Allison’s worsening weight was slowly robbing her of her health and happiness. 

Her high blood pressure and low self-esteem were cause for concern, and it even got to the stage where Allison struggled to play with her two young nieces. 

The 36-year-old was responsible for helping to create the 2028 LA Summer Olympics business strategy. Her job inevitably required her to make big decisions and work long hours, which ultimately took a toll on her health. 

Allison had tried to lose weight on her own in the past, but teamed up with U.P. to make life-changing progress that she couldn’t manage alone.   

With a target of losing around 50kg from her 119kg starting weight, astonishingly Allison has surpassed that target dropping over 51kg. She now has newfound confidence to begin dating, as her battered confidence and crippling anxiety are a thing of the past.   

She also has an appetite to try new things including hiking and walking, formerly activities that her weight steered her away from.  

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“It had been a couple of years of my weight going up and really becoming very non-active in my life. Physically, it wasn’t doing me any good.  

“U.P. was a great way to reset my diet. Having the accountability and knowing that someone was looking at my diet and making adjustments was really helpful.  

“It felt like an attainable goal right from the beginning.”  

Here, Allison talks about how working out became an outlet for her after challenging days at work, and how the tailored accountability of U.P. is like nothing she’s ever seen before.


What was your motivation to join U.P.?  

Before coming to Ultimate Performance, I was struggling with my weight and found it hard to find any motivation to work out. A large part of that was the accountability and not being able to do it on my own.

So, I came to Ultimate Performance to try and bring some structure to my life and manage my working out, eating and nutrition in general.   In the couple of years prior to working with Ultimate Performance, I was generally sedentary. My job was very busy and I wasn’t finding any time to work out.

I was rarely cooking for myself and eating a lot of takeaways, which more often than not weren’t healthy. I was at the highest weight and least active I had ever been in my life.

How did you feel about yourself before your transformation?   

Before coming to Ultimate Performance my weight had always been a struggle, but I had worked out in the past. I was starting to have some health issues such as high blood pressure and was generally not feeling good about myself. Mentally I was just feeling very stuck.

Coming out of a busy work day, working out used to be kind of an outlet for me, but I didn’t have that outlet anymore and it was starting to affect my mental health. I didn’t feel like I was being active or treating my body the way it should be treated and was probably hindering some of the social interactions in my life like dating.

I have two nieces who are quite young, but I couldn’t run around with them and throw them in the pool and all of that. Since coming to Ultimate Performance and the work I’ve done here, I feel much better and I run around with my nieces all the time. I can now throw my four-year-old niece in the air and do the normal things in everyday life that I think were starting to become a struggle for me beforehand.


After starting U.P., talk about how your lifestyle and your diet began to transform?  

U.P. was a great way to reset my diet. I kind of knew what I should be doing to some extent, but I think having really specific measurable goals and guidelines around food was helpful.

I’m a very analytical person, so having the accountability and knowing that someone was looking at my diet and making adjustments was really helpful.

From day one, I was able to kind of gradually adjust and I didn’t have to be super restrictive over certain things. It felt like an attainable goal right from the beginning.

What impact has your body transformation had on your day-to-day life?  

Prior to coming to Ultimate Performance, I had really lost a lot of motivation. It was kind of like I was going to go to work then I was coming home, that was my whole life. Now I feel like now after coming to Ultimate Performance and training I have more things I enjoy outside of just work.

I have more confidence and appetite to do things that maybe I would previously have said ‘I’m not going to enjoy this as much because I’m not in shape.’ I’ve lifted before, but this time I’ve really enjoyed seeing the body transformation in a way that I don’t think anyone had paid this much attention to me.


Talk to us about some of the doors U.P. have opened for you after your transformation?  

I think one aspect is probably on the dating front. Dating is all via apps these days and it is an inherently superficial process. So, I think I have more confidence going into that. But what is more important to me is that I feel better about myself, which puts me in a much better position to be ready to date.

There’s a very cheesy saying, ‘you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.’ But I honestly believe that has been really important for me to just have more confidence in who I am. It’s allowed me to want to go out and put myself out there, which I may not have done previously.

I’m also enjoying going out, especially in LA being surrounded by nature and going on hikes. These are things that I probably would’ve tried to do before and either not enjoyed as much or had more anxiety about doing them.

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned on your journey?    

I think having the accountability, but accountability that’s really tailored to you. The solutions are for me, for my body and for my goals. Plus, having someone that is checking in on you from a nutrition standpoint was a big thing for me.

Also, it was exciting knowing that I’m going to come to the gym three days a week and get in a really good workout. It’s all about having the structure and a program that’s specific to me. That has been helpful in helping me attain my goals.


Now over 50kg down, can you tell us what the secret recipe to success is at U.P.?  

I mean, honestly, it’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. It’s straightforward about what I need to be doing to reach my goals.

Come to the gym, work hard and track what I’m eating. It all sounds simple, but when you do it it’s hard work. As long as you’re doing everything that U.P. is asking of you, you’re going to see progress and you’re going to hit your goals. It’s kind of inevitable if you put in the work.




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