Linda had always had to contend with stress in her work life – as a business leader operating globally, it came with the territory.   

But with all her focus on her career and family life, Linda’s health and fitness had been on a downward slide for 10 years. 

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Ultimate Performance

Linda’s story was common for many successful professionals –  and socialising too often, drinking too much and not exercising enough was taking its toll on her wellbeing. 

She was just a week or so into a transformation journey at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong with her husband when she was hospitalised after the worrying onset of blackouts 

The neurologist’s verdict was ‘stress’ – it proved to be a wake-up call for 42-year-old Linda to double down on transforming her health and changing her lifestyle for good with U.P.     

“When I first came, I was 87kg. I am 61kg now! I went from size 16 to size 10!   

“I can’t actually remember being that size ever – even when I was running marathons! I feel healthier and fitter, and my body is a different shape.”   

What made Linda first walk through the doors at U.P. Hong Kong was actually wanting to help her husband, Adam, get back on the path to good health.   

He was spiralling into an unhealthy lifestyle with work stress and alcohol and needed a reset.  

Linda signed them both up to a transformation programme  – and only broke the news to him once she had it set in place.  

What started as a supportive tagalong quickly took over her life  – Linda joined U.P. to help her husband Adam but ended up achieving the best body of her life.   

It has proved to be the complete reboot that they both needed.   

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Abs Ultimate Performance

“My diet and lifestyle used to be healthy and I used to run, but actually in the last 10 years since my daughter was born, it just sort of went slowly downhill.   

“Particularly here in Hong Kong, it’s a very social environment, especially with work. So, both Adam and I were socialising a lot and with that came a lot of alcohol and poor food choices.   

“It’s been building for a while, and when I walked through the door here, it was probably the worst we have ever been.”  

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Back Ultimate Performance

Linda says adjusting to life in Hong Kong and focussing on work and her children meant she neglected her health and fitness.  

“I had persuaded myself that I was just a little bit overweight, and if I knuckle down, I could get back to the fitness level I had before. I was convinced that it wouldn’t require a significant change.   

“The truth is that balancing kids and my job is incredibly hard. I ended up focusing on them a lot more, and as we moved to Hong Kong, I realised that health and fitness weren’t built into my new life.   

“I used to look in the mirror and see myself getting bigger, and I used to convince myself that I can hide it. So instead of investing time and effort on my health and fitness, I sort of pivoted and tried to blank it out and push it away.”  

Linda was convinced about the need to change her lifestyle. However, becoming healthier took on a new degree of urgency when stress-related hospitalisation forced her to re-examine her work-life balance.   

“I ended up in the hospital and had to have an MRI scan.   

  “They suspected stress was a contributing factor.   

“The neurologist said it was really important that I focussed on my health and fitness.  It really gave me a bit of a kick.”  

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong 3 Ultimate Performance

She took a couple of months off and came back to U.P. with a new level of focus and commitment.   

Focussing on her health and fitness has been transformative both in her home life and in her career.   

“Work has always been stressful, and I used to feel overwhelmed, and I used to self-medicate with alcohol to manage that stress.   

“Now I don’t get stressed as quickly; I am more pragmatic. I feel like I have got so much more energy and mentally also I am much stronger.   

“Now, if I need to take some time away from a challenging conversation or a particular situation, I will just go for a walk. Better than going to a bar and having a drink!”   

Doing a transformation has been a real education for Linda that has helped her and her family towards a happier and healthier new direction.   

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Ultimate Performance

“The most important lesson I learnt is that you have got to change your whole lifestyle. It’s not an opt-in or opt-out that you can do in short bursts; it needs to be a fundamental change.   

 “For both me and my husband Adam, and also for the kids, U.P. has helped us make that change. We are eating better, exercising and hiking more. We just didn’t live that way before.”  

“Adam and I have been on this journey together, and it’s brought us both a bit closer. The kids really enjoyed us being more balanced and around a bit more – it’s really nice to get up in the morning and go for a hike with the kids instead of being hungover.”    

 Linda Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Side Ultimate Performance

The U.P. approach is challenging, but the programme provides all the support needed to help clients achieve their goals.   

In fact, Linda was surprised that she was able not only to juggle kids, work and home life but also easily manage the demands of the programme quickly.   

“So many people have said this to me ‘it must be so hard to work out or keep going to the gym.’  

“And I have said to them – ‘actually, it’s not hard. Yes, it takes commitment and dedication, but if you get into that headspace where you hold yourself accountable, then it is not hard.’ 

“U.P. Hong Kong delivers results it promises. Their approach is challenging, but it works well for me because that’s how I am at work where we have targets and stretch targets. It sparks the way I am about my work and what I do. I felt like this is another challenge, and I really relish a challenge.”  



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