Mother-of-three Emma was struggling to strike a balance between her career, good health and parenthood.

As an in-house lawyer for a video gaming company, she was constantly on the go and working late.

The fast-paced lifestyle Emma had adopted in recent years left her entirely out of shape. ‘Fat, demotivated and uncomfortable in my own skin’ is how she described herself.

With her 40th birthday on the horizon, Emma set herself a target – get in shape for her big day and create a better life for herself. She’s done exactly that in just 19 weeks.

Emma has surpassed all her initial weight loss expectations to lose 19kg and slim her waistline down.

Getting fit has improved her focus at work and she’s also noticed her confidence and energy levels are sky high.

So much so, she recently spent a whole day playing with her kids at a water park on holiday.

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“I feel like a whole different person. I’m more mentally focused at work and at home, and I’ve also noticed that I have much more energy for my kids.

“I feel amazing and I can honestly say I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I hardly recognise myself when I look in the mirror.”

Here, Emma speaks about how getting in shape has helped bring her closer to her three children, how her husband is reaping the rewards of her transformation, and why you’ve got ‘everything to gain’ by partnering with U.P.


What was your motivation to start training with U.P.?

Before partnering with U.P. I was feeling fat, demotivated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I’d gained a bit of weight over the last couple of years, particularly throughout Covid. I was a few months shy of turning 40, so I decided I needed to make some big lifestyle changes.

What physical results have you achieved?

As of today, I’ve lost 19kg – which is fantastic. I didn’t set out to lose that much. I wanted to lose 10kg or 15kg and see where it took me. I can’t believe I’ve lost 19kg, I feel amazing, and I can honestly say I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I hardly recognise myself when I look in the mirror.


How do you feel about yourself after partnering with your own U.P. personal trainer?

I feel like a whole different person. I’m more mentally focused at work and at home, and I’ve also noticed that I have much more energy around my kids. We recently went to a water park while on holiday in Dubai.

Pre-transformation, there was no way I could have spent the whole day running around with the kids. But I was able to enjoy myself and I spent the entire day going up and down I don’t know how many flights of stairs!

How did your family react to your transformation?

My husband couldn’t be happier with my results. I met him a number of years ago when he was in Singapore and he always encouraged me to join U.P.

He’s lost a bit of weight too because he’s been eating the food I’ve been eating. I’ve been cooking lots of recipes from the Ultimate Performance Cookbook, so my transformation has had many benefits for him too.

How do you think U.P. helped you achieve such incredible results?

The primary reasons are the program’s structure and your trainer’s support. Without my trainer, there’s no way I would have been able to achieve half the results that I’ve achieved.

I feel like we’ve done this together with the accountability you have and the support you get. Me and my trainer have been a great team and I’m incredibly grateful for what he’s done for me.

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life. U.P. have helped me turn my life around in four short months.

What would you say to someone who is unsure or anxious about starting their own transformation?

I understand. I felt exactly the same way, but you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by joining U.P.

The first couple of weeks can be a bit daunting because you’re changing your lifestyle and starting new habits. But the results you see within a few short weeks are phenomenal!

Your plan becomes a lot easier to stick to. My advice is just do it – do it today!


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