“This is the first time I’ve done any kind of weight training or strength training. I’ve built a great body and 100% returned my investment.”

Years of cardio classes and yo-yo dieting had done nothing for Kirsten’s figure.

Countless times she tried, but any fat loss was only ever temporary – and extremely frustrating.

More often than not, Kirsten’s overindulgent eating got the better of her. Working for a food delivery company did her no favours at all – as she became increasingly reliant on fast food for fuel.

Her situation had now reached a tipping point. As a gym novice, she decided nothing short of a full body transformation at Ultimate Performance would do for her.

In less than 23 weeks of bespoke training, Kirsten has pushed her limits more than ever. The reward? An eye-catching body has given her confidence in her clothes and education on nutrition for life.

Read more about her remarkable transformation below.

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What was it that motivated you to start your own personal training program with U.P.? 

I was ignoring my overall well-being.

The pandemic was obviously a weird time, so even my mental health was suffering. It got to a real tipping point and I thought if I don’t do something now, I’m not going to do anything.

So, I just had that ‘reach-the-edge’ kind of energy.

In terms of nutrition, I work for a food delivery company, so it was easy for me to use that as a service and get loads of takeaways, which obviously wasn’t great.

The other thing is, I was trying to be more plant-based in my diet, but I just wasn’t educated on protein intake and things like that.

So even when I thought a meal would be healthy, it wasn’t necessarily well-balanced. 

As someone completely new to lifting weights, how did you find your training program?  

It’s been quite eye-opening to see how I could push myself. It’s the first time I’ve done any kind of strength-training, so I’ve pushed my body to places I didn’t believe I would be able to reach.

I must say I have an extremely active social life, and I was worried that I was going to have to become a hermit and not be able to enjoy myself, particularly during the summer months and going to people’s weddings and birthdays and stuff.

The U.P. trainers helped by supporting me outside the gym: I was getting guidance on eating out and going to social events.

It’s been nice that I’ve not felt like I’ve lost anything. I’ve just felt that I gained a great body.

I also got a lot of help from my trainer when I was going through ups and downs, and they were there to push me in the sessions themselves. 


How did weight training affect your fitness and physique? How quickly did you start feeling or noticing a difference in yourself? 

This is the first time I’ve done any kind of weight training or strength training, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I’ve yo-yo dieted across the years and done more cardio-based exercises, but the real shape of my body now is amazing. I was recently on holiday with someone, and she said, “you look really strong.”

I thought that was a lovely compliment to get. It wasn’t just “oh, well done. You look really tiny.”

So, yeah, it’s more about just feeling powerful in your body, but at the same time getting the body shape you want.  


How has training and diet improved your life outside the gym? 

It’s given me that real-time management discipline to get stuff done.

Whatever I do now, I’m never just going through the motions. Coming to U.P. and dedicating a period of my life to improving my health has been extremely rewarding.

It’s given me the foundation to track my diet better, go to the gym and workout, and simply understand what I need to be putting in my body for the rest of my life.

It’s knowledge I can, and will, use for the rest of my life. 

Do you think U.P. was worth the invested time and money? 


This is the first time I’ve spent that amount of money on myself. It’s definitely returned my investment.

This was a big investment for me, personally, so I didn’t make the decision to join U.P. lightly. But I’m so happy I did.

It’s the whole holistic advice on lifestyle, understanding macros and finding the diet for you. It’s all amazing. It’s been a massive learning curve and a whole new educational journey for me.

Just getting stronger and working up the weights has been incredibly rewarding and I feel like I can move my body in ways that I never thought possible.  


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