Doctor Tanvir was dedicated to looking after the health of his patients – but his own health suffered as a consequence.

Going into his 40s, the LA-based cardiologist was prediabetic and knew all too well he was on a dangerous path as his blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels worsened.

Tanvir’s dad had suffered a heart attack in his 50s, and he feared he was heading in the same direction if he didn’t make some drastic changes to his lifestyle – and that’s exactly what he did working with the experts at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles.

Less than a year later, Tanvir’s health and body have been transformed.

His blood results look great, he is off medication and best of all, he has the knowledge to keep himself in shape for decades to come and to help educate his patients on healthy living too.

“U.P. is a substantial investment, but you can’t really put a price on health.

“Especially as a physician, when I look at my blood work now as opposed to when I first came in, there is no drug or procedure that I can offer to my patients that can get the same kinds of results. That is just not possible.”

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It has been a life-changing journey for Tanvir and one that started out with a simple goal of losing a few pounds.

“Originally I came in to just to lose weight and get my blood work looking better and then I thought you know maybe it’s possible for me to look like these photos.

“I think for a lot of us hard-working professionals, aesthetics may not be the first thing that we think about, but for me, it ended up being an added benefit.

“I would make jokes with friends, dates or girlfriends about having a ‘dad bod’, but there is a truth that underlies that and a sort of self-consciousness about how I look.”

Tanvir knew that his hectic and unstructured work schedule was mostly responsible for his problems and joining a disciplined training schedule at U.P. suited his need for structure, but still gave him enough flexibility to accommodate his work hours.

“I think the biggest thing for a lot of doctors is that we have very irregular schedules: there’s a lot of night shifts involved, I work a lot of weekends, I sometimes work an entire 48 hours at a time, and that can really wear you out.

“Obviously, that affects the way you eat, and your sleep is off, which kind of cascades into everything else. I found U.P. pretty accessible; I was able to come in after work or before work and plan according to my schedule.”


Apart from the evident changes to his health and body, Tanvir enjoyed learning about training and nutrition, and got a deeper insight into how his body reacts to food, rest, and exercise.

“What I appreciate about the process is that I have learned so much about how my body works, what’s required as far as nutrition, what’s required as far as diligence.

“For example, using the tracker or conversations with my trainer about how I’m feeling, what I’m feeling today, what happened the past few days – over time really gave me an insight into my own body and what I needed to do.

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is consistency. You might miss a day or two, you might go on a trip, visit family or things like that, but if you just come back to it, you’ll be right on track. So it doesn’t have to be discouraging.”

As a single man, Tanvir found that his dating life got a boost from his fit body.

“What I’ve realized is that as I lost weight, everyone’s energy around me changed and it’s almost like people want to be around you more.

“The other guys treat me differently, and the women treat me differently; I definitely get more smiles and attention.”

But the most interesting side benefit of the process turned out to be work-related.

“I see my patients repeatedly every few months, especially in the outpatient setting or in the office.

“I’m at a point where they’ll ask ‘Are you losing weight? Are you doing something?’

“What I really like is that it’s allowed me to explain my own motivations because I was prediabetic and I was still able to make these changes and drastically bring down my sugars and my hemoglobin A1c, and I can use that to talk to my patients about it.”


His transformation has also brought with it a new mindset both around his own health and with his work life.

The bottom line is that prevention is always better than cure – and when it comes to being healthy, nothing beats proper diet and training.

“This process has made me think more broadly about health, and I think a lot of people, especially physicians, think of someone as healthy just because of the absence of a diagnosis, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy – you could have a lot going on.

“I’ve realized there’s a whole level of thought process or philosophy about being healthy that’s very different from what I was taught as a doctor, and you can achieve much more through just physical activity, proper nutrition, proper diet and training, and that can prevent all kinds of health problems.”

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