27-year-old Alex had not been happy with her figure for years – but no amount of spin sessions or fitness classes in the gym changed this.

Having always lacked self-confidence, she had tried different types of diets her whole life, but nothing seemed to work.

With a holiday looming, Alex had never been confident enough to have photos taken while on her travels.

She didn’t want to spend another holiday missing out on priceless memories – so she came to Ultimate Performance for a proven system to help hit her weight loss goals.

Alex’s 25-week tailor-made training and nutrition plan helped her lose a jaw-dropping 20kg – but more importantly, it has finally allowed her to feel good about herself in front of the camera.

“I think I’ve always been on some type of diet all my life. I’ve always gone through phases of dieting or exercise, whether it’s keto or just intermittent fasting.

“I’ve also gone through phases of doing intense spin sessions or whatever, but I’ve never done a diet or done anything where I’ve been completely happy with my shape.

“I’ve never had the results that U.P. have delivered before, so I think the proof is in the results, really.

“Now, the thought of going on holiday and having my photo taken would be really nice.”

Here Alex speaks about her how her lifestyle changed for the better under the guidance of U.P., and the impact that lifting weights had on her progress.

What was your motivation to partner with Ultimate Performance?

What brought me to U.P. was a combined effort of me and my partner trying out personal training. It’s just something that neither of us had ever done before, and we both wanted to lose weight. I also wanted to feel good while I was on holiday. I’ve never been on a holiday and taken a lot of pictures before, I’m just not really a person who likes photos. But the thought of going on holiday and just having some nice photos somewhere is really nice.

Alex on holiday before joining U.P., versus her post-transformation holiday glow.


What was your relationship with food like before you partnered with a U.P. trainer?

I was always unhappy and never really content with my body before I joined U.P. I was always thinking about food, dieting and weight loss. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as healthily as I do now, and I just think I was probably never convinced that I could eat well. I always just thought I had to be restrictive and not eat anything to lose weight. I didn’t realise introducing carbs into my diet would then boost my weight loss, which it has done. I just found that hard to be convinced of.

How did you find training in the gym, given the fact you had never done weight training before?

I found the process quite intimidating at the start, I would say because I’ve genuinely never gone into a gym and lifted any weights before. I’ve not even gone to real classes that have used weights. I’ve always chosen more cardio-based classes before. Having guidance with the weights is the perfect combination for me, and I loved it.

Aside from your physical transformation, have you noticed any other benefits following your transformation journey?

I would say my confidence has increased. I’m not naturally a confident person anyway, I never have been, but I just think now I have confidence in my ability to do new things. To be able to go into a fitness class and feel confident, and perform movements that I’ve never been able to do before, that makes me leave the class feeling good. So even if it’s not just a self-confidence thing, it’s more about having confidence in my own ability.

Holiday before and after: Alex radiating with confidence following her 25-week transformation at U.P.


What was the most unexpected thing you noticed resulting from your transformation?

The highlight of my journey was probably going into a yoga class for the first time and actually being able to show my midriff off because I’ve never done that before. I’ve never gone into a gym and just worn leggings and a sports bra. I’ve always worn shirts over the top. So just to have even just a bit of my middle out was a huge thing for me.

What has the reaction of your family and friends been?

I think my friends and family are just shocked at where I am, because I’ve always been a little bit bigger. I’ve never been slim.

I would say because I’m quite small anyway, I’ve always just been compared to like, “Oh, you’re a bit like your dad’s side of the family, a bit chunkier.” So I think it’s more just shock. People are just like, “Oh God!” because I’ve never been this thin before!

I have been as big as a 14 before, but when I started the process, I would say I was at the lower end of a size 10. Whereas now I’m struggling to find clothes that I fit into that are a six, so I’m probably a size four to six now!


If you want to feel your confident best whether you’re at work or on holiday, Ultimate Performance will deliver the result you want. Enquire now and see how we can design a personal training program around your goals.


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