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Simon felt like everything in life was going downhill – his health, his body and his energy levels.

The only thing that constantly seemed to increase was the number on the weighing scales.

At 43, Simon really felt like the out-of-shape dad. He constantly felt lethargic and low on confidence and it was affecting both his personal and professional life.

When he hit the 100kg mark, Simon tried to make some attempts at getting his weight under control, but only ever managed to lose a few kilos.

He knew he needed more and decided to entrust his health to the experts at Ultimate Performance Manchester.

What Simon achieved over 24 weeks was truly jaw-dropping – he lost 27kg and two thirds of his body fat to build an enviable physique.

“The weight just kept falling off, and now I am down to 80kg, and I honestly cannot remember ever weighing 80kg.”

 Simonc-40s-39wk-pt-mcr-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Before joining U.P., Simon was unhappy with his work, and food became his comfort. The weight gradually kept piling on until he hit 100kg. By then he was stuck in a vicious cycle of low energy and comfort eating.

“I tried different diets, going to the gym on my own. I tried swimming – nothing was really working I would lose a few kilos here and there, but nothing stuck.

“Then over the last couple of years, I had gone over 100kg, and that was sort of a frightening point for me, and I thought I need to sort something out.

“I realised I didn’t know what I was doing. Clearly, my way wasn’t working, so I thought, let’s find an expert. I needed to go somewhere where the focus was on transformation.”

U.P. turned out to be the perfect place for Simon. With its tried-and-tested programme, he didn’t have to think too much about his diet or training – his P.T. took care of it all and mentored him through the whole process.

All he had to do was show up, work hard, and listen to his P.T.

“I saw the transformation photos on the wall, and I thought ‘That’s what I want!’ even though I didn’t believe it would happen to me.

“The weight started to come off straight away, the first 5kg was good, but it was really after that that I saw the difference because then it just carried on falling off.

“It was 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, and we got to what I thought was my target 90kg, which I remembered being when I was 30, and then we weren’t finished, and we carried on!”

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It has been a whirlwind few months for Simon who has been on a life-changing journey.

What started as a goal to lose some weight has snowballed into a truly transformative experience.

Simon says that having the support of his trainer, Christian, every step of the way made the whole process feel easy.

“Looking back now, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult. I just followed my instructor’s advice. I didn’t have to think about it, that was the key thing for me.

“If you just follow what you are told to do here, the method works. I saw the transformations, and I didn’t quite know whether it will happen to me, and it did!

“I didn’t stop after the first 3 months and decided to carry on. Now I am absolutely in the habit of coming to the gym and eating sensibly. The programme here has taught me the skills and the habits I need to carry on.”

 Simonc-40s-39wk-pt-mcr-back-900 Ultimate Performance


The physical changes had a knock-on effect on other areas of his life as well. He had more energy and drive to act on his plans, and this impacted his work and family life positively.

“I now have the energy to play with my daughter. She is going to start swimming lessons and previously I wouldn’t have wanted to go to the pool with her, it was a bit embarrassing being so out of shape, but now I am totally fine with it.

“I remember every summer holiday I would be on a beach just covered up. But this time I was just fine. I felt like a confident person on the beach and felt like I was in shape rather than embarrassed for being an overweight dad who is just sitting with his T-shirt on.”

“Coming to the gym and getting used to that discomfort of some of the exercises and pushing through them gave me the confidence that I can do it.

“And now, when I am tired or work seems difficult, I am now actually pushing through and getting things finished. Coming here and getting myself in shape has exceeded my expectations, and it has had an effect on everything else.”

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