Hard work, dedication and commitment pay off.

Long distance runner Tamas, who works in finance, found this after making a spectacular transformation at Ultimate Performance.

Budapest-born Tamas is almost unrecognizable from his former self after losing 55lbs over 10 months and getting rid of his belly to reveal an impressive six-pack.

The busy father-of-two’s hard work in the gym has helped transform his body – but it’s not just the way he looks that’s so impressive.

Tamas, has been to a training camp in Kenya to train with the elite and Olympic long distance runners, barely ran during his transformation journey – but the training has boosted his strength and fitness and helped him come close to his 10K personal best again.

Needless to say, he is thrilled with the results of his U.P. body transformation which helped him built a lean and muscular new body.


Tamas 10 Month Fat Loss Results - Front Tamas 10 Month Fat Loss Results - Front Ultimate Performance

“The results were amazing,” he says. “If anything, at times I thought it would be better to slow down, as my skin needed time to adjust as the fat was melting.

“Overall, I dropped 55 lbs, 25% body fat, have a six pack and look lean and feel full of energy. All this in 90 sessions, that is almost 0.6 lbs of fat lost per session, unbelievable if you think of it like that!”

The reason he came to U.P. was to get back in shape after his busy lifestyle took it’s toll on his body and he knew he needed the help of U.P.’s body transformation experts to help him achieve his goal.

“I was looking forward to the intense and focused training. Although I did achieve good results on my own or through online coaching, I knew that with U.P.’s professional approach, I could go much further.”

Tamas says after years of training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle he had succumbed to his frenetic life and admits he had ‘let himself go’.




“After five years of being in a good shape and training pretty consistently, I really let it go last year, due to constant travel at work. I reached a point where I got so out of shape, I didn’t have the strength to go back and start training on my own.

“Although overall I am very food conscious, I really let the diet go last year, with bad aeroplane food and drinks.”

But from the moment he started his bespoke training and nutrition plan with his U.P. trainer Rich, he gained back some much-needed discipline and control to help him get back on track.

Changing his diet to cut out sugar, processed carbs and alcohol and adding in ‘clean’ foods, lean protein and lots of green vegetables made a huge impact.

Combined with an effective strength training programme and Tamas saw the fat melt off. He started at 35% body fat and saw this cut down to a lean 10.9% body fat, while adding nearly 13 lbs of lean muscle mass to his frame.

Tamas says his body transformation has significantly improved all areas of his health and improved his energy levels both inside and outside of the gym.

Tamas - bicep curl


“Of course, my performance and energy levels are much higher, and although I didn’t do much running, I ran very close to my personal best at a 10k race towards
the end of my training.

“I sleep very well, and have not been ill at all over the last nine months, even when the whole family caught a cold or flu.

“It helped me get back in some of the best shape I have ever been in, and doing sports on my own comes much easier and naturally now.”

Working with UP for 10 months has been an incredible education in training and nutrition for Tamas – something that will keep him in great condition for years to come.

His determination to regain his fitness and build his best-ever body is commendable – particularly when things got challenging for him.

“What I learnt this time, is that with age, the transformation comes much harder and slower than it used to. While ultimately the results were at or above my expectations, there were periods of few weeks when I was flatlining and it really took a big effort from my trainer and me to push through these hard patches.”


It was this constant support from his trainer and the professionalism of U.P. that Tamas particularly pays tribute to in helping him achieve such great results.

“I have trained with private trainers in many gyms in many countries and have never found the level of professionalism that the trainers have at U.P..

“The results came thanks to the focus of my trainer. I find it amazing that he was able to help me achieve all these results, ending up pulling and pressing seriously heavy weights without a single injury in all these months.

“Well done for protecting me from myself not to push too hard too fast.”

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