Akin’s blood pressure had troubled him ever since his twenties, but it posed more danger than ever after his recent weight surge.    

He was told by a doctor that he needed to be at a healthy bodyweight to safely control his blood pressure. 

However, years of poor dietary choices and recurring injuries meant Akin was mismanaging his condition, with the threat of medication and health complications looming. 

He came to the realisation it was time to change before it was too late, methodically losing 22kg with his data-driven personal training plan at Ultimate Performance. 

Akin has now made a genuine change to his life, no longer feeling exhausted throughout the day and happy to wear whatever clothes he wants.   

“It was coming up to my 50th birthday and I just felt that it was now or never. It seemed as if there wasn’t a better time than now.   

“Now my blood pressure is very well maintained. I’ve had a recent physical and my risk factors of developing any kind of cardiovascular disease are no more than the general population’s risk factors.   

“I feel like I’ve dialled back about 20 years, which is great. I feel as fit as I was when I was 30.”   

Here, Akin talks about how he was guided through six months of training without one injury scare, and why the accountability of U.P. made all the difference in losing a life-changing 22kg.    

  Akina M50 26wk Pt Stp Front | Ultimate Performance

What was your motivation to join U.P.?  

My main motivation for joining U.P. was to work with a trainer and basically transform my body. I was hoping to feel some positive impacts on both my health and the way I feel about myself. I had a love-hate relationship with my body.

Sometimes, especially when I was training, I would feel like my body was alright. However, when I wasn’t training or when I was injured, I just felt I wasn’t on the right track, and I needed a change. It was coming up to my 50th birthday and I just felt that it was now or never. It seemed as if there wasn’t a better time than now. Obviously, 50 is a big milestone in everyone’s life so I thought I might as well just bite the bullet.


How would you describe your health before working with U.P.?  

For years I’ve been going to the gym and have always been aware of eating well and getting sufficient exercise, but it hasn’t been consistent. Following lockdown, my whole routine just became a bit of a mess. I just felt at my age, there are various medical issues that could pop up at any time, so I felt it was time to get ahead of the curve.

Before coming to U.P. I did have a couple of health issues. I’ve always had high blood pressure since I’ve been in my twenties, but that hasn’t been a problem as long as I maintain a certain weight and have reasonable activity levels. However, I was told by the time I get older, I would have to go on medication. I was told that to ensure that my risk factors remain like everyone else, I needed to keep a keen eye on weight and exercise. So that was a motivation for me to join U.P. to help me ensure my health was under control.

26 weeks on, how is your health now?   

Since training with U.P. my health issues are generally on the right trajectory. In terms of my blood pressure, it’s very well maintained. I’ve had a recent physical and my risk factors of developing any kind of cardiovascular disease is no more than the general population’s risk factors. For me, that’s massive.

When I’m stressed, I tend to break out in spots and get dry skin. For the most part that has cleared up. I’ve also always been asthmatic, but I’ve not used an inhaler in the past year, which I think is down to my transformation. What I’m eating as well has probably helped to reduce inflammation and the need for me to use an inhaler.


Have injuries held you back from training in the past?

Aside from my blood pressure, I always tend to pick up injuries quite a lot, especially Achilles tendonitis and various inflammatory episodes. These are normally exasperated from training and probably down to me carrying out exercises wrong. So, I recognised that, if I wanted to continue to be active and maintain a sensible body weight, I need to work with a trainer. That’s one of the reasons why I thought it was time to work with professionals who actually know what they’re doing.


What made your U.P. trainer so exceptional in helping you achieve your incredible results?   

I have really enjoyed working with my trainer. As I said, I’ve been training over the years and for the most part probably been doing it wrong. So having the opportunity to work with somebody that can guide you and give you feedback is amazing. I have learned what works best for my body, it’s been great for me. U.P have a consistent approach of helping people work out a way that’s correct for them. If you’ve got limited time in your day and want to come to a gym and use your time focusing on training, U.P are definitely the best and I think that’s what makes them unique.

I’ve also enjoyed the accountability of keeping a record of what you’re eating and what activities you’re doing. I’ve never done that in the past and it’s really changed my whole view and made me see what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been training with U.P. for six months and I haven’t picked up one injury. In the past, I’ve started working out but then had to stop for a month because of an injury here or there, which has been quite demoralising.


How has your life changed or improved since starting the transformation? 

Since starting my transformation my life has improved in a number of ways, I’ve noticed I feel a lot more energetic. I am finding that I move a lot quicker without being out of breath and I actually feel motivated every day to get up and ensure I do something active. I’ve felt a lot of physical benefits too, obviously my clothes now fit me a lot better now. I had to go buy a whole new wardrobe for myself.


How would you summarise your transformation journey at U.P.?  

I feel like I’ve dialled back about 20 years, which is great. I feel as fit as I was when I was 30. I’m amazed I haven’t picked up any injuries even though I’ve trained consistently for six months. The other big impact apart from my health issues is being able to lift heavier things. In the past, I would always avoid doing that because I probably had a fear of injuring myself. Here, I have learned how to lift heavy things with the right posture, and it has changed my views about lifting.




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