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Proven methods, adapted to the individual.

Step foot in an Ultimate Performance gym, or work with us online and your whole perception of personal training will change.

We eliminate self-imposed barriers, to help you achieve a level of health and wellbeing you never thought possible, no matter your starting point.

We are your partner and coach, supporting every aspect of training and nutrition, and have guided thousands of clients globally to life-changing results.

Whatever your goals, we accomplish them together.

You don’t have to be fit to start, you just have to start.

Whether you want to transform your body or lay foundations for lifelong health, we know how to make it happen, and will move heaven and earth to ensure we do just that.

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More than a gym

We take the art and science of body transformation seriously. Our world-class gym facilities are just the start.

Every tool in our arsenal – from our elite trainers to our data analytics technology – is designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Online personal training programs

No matter where you are in the world, you can still get the world-class Ultimate Performance experience and achieve exceptional body transformation results with our online personal training options, no matter what your goal or your budget.

Read more about our online personal training programs.

Progress tracker app technology

Our app brings the whole body transformation experience into the palm of your hand.

A diet creator, a workout maker, a calorie tracker and more, the app is a powerful tool that gives you the data you want and the accountability you need to achieve real results.

Gourmet meal preparation services

Our meal prep service combines our world-leading expertise on nutrition with the finesse of professional chefs to provide gourmet, macronutrient-calculated meals that taste delicious and help achieve incredible body transformation results.

Read more about our meal prep partners.

Nutritional supplements range

Our premium range of nutritional supplements is backed by science, tried and tested with clients, and designed to maximise your results.

If it doesn’t enhance your health, improve your performance or accelerate your results, then we don’t make it.

Read more about our premium supplements.

Educational books range

Our range of books brings together the world-leading expertise of CEO Nick Mitchell and his team on personal training, nutrition and body transformation in a compendious form to help you level-up your knowledge, skills and results.

Read more about our range of books.

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Results built on science

We don’t rely on guesswork. Driven by data and science, our methods deliver quantifiable improvements in every possible metric of health.

This game-changing approach is now part of collaborative research with scientists at world-renowned Cambridge University.

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