“I have a potentially life-threatening allergy to nuts and a lot of difficult dietary requirements. My trainer put together a perfect diet that helped me see the results I wanted.”

Jacob was unsure if his vegetarian diet would ever help him build muscle.

He believed his nutrition and potentially life-threatening food allergies would make it challenging for him to see any real results in the gym.

Completely out of shape and struggling to enjoy his favourite activities like bouldering, the 32-year-old put his faith in an Ultimate Performance personal trainer to help him make some much-needed changes.

Nineteen short weeks have debunked the myth that vegetarians cannot be strong for Jacob. A tailor-made training plan and diet have helped him lose fat and build a powerful, muscular upper body.

This is Jacob’s story.

 Jacobk M32 19wk Pt May Front Ultimate Performance


What was your motivation to start your own personal training plan at U.P.?

I was motivated by my health. I’m 32, but I felt considerably older and completely out of shape.

I couldn’t play much sport, I was hot all the time, and it got to a point where I was sick of feeling that way.


How did your trainer help you work around your allergies and your vegetarian diet requirements?

I have a lot of difficult dietary requirements, which can make training quite tricky.

I am a vegetarian who also suffers from life-threatening food allergies to nuts. This can make finding traditional sources of protein, like meats and nuts, very challenging.

It can be pretty tough to build a diet with the right macronutrients to help me make the progress I wanted.

But, my trainer was fantastic. Right from the very start, he did research to understand all my needs and helped me put together a perfect diet. That helped me see the results I wanted.


How pleased are you with the changes you’ve made to your physique?

I’ve made incredible changes to my body.

I had a pretty big gut when I started with U.P. I was carrying a lot of weight on the back of my hips. If I moved around, I noticed my hips would carry on moving even after I stopped.

Now, I have a six-pack and I’m very close to an eight-pack! I’ve got little fat around my torso and there’s visible muscle on my chest and shoulders, which has made a massive difference to my confidence. My legs are definitely far bigger and stronger as well.


Tell us about some of the mental and physical benefits of your transformation.

I can do much more now compared to when I started training here. I wouldn’t have even thought about doing some of the exercises I did at U.P.

The obvious one is pull-ups. I could maybe manage half a pull-up before U.P., whereas now I can do a set of nine or 10 without stopping.

I’ve noticed a lot of things have changed in my day-to-day life too, which is arguably more important. There are a lot of stairs at work which I used to think sucked, but now I don’t even notice them.

I also played an hour of basketball the other week and I didn’t break a sweat. I do a lot of bouldering and indoor climbing, and I’ve noticed my performance has massively shot up.


And how have these benefits transferred into your everyday life?

My girlfriend says I’m cheating when we go bouldering. I now fly up the wall using my arm strength – it’s made it so much easier.

U.P. has 100% exceeded my expectations. My personal trainer was fantastic and has stayed in touch.

When I started, I had no idea there would be an app where I could reach out to my trainer whenever I liked. I didn’t expect to make that sort of progress.

Looking at my before and after photos, it’s kind of crazy. It’s beyond what I expected and I have to thank my trainer for that.


How impressed were you with the support you received from your trainer?

I had constant contact with my trainer whenever I wanted, which made a world of difference.

I was given access to the fantastic U.P. apps which gathered all the information my trainer would take, like my photos, dietary information and sleep.

The whole experience is personalised, and that makes a huge difference when you’re going through such a huge transformation. I was making big changes to my body, so I did need a lot of support.


Finally, what makes U.P. different to other personal trainers?

If you can find an environment where you feel supported, have daily contact with your trainer and receive expert guidance, it makes a huge difference. And that’s what you get here.

If somebody feels like they want to make a change to themselves, Ultimate Performance is a great place to do it.


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