – but his progress hit a dead end and he was desperately short of motivation.

Ashamed of how far his health had fallen, he called on Ultimate Performance Hong Kong to find a plan which would trigger a noticeable change to his body.

Through an increased step count and weight training three times a week, Boon has built a physique that he’s thrilled with.

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His body composition has completely changed, now proudly walking around with broad shoulders and tight abs following a transformation which has rekindled his passion for training.

“My life changed drastically. My belly was gone, my back, thighs and arms grew, and my jawline became more defined. I was really happy with the outcome.

“My friends and family all noticed my progress. I look a lot better than before, so everyone is happy now.”

Here, Boon talks about how his energy levels are now higher than ever, the value of having daily fitness targets, and how his trainer remotivated him after ‘hitting a wall’ in the gym.


What motivated you to begin training with a U.P. personal trainer?

I started training with U.P. because I put on almost 10kg after moving to Hong Kong six years ago. My friends were laughing at me and I’d torn my pants because of my weight. It was really down to the three C’s – Chocolate, chips and Chinese. Also, my lifestyle mainly revolved around my work – which required me to be at my desk for 12 to 14 hours a day.



How much has your life changed now you’ve finished your transformation?

My life changed drastically. I stopped eating chips and ate a lot less chocolate. I started enjoying whole foods much more than the processed foods I used to eat. For example, I would eat cooked meat and vegetables a lot more. I went from 5,000 steps per day to 10,000 steps – sometimes even 15,000. My friends and family all noticed my progress. I look a lot better than before, so everyone is happy now.



What impact has weight training had on your body?

My belly was gone, my back, thighs and arms grew, and my jawline became more defined. I was really happy with the outcome. I was also lifting heavier in the gym with good form. The less noticeable changes were higher energy levels, less craving for snacks and a subconscious effort to eat healthier.



What success had you experienced from training yourself in the past?

I have been going to the gym for more than a decade. I noticed that my progress came easily at first since I was starting from ground zero, but it hit a wall eventually. That left me feeling less motivated than ever. My trainer at U.P. helped me overcome that.


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