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We are the world’s leading experts in fat loss for men.

Our tailored personal training programs have helped over 15,000 men worldwide lose fat, build muscle and make head-turning transformations. Our vast experience in fat loss has been honed over hundreds of thousands of hours of painstaking trial and error.

A slow-burn scientific process over years and years – working with thousands of men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to truly master our craft. Data and real-world know-how drive our proven methodology. So we can consistently deliver fast and effective fat loss results for every man who walks through our doors.

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Answers to your fat loss questions

Men experience different challenges to women when it comes to fat loss. Beer bellies, ‘man boobs’ and dieting are key concerns for men.

We share the answers to your most common fat loss questions from our expertise in working with thousands of male clients…

How fast can a man lose fat?

How fast you can lose fat as a man depends on multiple different factors. How much fat do you have to lose? What is your current body composition? What is your hormonal balance like? How low-calorie are you able to diet and how much daily activity can you do?

A smarter way to think about it for men is ‘how fast can you lose fat at a healthy rate?’ For most men, this would mean losing around 0.5-1.5% of total bodyweight per week. It is almost impossible to determine whether this is entirely from fat or muscle.

However, we can encourage the body to tap into fat stores and preserve muscle mass by resistance training and eating a high protein diet.

How can I get rid of ‘man boobs’?

Man boobs can be a sign of estrogen dominance, which is an imbalance in male sex hormones. This can mean an overproduction of estrogen and an underproduction of testosterone – or just an imbalance between the two within a healthy range.

This can be caused simply by being overweight. The primary way to get rid of man boobs is to decrease your levels of body fat overall. It is also important to minimise stress on the body, so you can get to a place where it is hormonally healthy.

Supplements like EstroSupport can help this process of restoring a healthy hormonal balance.

What causes a beer belly?

Beer bellies are not caused simply by drinking too much beer (although this will not help).

They are caused by the excess accumulation of visceral fat – that is fat that sits around organs in the abdomen.

An unhealthy diet, excess calories, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle habits can all contribute to the beer belly.

It is ‘normal’ for men to store more fat around the midsection – as opposed to women who are more prone to fat storage peripherally in the arms and legs.

However, a beer belly is more than just ‘cosmetic’ subcutaneous fat. The swollen, hard, ‘pregnant’ belly is an outward sign that inflammatory ‘visceral’ fat is building up around the internal organs.

Large quantities of this type of fat are associated with massively high levels of insulin resistance and all the cardiovascular and diabetic problems that go with such a condition.

A good diet, consistent exercise program and better stress management are the quickest way to deal with a belly.

What's the best diet for fat loss?

The best diet for you is the diet that you can stick to consistently enough to create the calorie deficit needed to lose fat.

There are many ways to achieve a calorie deficit. Any diet that achieves a calorie deficit can help you lose fat. But there are some ways that are more optimal than others.


What are the characteristics of a good diet?

You should aim to get at least 90% of your foods from unprocessed sources – whole foods, vegetables, good-quality proteins, healthy fats, some fruit will help most people lose fat and maintain a healthy body weight.

How that looks in terms of calorie targets and macronutrient splits is going to be completely dependent on the individual, their goal and their food preferences.

For most people, restricting your calorie intake while increasing your daily activity levels and then watching tracking weight averages over time is a good starting point.

How much cardio do I need for fat loss?

You don’t need any cardio for fat loss. Cardio is just one tool you can use to increase the amount of calories you burn. You could equally achieve this by just walking and increasing your step count.

Cardio can be more time-efficient than doing steps. However, you would have to do a lot of structured cardio in an average day if you were relying on that alone rather than general activity to increase your calorie burn.

For example, if you walk 10,000 steps every day, you will burn more calories than if you do 30 minutes of cardio three times per week.

You could use a combination of walking and cardio. You could just do walking. Or you could just do cardio, but you would be spending a lot more time in the gym and it might be stressful on the body.

There are some additional benefits to cardio – it can improve your cardiovascular health and increase your work capacity for training in the gym.

Therefore the choice of whether to do cardio, and how much cardio to do, largely depends on your starting point, your lifestyle and personal preference.

‘Maximum results, minimum time.’ – Male Fat Loss Results

Thousands of men of all ages and abilities. Consistently outstanding results that go way beyond just a ‘before and after’.

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Diet and supplement smarter for fat loss

Nutrition is vital if you want noticeable fat loss results – but 99.9% of personal trainers don’t give it a thought.

We examine your diet history, your body composition stats and your goals alongside 150+ data points before you even start. It means we can tailor nutrition targets to you, guide you on the right food choices, and help you find the perfect diet for fat loss that lasts.

There is no magic to what we do. We focus on core nutrition principles. ‘Eat from the land’ with a focus on high protein, nutrient-rich meals that support optimal health and a calorie deficit needed for fat loss.

