“I feel a lot more like a woman and I’ve definitely matured throughout this whole journey. It’s changed my life.”

27-year-old Malvika had let work take over her life.

She admitted she was so focused on her job in marketing and tech that she lost sight of what mattered most – her health.

Suffering from acid reflux problems and severe migraines, her concentration was getting worse, and her confidence had taken a real hit.

Malvika often dragged herself to the gym, but she rarely enjoyed working out and her poor relationship with food meant any weight loss was only temporary.

Desperate to get her health moving in the right direction, she reached out to Ultimate Performance.

Just a matter of months later, Malvika is a new woman entirely.

Confident in whatever outfit she chooses, no longer pegged back by her painful migraines, and finally enjoying her time in the gym – she says it’s changed her life for good.

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 Malvikar F27 32wk Pt May Front Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to start your own personal training with U.P.? 

I came to Ultimate Performance because I was looking for some discipline in my life.

It was something that I’d wanted to do for a long time and I didn’t feel very comfortable with myself. I had been exercising and trying different things for a while, but never really got the results that I wanted.

I wanted something a lot more structured and to have someone that could hold me accountable for what I do. That’s ultimately why I came.

I was not feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. So, it was a very tough time and I wanted to do something for myself.  


Do you believe your appearance was dragging your self-confidence down? 


I used to worry about what I wore and I would never buy anything that highlighted any part of my body.

Now, I’m happy to wear anything I want, and I feel like everything looks nice. That was one of the first things I said to my trainer when we first sat down with each other.

I wanted to be in a position where I didn’t have to worry about the way I looked. I wanted to be exercising regularly and taking care of myself rather than worrying about how I looked.

I can now do that which is an amazing feeling.  

How would you compare yourself now to when you first walked through the doors at U.P.? 

For a long time, I placed a lot of emphasis on my work and studying. It was all about improving my career.

But I realised I let that define who I was – to the point where I stopped taking care of myself.

Over time, I stopped eating the right things and let my diet go out of control. I become very timid and as I said, not very confident at all.

I always viewed myself from the perspective of others and worried about what they thought about me. I was belittling myself. Now, I feel a lot more like a woman.

I see myself a lot differently and don’t care about what other people think. I feel great about myself and I’ve matured throughout this whole journey.  


Tell us about your program. Did you find it difficult when you started working with your trainer?  

It’s been a fantastic journey.

My trainer had to be patient with me when I first started. I didn’t know what I was doing – especially with foods which I couldn’t seem to let go of.

Instead of my trainer completely cutting everything out, we worked out a strategic way of balancing my diet so it would last. It took me a bit of time to get used to tracking all my food, but it’s been an extremely important part of the process.

Having someone looking over what you’re eating was crucial and really helps you stick to the plan which was great.  

In terms of the workouts, there’s a huge difference from when I first started. I’m sure my trainer would completely agree.

I actually enjoy coming to the gym now, whereas it used to be something I had to do in the past. It’s a massive, massive change. I feel so much stronger.

On an emotional level, I feel a lot calmer and much more confident about myself. I’m at ease with myself now.

That wasn’t even something I was looking for when I started training with U.P. but I’m incredibly grateful for it. 

How influential was your trainer in helping you see such eye-catching results?  

My trainer was incredibly patient with me and made sure my diet was exciting as possible so I could stay on track. I never once felt like it was too difficult to follow.

I don’t know any other personal trainers that give you this level of support. There were some difficult times because I had to travel for work, and again, without my trainer’s help there’s no way I’d have stuck to my diet.

She was always on hand to help me and look at the macros of meals on restaurant menus. My progress never really paused or slowed down because of that.

It was amazing to work with her and she genuinely cared about my results which was refreshing.  


Just summarise the whole experience for us. Do you believe it has changed your life?  

100%. I would say it has been life changing.

Me, my friends, and my family have all noticed the difference. It’s not just physical – it’s more about how I carry myself and how I approach situations.

I’m struggling to remember what my life was like before Ultimate Performance. I can’t thank my trainer enough!  

Has your training program had any noticeable impact on your health? 

Before I started my training program, I was just recovering from a bad acid reflux problem.

That problem was giving me bad headaches and I found it difficult to get on with my day-to-day tasks.

The moment I started focusing on eating the right foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and drinking a good amount of water, those problems went away.

I don’t get those headaches and I don’t get the bad acid reflux. That was something I wanted to get on top of, so I’m pleased about that too.

I really wanted to solve those problems this year and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  


If you feel weighed down by responsibilities at work, a U.P. transformation can help you feel your productive best every day. Invest in yourself now. 


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