Ivo wanted a body like Brad Pitt in Troy – but this goal felt a million miles away.

“Lazy and lethargic” is how 33-year-old Ivo described himself when he first came to Ultimate Performance Amsterdam.

He wasn’t always like this, but the last few months – especially the holiday season – had turned him into a bonafide couch potato.

Ivo hated the extra weight he was carrying. But he took his wife’s advice and hired a professional trainer to snap him out of his malaise and get fit again.


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In a matter of weeks at U.P. Amsterdam, he transformed his physique into something befitting of Greece’s greatest warrior, Achilles.

“Setting goals and then smashing them gave me a lot of confidence. It is not just going to the gym, but a complete change of mindset; a 360-degree change!

“From forcing yourself to go to the gym and struggling though workouts to wanting to go to the gym because it is fun; from being lazy to becoming super energetic – U.P. is life-changing!”

Ivo’s transformation statistics tell the story – over 15 short weeks he lost 10kg and dropped his body fat down to a super lean 7%.

But the most gratifying aspect for Ivo is that he has found his passion for training again after his motivation had hit rock bottom.

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“I loved to train with my brother, but after he quit due to health reasons, I kind of lost the motivation to train hard.

“And after a back injury, it got even worse. I was going to the gym but still didn’t do that much. I looked lazy and lived lazily.

“And living a lazy lifestyle makes you lazy in other aspects of life. You have to force yourself to do stuff and not just watch Netflix and order food. You just don’t feel motivated to get out of your comfort zone or do anything new.”

What really sparked Ivo’s interest was a programme that could deliver a complete transformation of his training, his diet and his lifestyle.

When he came across U.P. Amsterdam, that’s exactly what he found.

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“I was definitely looking for a new challenge. But I didn’t want to settle for just any average personal trainer.

“I was actually looking for someone who could not only help me train hard but also teach me the fundamentals to continue training for the rest of my life.”

Ivo’s biggest problem was his dependence on convenience food. He rarely cooked at home and ordered takeaway at least twice a day. It was Uber Eats all day, every day. Even the healthiest choices delivered more calories than were needed, but U.P.’s nutrition plan changed that completely.

“I was just too lazy to cook, and just clicking on a few buttons to get your dinner seemed more convenient all the time! U.P. changed that 180 degrees – I cook a lot now; Since the lockdown, I’ve probably tried 15 different preparations of sweet potato.”

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“I find it fun now – to find the best ingredients to make the best possible meal, and making sure it is 100% healthy is a challenge I enjoy. My wife likes that as well, and now that she is pregnant, we are even more focused on eating healthily. I think in the last few months I maybe ordered food just one or two times.”

With the combination of the right nutrition and the right training, Ivo rapidly started seeing results.

He could see his body changing before his eyes week after week.

“When I look at the starting picture, I was in worse shape than I thought I was.

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“The final picture is, of course, amazing. I saw changes on a weekly basis, and when you see quick results, it is motivating and pushes you to keep going to the gym and work hard.

“It’s also a big change mentally, in terms of when you set a goal and you have focus, and then when you achieve it, it gives you so much confidence, and you can take that kind of experience to other fields as well.”

Ivo was blown away by the quality of personal training at Ultimate Performance. He had never experienced the degree of knowledge or attention to detail anywhere before.

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“I don’t think I would have gotten these results anywhere else. What I needed was to believe that I could succeed.

“That comes down to believability and knowledge. My trainer knows everything about training! You really get the feeling that you are talking to an expert.

“Gin, my P.T., taught me that you don’t have to do all these complicated programs. It’s all about contracting the muscle and focusing on contracting it.

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“Instead of pushing to lift heavier, it’s more important to make sure you have the correct form. Gin also showed me I could push through more pain than I thought I could!”

“With Gin’s help and U.P.’s unique personalised approach, I got some fantastic results! I crushed my goals quickly and changed my physique in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

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