We give you the education and accountability you need with your diet to get lasting results.

You don’t need pills and potions for fat loss – your diet, training and daily activity do all the ‘heavy lifting’. We find that most clients will benefit from a small number of supplements to plug any nutritional gaps on a fat loss plan.

We only recommend science-backed supplements that are shown to enhance performance, recovery, and results with thousands of our clients.

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Game-changing tech for fat loss

Our Transform app technology helps you understand where you store fat so we can give you a blueprint for faster fat loss results.

It lets us analyse where you store fat – revealing powerful insights about your metabolic and hormonal health.

We do this by taking body fat measurements from 15 key sites to create a unique hormonal profile of you. It helps us identify any potential issues with your hormones, health or lifestyle that might be stopping you from losing fat effectively.

We can use this unique data to personalise your training, nutrition and supplement protocols to reduce fat, improve health markers and enhance your results.

Male Fat Loss Myths Busted

Losing fat and getting in shape can be a challenge for men. Fitness myths about fat loss only hold men back and make this struggle harder. The answers to some of the most common fat loss myths might surprise you…

Do men lose fat faster than women?

In theory, no. Universally, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat no matter what your age, gender or size.

So, you are going to have to burn an excess of 3,500 calories compared to your calorie intake to lose that pound of fat, whether you are a man or a woman.

However, there are certain characteristics of men that may mean that they find it easier to lose fat at a faster rate because they are often able to handle a bigger calorie deficit better. We find that this is because their bodies are a little more resilient to stress and they may be less hormonally affected by dieting compared to women.

In addition, because men tend to have higher amounts of muscle mass, they can diet on higher calories and still be in that all-important deficit needed for fat loss. For example, if you can diet on 2,400 calories compared to 1,400 calories, that is considerably easier and you are less likely to slip up. Women also tend to be susceptible to water weight changes, which can make it appear like fat loss is not happening as quickly or feels less linear compared to men.

Will supplements help you lose weight?

Yes and no. You might see ‘fat burning’ supplements marketed online. While some may have a small ‘thermogenic’ effect, it’s not significant enough to lead to fat loss without concomitant diet and exercise changes.

There are no true legal ‘fat burning’ supplements that will make you lose weight. You cannot create a calorie deficit through supplements alone – this can only be achieved through reduced calorie intake and increased energy expenditure through exercise.

However, there are a range of supplements that can put your body in the best position to lose weight.

If you are overweight or lead an unhealthy lifestyle with high stress, poor sleep, little exercise and consumption of highly processed foods or alcohol, you are likely to have high levels of systemic inflammation. This inflammation can reduce blood flow to certain tissues, making it harder to lose stubborn fat in some areas. Supplements, such as our unique Inflammation Support formula, can help reduce systemic inflammation and support the fat loss process.

Supplements, such as Berberine, can help you become more insulin sensitive so your body can use carbohydrates more effectively. Supplements, such as our Focus pre-workout product, can improve your performance or output in the gym, which can indirectly support weight loss. Supplements can also be used to help manage appetite to make dieting for weight loss easier.

Our Amplify product, for example, has multiple purposes – managing appetite, boosting energy levels, reducing physical stress on the body, and increasing insulin sensitivity.

So supplements won’t directly help you lose weight, but they can support the weight loss process.

Does eating late at night makes you fatter?

There is still a myth that eating carbs after a certain time of day, for example, will make people store that food as fat.

What really matters, however, is total calories over the day. You will not store fat unless you have an excess of calories – no matter what time of day you eat.

However, your body is better able to process carbohydrates at certain times of day. First thing in the morning, when cortisol is high after you wake up, your body is probably the least insulin sensitive. In simple terms, cortisol is a hormone that seeks to mobilise energy, while insulin is a hormone that seeks to store energy (you cannot do both at the same time). Hence why people who lead very high-stress lifestyles tend to be very insulin insensitive.

Eating carbs in the evening, however, can be beneficial for many people because it helps to produce serotonin, which leads to melatonin – supporting good quality sleep and recovery.

While there may be more or less optimal times to eat carbs during a day, the bottom line is that ‘calories are king’.

Is it possible to ‘spot reduce’ fat?

‘Spot reduction’ is the idea that you can target specific areas of your body to lose fat.

People believe that doing sit-ups, for example, will help to lose belly fat. However, this is a myth – you cannot ‘spot reduce’ fat. Fat is lost across the body as a whole.

When you begin to lose fat and get leaner, there will be parts of your body you lose fat immediately from and other areas that are more stubborn. This is different for every person because of their individual genetics, hormonal profile and body fat storage patterns.

Fat loss simply comes down to burning more calories than you consume in a day.

So as long as you are regularly exercising (in particular strength training) and following a calorie-controlled diet consistently, you will see results.

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