Actor Kevin McHale has gone from ‘Geek Bod’ to ‘Greek God’ after making a truly incredible transformation at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles.

Kevin, who is most famous for his role in the hit Fox comedy-drama series, Glee, is almost unrecognizable from his most famous on-screen character Artie Abrams after his 12-week transformation.

The 30-year-old pushed himself to the limit with the goal of getting in the best shape of his life and overcoming long-term stomach and digestive issues.

But after just a matter of weeks, Kevin surpassed anything he thought was possible to build a lean, athletic and muscular new physique.

Training just three times a week at U.P. Los Angeles, Kevin lost 7lbs, halved his body fat and added more than 5lbs of lean muscle to his ‘skinny fat’ frame.

U.P. Los Angeles Client of the Month, Kevin, says it’s the best body he’s ever had.

  Ultimate Performance

“My whole body composition is completely different. The shape of my body is 100% different.

“When I look at pictures of myself and cover up my face, I wouldn’t know who it was.

“I feel like a completely different person.”

It’s not just an incredible new physique Kevin has forged with his bespoke training and nutrition plan, but in 12 short weeks, he has changed every other aspect of his life, too.

He has beaten his ongoing digestive problems, mastered his diet, food preparation and home cooking. He has also learned the skills and knowledge about training and nutrition to maintain his impressive new body for life.

“I keep telling people it’s more like working with scientists here because the diet and training are so precise.”

It’s amazing how far Kevin has come in 12 weeks with his health and fitness.

He was at rock bottom with his chronic intestinal problems, which a succession of doctors just couldn’t accurately diagnose. It was affecting his life to the point where he stopped working out, lost all motivation and was in a spiral of feeling bad and eating junk.

Now Kevin is feeling great again and has overcome the gut issues that had blighted his life for so long.

“I’m a happier person. I feel better so I’m more happy to go and do things, and I won’t sit on the counter and watch TV all day.

“I’m more motivated because I’m feeling better and when you feel better, you’re going to do better and be more productive and positive.

“So, coming here, I thought ‘I’ll get a better body’ and that was my intention. But I’m coming away where emotionally, physically, dietary – everything is drastically improved.”

Getting back in control of his diet, understanding nutrition, and learning about the foods that work for his body played a huge part in making his transformation at U.P. Los Angeles.

Kevin had been through elimination diet after elimination diet to try and solve his digestive problems. He didn’t understand the simple cornerstones of nutrition for optimal health and body composition.

Now, he has gone from being the guy who had an uncontrollable sweet tooth and lived off junk food and takeaways every day, to someone who cooks from fresh, regularly prepares meals, and understands the right macronutrients to maintain a lean and muscular body.

“It’s a more sustainable and more realistic way to live, as opposed to someone like me who had been doing all these elimination diets where you would get off it and just want to binge on everything because you haven’t been able to eat anything.

Kevin McHale from Glee at UP

“U.P. has equipped me with the tools to be able to not only look for the right things to eat and make the right things to eat, but to know how it feels to eat those things and how it affects me, not just physically or superficially. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally because I’m eating the right things.”

This education on nutrition has been eye-opening for Kevin.

“I loved it because it felt like this science experiment where I could see how all the food I ate would affect my body.

“I could see how it would affect me mentally. It really shifted things in terms of how I look at food.”

Working with a world-class personal trainer at U.P. has changed his whole perception of training too.

Kevin had always felt intimidated by gyms and not fully knowing or understanding the exercises he should be doing was a great source of anxiety.

But now he feels confident and capable to train effectively on his own.

“I thought it was going to be super intimidating because the results look like that, but it’s not. It’s focussed because you’re doing the correct things.


“At the same time, it’s fun. I’ve never had fun in a gym before. Everyone’s yelling at you but encouraging you in a fun way where it actually now feels like I’m walking into a friend group.

“Eddie can seem like an intimidating person at first because he’s big and muscular, but he’s not really. He’s a big old softie, but he knows what he’s doing – that’s the thing

“He is the man. You know you’re in the best hands around and everything is going to be fine.”

Kevin has been blown away by the results he achieved over 12 weeks at U.P. Los Angeles.

“I started at 16% body fat and I’m now below 8%. I lost 7lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle.

“That may not sound that drastic, but for someone as small as me, for me looking in the mirror it’s pretty drastic.

“I feel good going to the beach and taking my shirt off. “It’s the best I’ve ever looked.

“I’ve never had the goal of being super big or super jacked – that’s not me. This is perfect for me.”





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