Ultimate Performance are the world’s leading personal trainers, working with thousands of clients, across 9 countries and 19 gyms, as well as thousands more through our Online Personal Training programmes. 

Each client has their own unique set of goals, motivations and challenges – and so each client needs a unique approach to diet and training to achieve a truly life-changing body transformation. But there is one unifying question that we ask everyone we work with – ‘which celebrity body would you most like to have?’

The reason we ask this question is to help each client visualise the exact look and physique they want to achieve at the end of their transformation.

It also gives their personal trainer a clear physical ideal to build a bespoke training programme around and select the perfect exercises to sculpt and shape their client’s body. 

While everyone’s goals and ideal body shapes are different, there are key names from the worlds of film, fashion, TV and music that crop up time and time again.

So we have drawn up a top 10 list of the most popular male celebrities our clients want to look like in 2019-2020.

Then, taking inspiration from our top 10, our elite trainers have pieced together 10 separate workouts – one for each celebrity in the list.

Whether you want ‘abs like Brad Pitt’ or ‘arms like Chris Hemsworth’, our trainers have judiciously selected exercises and crafted intelligently-designed workouts to shape muscular development in the key areas most men focus on  – the arms, chest, shoulders, abs and back.

Simply click on any name in the top 10 and open a unique workout designed around each celebrity’s most prominent physical feature or look. 

Finally, we have produced a cheat sheet of 10 healthy habits that every single one of our Ultimate Performance clients follows to achieve their own version of a celebrity body.

Here are the Top 10 Male Celebrities U.P. Clients Want to Look Like:

Nick Mitchell, founder and global CEO of Ultimate Performance, says…

“There is nothing new about the pursuit of the ‘perfect celebrity body’ – the desire to achieve a figure or physique like the famous names of the day goes back generations.

“But what is interesting is how tastes evolve over time and what society venerates as the pinnacle of the body beautiful from one year to the next.

“This data shows us the body shapes that are most popular for men in 2020, which helps guide our trainers to create intelligently-designed training programmes to help our body transformation clients at Ultimate Performance best achieve these looks. 

“A cursory look over this top 10 male celebrity list will show you a number of striking trends about the celebrity physiques that are most desirable in 2020 for Ultimate Performance clients in Britain, the United States, Dubai, Spain, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. 

“For many men, the classic action hero look popular in the 80s and 90s with the likes of Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger has given way to a more aesthetic and realistic look.

“Traditionally ‘bigger’ celebrities, like The Rock and Dave Bautista, still figure in the top 10, but we increasingly see men wanting a more natural and achievable look with muscle definition, abs and a balanced physique similar to the likes of Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“What is particularly heartening is to see a host of celebrities over 40 feature among the top names our clients want to look like – Brad Pitt (56), Hugh Jackman (51),  Daniel Craig (50), Dave Bautista (50) and Dwayne Johnson (47) – yet more proof of what we have always known at Ultimate Performance, that age is just a number and results are within the grasp of anyone.

“Just look at any of the incredible results we have helped tens of thousands of Ultimate Performance clients in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, achieve in almost-impossibly short time frames and you can see that anyone can achieve the body they want. 

“While you can’t have the exact body of Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt, they can’t have your exact body either. 

“Our genetic inheritance bequeaths us our own physical strengths and weaknesses, but these can be sculpted, enhanced and maximised with effective weight training, the right diet and lasting lifestyle change to bring out the best in you. 

“Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy – it’s not. There’s no magic pill to achieve the body you want. It comes down to hard work, consistency and a degree of sacrifice. But nothing in life is worth achieving without a little hard graft. 

“But also remember that you don’t have to spend endless hours in the gym to get the body you want. In fact, our body transformation clients at Ultimate Performance spend just an average of 2.7 hours in the gym. 

“The formula is a simple one – train with weights progressively, ‘eat from the land’ with whole nutrient-rich foods, move more every day, manage stress effectively, focus on quality sleep, and build healthy and sustainable habits into your lifestyle.”

10 Healthy Habits Every Client Follows at Ultimate Performance for Body Transformation Success

Everybody wants to know the ‘secret’ to achieving the body of their favourite Hollywood star. But the secret is… there is no secret.

What Ultimate Performance helps clients focus on is doing the basics – and doing them well – to get remarkable results in implausibly short time frames.

Doing the basics simply means:

  • Following an intelligently-designed workout programme
  • Executing each workout progressively and with consistency
  • Supporting these efforts in the gym with a diet based around whole foods
  • Making lifestyle changes like improved sleep, increased daily activity, and effective stress management

Is it always easy? No. 

Is it straightforward? Yes. 

Does it require a degree of sacrifice? Certainly. 

Is it within the grasp of anyone willing to put the effort in? Absolutely. 

You only have to look at any of the thousands of incredible body transformations our clients have achieved at Ultimate Performance to see what is possible with as little as 3 hours of gym time a week.

While every body transformation programme is different, there are 10 key habits that span diet, training and lifestyle that every single one of our successful clients follow to achieve body transformation success.

Healthy habits are the building blocks that lay the foundation for achieving your grand goals, whatever they may be. 

Build these 10 habits into your lifestyle, and you will be well on the way to body transformation success and achieving your own ideal physique. Read the full list HERE.