Nicho experienced first-hand the transformative power that the right diet and training can have on your health.

After having his thyroid gland removed, 42-year-old Nicho struggled to balance his thyroxine levels and this left his cholesterol levels dangerously high.

Working with Ultimate Performance has not only got him stronger, fitter and leaner, but it has brought these key health markers down to normal levels in 17 short weeks.

Not even lockdown could stop Nicho and his trainer achieved his remarkable 16kg (35lb) transformation as they worked virtually together.

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Nicho had endured years of ill health before his transformation. So coming to U.P. he was even more determined to work hard, achieve even better results and make the big changes he wanted to his life.

“I’ve done a transformation in the past with U.P. and had a fabulous experience the first time and was delighted to come back and try it again.  

“I think this time I obviously had a better idea of what the transformation was going to involve and so you know I’ve been more aware of the importance of diet and the importance of maintaining the frequency of training.  

“Doing a second program at U.P. is a great chance to kick onto a level that I previously didn’t think possible.” 

 Ultimate Performance Mayfair Nicho Ultimate Performance

“I had a total thyroidectomy in 2015 and always struggled to maintain the right level of thyroxine in my system and that had resulted in having a constantly high cholesterol level as well.  

“But during this process, I’ve managed to regularize my thyroxine levels and get my cholesterol back down below five which is the first time in my adult life that that’s happened!  

“So, that’s been a great testament to the training, the quality of the diet and the focus that we’ve put in over the course of the last four months.” 

 Ultimate Performance Mayfair Nicho Back Ultimate Performance

Nicho’s earlier work with U.P. meant he was prepared for everything his program would bring, but the sudden lockdown turned his carefully-laid plans upside down.

He feared that without his gym he would lose all the milestones he had gained recently. But he was pleasantly surprised to see how the partnership and accountability his trainer brought to his virtual training kept him on track, motivated and progressing towards his goal.

 Nicho Mayfair Ultimate Performance

Nicho says it has actually proved to be a big stress-buster and a positive focus during a tough lockdown.

“As far as virtual training is concerned, it’s been fabulous during the lockdown to maintain focus and make sure that I keep progressing through obviously what’s been a challenging period for everyone. 

“November and right through Christmas was a difficult time for me personally – as it has been for many others. I think having the discipline of three training sessions a week, being able to continue doing a virtual session was enormously important for me, not just physically but mentally as well.

“I think the structure and the discipline of the process helped me keep calm and focused when times got challenging and the discipline of trying to stick to the diet was an important focus for me.” 

 Ultimate Performance Mayfair Nicho Side Ultimate Performance

Doing this transformation has turned a challenging time into a hugely positive period in his life – something Nicho says was both fun and rewarding.

He credits the professionalism and dedication of his trainer, Chris, as being fundamental to his success.

 Nicho Up Mayfair Ultimate Performance

“I absolutely loved every minute of it! I think making the progress that I’ve made since the end of August; going from probably being able to crank out 4 or 5 pull-ups up to 10 now and being able to increase the volume in my training and the frequency, has been a great part of the experience. 

“The quality of the training has been exceptional! I think one of the key attributes has been the fact that the level of accountability has been something I have never experienced before and being able to just work with somebody who was really focused on my goals throughout the process and kept me focused on the task in hand, is invaluable. 

“I am very impressed with my U.P. trainer’s dedication, knowledge and professionalism. He’s a first-class trainer: a great asset to U.P. Couldn’t have done it without him!” 



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