“I’ve never looked like this before. I even have abs. The feeling is insane. I’m 37-years-old but I feel like I could fight Rocky tomorrow.”

Mo hadn’t been happy with his body for more than 20 years.

That was back in the days when he was a swimmer, aged just 16.

Even then, he didn’t have the six-pack or the popping chest that he’d always really wanted.

Now creeping towards 40, Mo thought his dream physique was way out of sight. His stomach hung out of his t-shirts, and none of his trousers fitted around his waist.

He decided to scrap all the fitness know-how he’d learnt on Instagram, instead opting for a proven personal training program with Ultimate Performance.

That decision has helped Mo drop 19kg, blessing him with “insane” body-confidence.

For the first time ever, he felt great taking his shirt of on holiday by the pool. He even says he could picture himself appearing on the front of Men’s Health magazine.

Read about Mo’s remarkable journey, here…

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How did you feel about your body prior to partnering with U.P. and what motivated you to get started? 


My feelings about my body were up and down. It fluctuated a lot, but I had some events happen in my personal life in the last year that completely stressed me out, which led me to be nearly the heaviest I’ve ever been.

One day, I was looking in the mirror and I thought, “This doesn’t look good or healthy.” I’ve seen posts on Instagram, Facebook, and various media sources, so I thought I’d come and talk to them.

They were very professional when I came, and they walked me through the options that I have and what they do, etcetera.

I decided probably the very next day to join, and it’s probably one of the best decisions and best investments I’ve made in my life. 

How was your body image affecting you, Mo? 


Before I started training with you, I was at my heaviest weight ever. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw a big stomach, my chest wasn’t looking great, and my clothes didn’t fit my hips at all.

I used to be a swimmer when I was very young. I was in shape until 15 or 16, and then it kind of went downhill from there due to life in general, and personal things.

I’ve never managed to keep in shape consistently. It has always been a roller coaster of getting a little bit fit, gaining weight, gaining even more weight, and then trying to get fit again.

There was a lot of information out there, whether on Instagram or Google, about what you should do, what you should eat, the best training methods, and so on. Naturally, I tried everything.

However, staying motivated and keeping myself in check required a lot of effort.

Having a trainer who creates a plan for you and supports you when you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed was extremely helpful. 

How has your life improved since you completed your transformation? 


First of all, I don’t view it as a complete transformation. We’re still pursuing other goals.

However, having said that, I’ve lost . I’ve never looked lighter in my life. In fact, I’ve never looked like this before. I have abs and everything. I haven’t weighed this much since puberty. So, the feeling itself is insane.

It’s like I’m 37 but I could go fight Rocky tomorrow.

Generally, my mindset, emotions, self-confidence, and the way I interact with people have all changed. I’m more confident in discussions, know my self-worth, and so on.

Since my transformation, I feel much stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally, and much more confident socially. I’ve also developed a newfound love for buying nice clothes. I’m now confident and no longer concerned about being judged solely based on my appearance, but rather on the value I bring because I look great.

I went on a beach holiday recently and I felt great taking my shirt off. It’s just a great personal feeling which I get a lot of satisfaction from. 

Let’s talk about your training plan. How much did you enjoy working with you trainer in your U.P. gym?  


There were a couple of things that I really enjoyed. First, the community feel is fantastic. Whether it’s the trainers or the people in the locker room, everyone is sweating and panting after their intense one-hour training sessions.

It’s inspiring to talk to them and hear about their success stories, like someone losing X kilos or another person shedding X percentage of body fat. Those conversations really motivate me and make me fully embrace the entire experience.

I must say all the U.P. trainers are exceptional too. Even when your personal trainer is on vacation, the coverage is just as good. You have a whole team dedicated to your progress, which is amazing. They are just as invested in your success as you are.  


Perfect. You mentioned that you never had abs as a kid, right? So how does it feel now, being 37 and having a visible set of abs compared to when you were younger?  


At the time of recording, I’ve just had my photoshoot. I looked like one of those magazine people with six-packs in the photos.

I remember having a bet with my trainer that I’d never have a six-pack because I’ve never had one before. I used to train and swim a lot when I was younger, but it never showed.

Looking at the pictures, it’s like something out of Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness. I have to pay up on that bet, but in general, it feels insane.

I’m 37, and it’s the first time I’ve had a six-pack. 

On a personal level, how instrumental was your trainer in your transformation? 


My trainer was incredible. I don’t want to say a trainer is important because he trains you. Yeah, we all know that. But the fact is, they can see the potential you have and how your body can look if certain things are done, which you can’t see because you don’t have the experience or just the learning that they have. And you probably just read everything you read online, while they actually have read actual scientific stuff that helps them in this journey with you.

So, I think, in addition to understanding your body, how to basically get the best out of you, they’re also very knowledgeable about what will make you leaner, better, bigger, stronger, depending on your goal here.

So, I think the trainer is not just people investing in an app that tells you what to do, but this is a human telling you how to do a certain movement, in what way, in what tempo, and keeping you in check on that all the time, for whatever it takes until you reach the goals that you set. They don’t get bored or settle for less. They don’t get, you know, like, “oh, I’m going to throw in the towel.” If you throw in the towel, that’s your problem.

You are in here and they’re not going to let you give up. That’s crucial.  

What do you believe sets Ultimate Performance apart from other personal training services?  


When it comes to comparing U.P. to other personal training services, I believe there are a few key factors that make you different.

First and foremost, the prioritised customisation for every individual client. Every two weeks, me and my trainer religiously measured my progress, evaluated the changes, and assessed the effectiveness of the exercises. If there’s a specific injury or limitation, we modified the exercises accordingly.

If a particular exercise doesn’t yield the desired results, we’ll keep adjusting until we find the right one for that muscle group. So, the approach is highly personalised. It’s not just about using the right words; it’s genuinely tailored the program to each client’s needs.

I’ve experienced other personal training services where clients would come in after me, and they’d be doing the exact same exercises. It’s not just the exercises themselves that differ, but also factors like tempo, intensity, and the number of reps.

U.P. trainers understand that not every client can perform 15 biceps curls, for example.  


Finally, do you think your program returned your investment?  


100%. If you are considering this as a big investment, which I definitely thought when I first came here, it looks like a lot of money on paper.

But, if you think about the grand scheme of things, how much you spend on clothes, restaurants, eating out, going to parties, etc., if you commit yourself for six months and look at the money as if you’re buying something fancy for yourself, you will probably have a return on investment in something that will stay with you for life.

Hopefully, you’ll keep on track in the future, and U.P. will help you ingrain certain ways of thinking about exercise in your mind.

The money is definitely worth it. If I was asked to do it again, I would. 


Don’t let yourself slip into middle age without a fight. With the support of his U.P. trainer, Mo found the formula to priceless body-confidence at 37. Start your own plan here. 


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