Dan 35kg weight-loss transformation at Ultimate Performance


Dan always thought he was reasonably fit and active – but the number on the scales told him otherwise. His weight had tipped the 111kg mark and he was living with low energy, stress and high blood pressure levels. Trying a string of exercise programs and fad diets never really moved the needle – so he turned to Ultimate Performance for professional guidance and a trusted partner to get in shape.

With a goal of getting fitter for his young family, 35-year-old father Dan is now worlds apart from where he was – lighter, healthier and on top of his game, both at work and in his family life.


“My lifestyle habits were quite active. I thought I was doing the right things, but I wasn’t.”

“At one point I was 111kg, and I thought I was active and absolutely fine, but I wasn’t and that resulted in high blood pressure and low energy levels, I wasn’t in control of my diet and my body.” 

With no improvement whatsoever, Dan joined U.P. to become fitter for his children and get back control of his life. With a strong motivation to pull him through the challenging times, results came quicker than he imagined.